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Steadying the Ark

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Steadying the Ark from Rebecca K. Jones is an impressive debut novel. It follows the work of Assistant District Attorney Mack (Mackenzie) Wilson as she prosecutes the patriarch of a highly respected and connected Mormon family for sexually assaulting his three young daughters. Even though the subject matter is very dark it does not go into disturbing details and leans heavily towards the procedural aspect of prosecuting sex offenders.

Mack is a very engaging protagonist with her heart and head in the right place while working on her trial. She is written as singularly focused and driven while building the case which rings very true to me.

The writing is engaging, so much so that I was hooked from the very first sentence of the prologue. There is a ‘true to character’ issue with the secondary plot line which niggled at me as it approached its climax. In my mind Mack would be more aware of dangers than how she reacted to them. The knowledge from her work and experience would have factored into her reactions. This is a very minor quibble from me and I did immensely enjoyed this novel.

I must mention the book cover art is what drew me to this novel. It is stunning. As well the title, once it is explained deep into the story, is a thought provoking religious conundrum of faith. And it is the perfect fit for the novel.

I wholeheartedly recommend this new author be added to your to be read lists.

I received an advance review copy from Bella Books through NetGalley. I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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