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Retired LAPD detective Kate Delafield’s life is in danger from a woman she helped convict of murdering her daughter and her daughter’s best friend twenty years earlier. The woman, Ellie Schuster, was released after spending nineteen years in prison when her innocence was proven with the help of a DNA test. A few months later Schuster began sending death threats to Kate. When a letter from Schuster arrives in the mailbox in front of her desert home in the Yucca Valley of California without a postmark, Kate knows she’s a dead woman walking, and Schuster is nearby. While her house is fortified like a bunker, Kate knows if someone wants her dead, the attack could happen anywhere at any time.

Katherine Forest has written a tension-filled novel about an iconic LesFic character. As Forest ratchets up the tension throughout the book and Delafield begins looking harder at her life, the book becomes increasingly harder to read while at the same time being harder to put down.

The ending is unexpected and more satisfying because of it. People who either haven’t met Kate Delafield before or maybe haven’t read the last few books in this series won’t be left out in the cold because Forest deftly reminds her readers of the major cases Delafield had handled over her thirty years as a member of the LAPD.

The only question that Forest didn’t answer by the end of the book was whether she will allow Delafield to go quietly into an unfettered retirement or whether she’ll be back in another book so we can see what she does in her retirement and whether she’ll find someone to love.

If you love police procedurals or thrillers or suspense or mysteries or books about familiar characters, then this book is for you. If you love well-written character-driven books, put this book at the top of your to-be-read list.

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