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Cover Image: The Lines of Happiness

The Lines of Happiness

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Henrietta B, Reviewer

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Lush and poignant are the two words which come immediately to mind to describe this debut novel. The writing itself is lush, luxurious and brimming with wonderful, exquisite language, images, rural landscapes and rural life, horses and emotional depth. A real little gem of a book lovingly edited and polished. The story is poignant with loss, trauma, grief and coming to terms with it: we watch from the outside Dolores journey – a slow journey which is by no means easy and the better for it. There is true depth in this thorough exploration. For Gloria it is a coming of age and being a “mid-wife” for Dolores’ journey. There is a slow growth of a kernel of more, of new horizons but it doesn’t take away from the main story. The author doesn’t succumb to the quick and easy “solutions” and stays away from the temptation of “love heals all”.

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