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The Lines of Happiness

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“You don’t do love, it just happens.”

The Lines Of Happiness is a beautiful but poignant tale that speaks of loss, bravery in the arduous seasons of healing and a lasting encounter with love when it’s least unexpected. 

Gloria had to leave Australia. Landing a job in a Wyoming ranch were her means of escape except that Lo, the withdrawn ranch owner did not expect or need her. With nowhere else to go, Gloria needed the job and despite Lo’s initial reticence, something about the other made them take small steps and crept towards acceptance and healing together. 

The writing was easy on the mind’s eye. It was vibrant, vivid and the author made it real easy to picture the ranch, nature, the animals and every character in the book. Although the ladies took a relatively long time to acknowledge and act on their feelings, it was plausible in a small town setting in the late 90s. 

I just reviewed The Lines Of Happiness by Venetia Di Pierro. Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for the ARC.

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