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Nutmeg ., Reviewer

Standom is intense, so much more than meets the eye and simply thought provoking.

Sara Silver, a prominent name in the music industry with her band and solo album was offered the lesbian lead role in Corsetti’s Will by producer Mika Williams. Although she had differing opinions on the ways to promote the series, she signed on and grew close to one of her fellow actor, Abby Farina.

Abby is straight; or so Sarah and the fans of the show assume. With the abrupt departure of Christina Landis who plays the love interest of Sara, things started to spiral out of control. What started out as murmurs gained traction and soon fans are turning on the show.

The author has the ability to work the audience with her insights/research of the industry and in the midst of it all spin webs of conspiracy and drama. As for the plot? When it rains, it pours. Corsetti’s Will is a drama that I would follow if it was real and ship Sara and Abby. With things catching fire, it was hard to see everything fall apart for the pair but the epilogue saved the day.

I just reviewed Standom by Maryn Scott. Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for the ARC.
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