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Take Your Shot

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Logan Watts has the perfect high school life. She has amazing grades, amazing boyfriend, she is beautiful and has an sports scholarship for college already lined up. but under the surface lies a girl who is still hurting for her older brother and the internal struggle that she is missing something from her life. Carter Shaw is the head of the school paper, cute and the only lesbian in school. After a series of events, Logan and Carter start spending time together and realizing how much they have common. So, much that Carter might the very thing missing from Logan's life.

This is the kind of book I wished I could have read in my high school years. I am happy that this is now available. This was a sweet coming out story. It was a sweet, easy read. One I will definitely be recommending and should be put in public libraries so anyone in need of a story like this can have access to it.

I received this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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