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Take Your Shot

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Carter Shaw is a high school senior who’s just trying to figure out which university she wants to attend. She knows she’s a lesbian and so do her school mates. She admits she maybe has a tiny crush on Logan Watts, the straight girl who dates the football captain and already has an athletic scholarship in hand. Logan isn’t the first straight girl Carter has crushed on, but Carter older and wiser now and doesn’t bother to approach Logan. Then, unexpectedly, she is asked to drive Logan to a basketball game in a nearby town since she’s going anyway to report the game in the school newspaper. Turns out Logan may not be as straight as everyone, including Carter, thinks she is.

Riley Scott has written a delightful coming-of-age novel that features two young women who are smart, compassionate, and willing to take risks. The dialogue between the two main characters is funny and sad, sometimes at the same time. The writing is excellent, and readers are given enough insights into both characters to feel like they know them. Unlike other YA books, there’s little angst in this story, and what little angst there is doesn’t go on for pages and doesn’t detract from the story itself.

The only flaw in the book may be that each character’s coming out story is too perfect, i.e., everyone, except the football captain, is supportive, no one harasses them, their friends all remain friends, etc. However, since not every reader will have had a horror story to tell about their coming out process, maybe it’s time to write about the many ways people have come out. 

If you only read one YA coming-out story or one coming-of-age story, make it this book. If you are looking for a positive, feel-good story with two intelligent, well-adjusted young women as main characters, put this book on the top of your to-be-read list.

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