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Take Your Shot

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Take your Shot is the story of Logan Watts, star basketball player of her school, discovering her happiness, exploring her sexuality and falling in love. It's is the story of Carter Shaw, the witty girl and stylish head of the school newspaper, her first love. 
This was a refreshing story, set in a highschool with really likeable characters and a sweet fluffy plot. Logan represents a teenager who is starting to dive more into her likes and dislikes, accepting herself and coming out to the world. I've nothing but good to say about her, she's funny, hot, flirty, confident but awkward at times and humble.
Carter is shown really mature and understanding for her age which i really liked. She's kind and her whole vibe is so cool. 
All considered, these two represent what a healthy relationship looks like. 
I liked the fact that the whole story carries a sense of subtly in it, there's almost nothing dramatic going on unlike the cliche ya books/movies. I liked nearly all the characters. It's simply just a fluffy sweet ya romance and a fun enjoyable read all together.
I'll suggest this if you're looking for a short, light-hearted read. 

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