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Ruby Fever

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penny s, Reviewer

Ruby Fever is the satisfying conclusion of Catalina’s story in the Hidden Legacy series. With long kept family secrets revealed, the story is well paced from start to finish. There’s a good deal of responsibility on Catalina’s shoulders and this book shows she’s able to handle it. The intensity that drives Catalina to help House Baylor survive and excel comes through the narrative well.

Ilona Andrews writes strong characters with rich world building and this story is no different. Even if the prior story Emerald Blaze is not fresh in the reader’s memory, that’s ok. The narrative doesn’t require perfect recall, nor does it rehash in excruciating detail. With that in mind, it isn’t a book one can jump into and fully enjoy without prior knowledge of this series. There are details from the very beginning that finally gain clarity here.

Conclusions to series can be challenging, especially one with different arcs and narratives like Hidden Legacy. Team Andrews delivers both for the series and Catalina. Ruby Fever ties the series together in an enjoyable fast paced read.
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