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Over the Moon With You

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I’ve become a recent fan of Clevenger’s books and in “Over The Moon With You”, Clevenger narrates a story that explores the growth of a relationship and the trust & vulnerability that is required to make it all work.

Seren has just gotten pregnant and has to figure out a number of things including where she is going to live after selling her mothers house, so it’s incredibly inconvenient when she meets Paige who is shaping up to be her perfect “one”.

This story is all about how a relationship evolves, from the initial attraction to moving towards each next step and the delicate balance needed to navigate all the uncertainties that makes up life. I really liked the deep character development of both these characters. Paige was extremely likable from the get go and is a wonderful complement to the complex personality and experiences that makes up Seren. I’ll admit I was a little ticked off by all the back and forth with Seren and whether she wanted to pursue anything with Paige, but change is hard and so by the latter half of the book I totally empathized with her struggles.

This book was also hilarious - from the spicy seniors, Paige’s mom to Seren’s bff Leslie, they kept me cracking up at their antics and banter. And lastly let’s not forget about steam coz it seriously packs a whole lot of 🔥 and is the perfect payoff to the slow burn churning through the story.

This was a wonderful weekend read that had plenty of romance, humor, steam and a low angst HEA that made my day.

Thank you NetGalley and Bella Books for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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