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Over the Moon With You

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Over The Moon With You was a fun story to read, though it did have its moment where it had me feeling quite emotional. For that reason, This is probably my new favourite book by Jaime Ckevenger. The characters were refreshingly real, and it showed through their actions and dialogue. 

The story surrounds Seren, who has moved back to her home town after a loss in her family, and when she finds she has a instant mutual attraction with a local veterinary, Paige, it causes her to question her plans for the future. 
Adding to her complications is the fact that she is pregnant and plans on being a single Mum, not falling in love along the way.

Being a story set in a small town, there is the usual bunch of nosey neighbours - or in this case a a group of elderly women who spend their days doing water aerobics and gossiping. These secondary characters add a depth of humour to the story, creating quite a few laugh out loud moment.

I really enjoyed the chemesty that developed between Seren and Paige over the course of the book. They had their moments of romance, and intimacy with a touch of angst thrown in. I really like the authentic reactions to certain situations - I won't go into details to avoid spoiling the story, but it was nice to read dialogue that felt like it came from real life.  

This book comes highly recommended if your after an enjoyable small town romance packed full of old biddies who love talking about boobs, cute little calves, hot veterinarians and a whole lot of steaminess thrown into the mix.

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