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Cover Image: Can I Trust Her?

Can I Trust Her?

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•	Mystery/Thriller
•	Second Chance
Virginia and Katie are amateur detectives and girlfriends, until Katie’s dad makes them move away from Alaska. Three years go by and Katie's back with a story. Oh, and she believes that their past relationship “wasn’t right… or natural”. However, there has been a murder at the school of a girl who was universally hated, and the police are trying to say it was an accident. Will these two reconcile and trust each other enough to find the killer?

I’m not generally one for mysteries or thrillers, but this book captivated me. There were so many elements in the plot to keep you guessing. I loved the side characters, Matty, Yoon-hi, Lilly, Tally and the girls’ families. They made the story feel whole. The little snippets of facts about Alaska throughout and in the Author’s Notes did not go unnoticed. I had no idea about the 2005 same sex legal case that granted same sex couples equal protection as heterosexual couples in regards to health, pension, and insurance benefits. I cannot wait for Is She Lying? next year!
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