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Timber Falls

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The picturesque Colorado village of Timber Falls is swarmed every summer by young and old looking to raft the river. This summer a serial killer joins the ranks of the “river rats” leaving dead bodies in their wake. 
Ex LA Detective and newly minted FBI Agent Lynn Carter arrives on the scene to track the killer. 
Gerri Hill has proven repeatedly that she knows how to write a murder mystery. Timber Falls is yet another example of this. The serial killer aspect brings a few unexpected twists to the table which only elevates the intense plot. 
Hill’s writing is superb as she brings you quickly into the story and holds your attention until the end. I would say this is a typical Hill novel but only if you understand ‘typical’ to mean an outstanding story, intriguing characters, beautiful settings and unparalleled writing.

I received an advance review copy from Bella Books and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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