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Golden Hour

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Henrietta B, Reviewer

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The Golden Hour surprised and impressed me by its depth and gritty narration. Lina is a veteran and not all is glory. Even as a lab technician she payed a steep price. With great skill Jackson immerses the reader into Lina‘s mental struggles. We are taken on a fascinating journey. With flashbacks to the past and revisiting former relationships this story feels like an adult coming of age story: Lina cleans house inside and outside. The budding romance is delicate and far from insta-love or the trite ‚love heals all‘. Love becomes incrementally part of Lina‘s journey. 
This is not always an easy read but so rewarding. I loved how Jackson lets us experience Lina’s struggles „first hand“. The character development is excellent. The darker aspects were balanced by the setting and sun-setting of the story in the Outer Banks, the caring of Lina‘s friends (cameo-appearances from Across The Hall) and the slow emergence of a new life and love. An excellent and compelling read.

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