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Golden Hour

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Alice G, Reviewer

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The mind is as beautiful as it is fragile and this book does a marvelous job showcasing its duality. The main characters take a bit to find their footing, but once they do the synergetic relationship is soul-renewing. 

This author did a great job portraying a character with combat PTSD. From sweat-filled nightmares, to bouts of dissociation, to triggers known and unknown, to nights of insomnia, to the plaguing hyper-vigilance, even down to the daymares that haunt the main- they have woven in delicate truths about the disorder while keeping her human and strong. 

It is a soul heavy read, but worth every heart clench. I was swept away by the effortless dialogue, the funny repartee, and the scenery depicted throughout each chapter. I was beyond grateful that this was not love at first sight. Instead, it's love through trial and tribulation. It's a friendship and a courting that allows growth and comfort and trust to develop organically. It's being real- going into a relationship that says this will be hard, but I see you, you matter to me, and I am here for it all.

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