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A Child's Goodbye

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Robin T, Reviewer

Callie kept a secret for years. She never told anybody who the father of her son Billy was. Callie loved Billy to distraction, and when she is injured in a car accident, her life - their lives - will never be the same again. Callie not sharing who fathered Billy caused a lot of conflict between her and her mother. In fact, they grew apart because of her secret.

Because of her injury and hospitalization as well as recovery, Callie’s mother did step in. This was a real joy to Billy, because he always wanted to know his grandmother. But there is another important person in this very touching story. That person is Billy’s father. This is where we meet Reuben. He is currently home to care for his ailing father and a connection starts to be recognized between him and Callie from years previously.

As I listened to this as an audiobook, I was completely pulled into the story, especially as this strong, emotional drama between four people whose lives were intertwined, but would also be changed forever. The title alone definitely tells the reader that there would be a tragedy involved. How intense, how harsh, how sad that tragedy would end up being is almost made clear, but the story is so warm, so touching, that it was impossible to put down. Ali Mercer has written, yet another effective story that pulls you into the drama involved. Stephanie Lane did an excellent job in her narration, especially when it came to the emotion of all of the characters involved.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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