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The Nine Lives of Summer

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Amanda Kay S, Reviewer

This is the kind of book that breaks your heart to pieces, then puts it back together only to smash it apart once again, in the most beautiful way.
The Nine Lives of Summer is the perfect book for all cat-lovers. The story follows the life of Summer, a sweet little cat who belongs to a sweet little girl named Sami, who is living in Syria at the beginning of a war.
Summer and Sami are separated and Summer works through her nine lives to try to reunite with her once again.
Not only is this book from a lovely cat's point of view, but it also brings to life the reality that domesticated animals face around the globe, and the place they hold in society and in our lives.
As one cat lover to another, I recommend you read this book and also enjoy the headbonks from your furry little companions.
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