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Court of Claws

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Court of Claws ♦ Briar Boleyn | Review

The captivating voyage into the mysterious realm of fae with a hint of the Arthurian legend is continued in Court of Claws, the second installment in Briar Boleyn’s Blood of a Fae series. The story weaves a tapestry of intrigue, sensuality, and unexpected turns. There are parts of character development that need to more exploration, while the story deftly digs deeper into the fae’s lore, providing a rich and engaging experience.

Court of Claws ♦ Briar Boleyn

The way the female protagonist Morgan Pendragon is portrayed in Court of Claws is one of its most notable features. She may be charming, but it’s difficult to ignore her enduring innocence and sluggish progress toward developing common sense. It is impossible not to wish for Morgan to grow up from her initial innocence throughout the story. Although her character does experience some improvement, it happens at a slow pace that occasionally makes the reader impatient. However, this flaw is not without its silver lining, as it sets the stage for a promising arc in future installments.

In contrast, Kairos Draven, the male lead, matures admirably in Court of Claws. Boleyn expertly sculpts his character, revealing layers of intricacy and depth that lend richness to the story. Draven’s emotional and mental growth is a feature of the novel, demonstrating the author’s skill at creating various characters. The sole complaint is the two characters‘ lack of communication. More open interaction between Morgan and Draven could have helped the storyline by reducing some of the unneeded drama that emerges throughout the novel.

The surprising cliffhanger that finishes Court of Claws is one of the novel’s most riveting parts. Boleyn keeps readers on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next chapter in her extraordinary story. The epilogue, in particular, defies expectations, providing a dimension of suspense that wants readers to grab the next volume immediately.

Finally, Court of Claws drives the Blood of a Fae series ahead by constructing a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of the fae realm. While Morgan’s delayed progress tries the reader’s patience, Draven’s growth and the unexpected narrative twists make this installment worth reading. Fans of the series will definitely look forward to the next installment in order to solve the secrets hinted at in the cliffhanger finish.
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