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Moonlighting on the Internet

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Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme?  Hoping for the magic bullet that will make you as rich as the infomercial stars who are selling magic bullets?  Keep looking.  That is not what you'll find in Shelby Larson's Moonlighting on the Internet: Make an Extra $1000 Per Month in Just 5-10 Hours Per Week.  The subtitle is actually unfortunate.  In my opinion, it makes the book sound like a scheme.  But it's not.

Shelby Larson is an experienced entrepreneur who has updated Yanik Silver's 2008 book of the same name (with his blessing). She covers several business lines, what she calls "Profit Paths."  Step one is to decide what Profit Path is best for you.  Most of these businesses assume a fair amount of pre-acquired skills or talents: writing skills, technical knowledge and skills, artistic/graphic skills, business acumen, etc.  Thus, much of her discussion is about marketing and using the internet to find and develop opportunities.  Some Profit Paths are much less skill-oriented, so the marketing and internet knowledge is key.

At times, I thought she was pretty cavalier about what it takes to do well in these businesses.  Her primary internet business has been freelance writing.  I would guess the majority of readers would not be candidates for this; writing well is a rare and specific skill.  Further, she talks about publishing ebooks on Amazon.  I have known some authors, and success in publishing is about much more than setting up an Amazon acct.  (Although she acknowledges that the best book ever written will never be read if no one knows about it!) 

All in all, this is a great resource for people who are interested in having a go at an internet-based business.  She is realistic and motivational, and provides a lot, I mean a lot, of internet resources in each chapter.  Don't be deceived by the possibly click-bait-ey sounding subtitle.  Moonlighting on the Internet is a serious resource for entrepreneurs serious about making some (potentially) serious money online.

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