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The Brand Mapping Strategy

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This is a relatively simple guide to help undertake a task that might not be as simple or clear as you may imagine, namely identifying, mapping and shaping your company’s brand.

Here the author mixes together a range of practical advice, industry best practice and experience to help business owners proactively create their brand, rather than haphazardly accept whatever tends to turn up through the course of regular operations. Clearly the best results may be achieved by starting from the beginning and mapping out a brand strategy, although there is scope for existing brands to be strengthened and slightly modified if necessary by taking elements of the advice. It leads to a clear, easy-to-understand yet powerful range of guidance. 

Whilst the book is aimed clearly at senior executives, it still may be instructive for other employees to take at least a look and pick out some of the information on offer. It can enhance their existing knowledge and understanding of a key business element in general and the company’s eventual brand in particular. If you let it, the book will be a lot more than what it promises on its cover! 

It is a thoughtful, considered read that deserves at least one sequential consultation, even though you will inevitably be visiting it frequently as you work on your brand. It also encourages additional reading and external research – the world is literally your oyster. The price point for this book, when you consider what you get, is amazing too. A book, in other words, that should be strongly considered.

The Brand Mapping Strategy, written by Karen Leland and published by Entrepreneur Media. ISBN 9781599185897. YYYYY

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