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Saving Sara

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Sara is grieving for her three year old daughter Lucy and her marriage and doesn’t know how to carry on. When her grandmother passes, Sara inherits her old cottage in Redemption. This is just what she needs to begin her new life…

Jake is grieving after an airline tragedy for which he feels responsible until his sister, Rose, asks him to care for her son, Ollie, while she checks herself into rehab to deal with her reliance on alcohol. Jake agrees, but has no idea how to look after a six-year-old and in desperation calls on his estranged Aunt Cilla who was always there for him when he was young.

Cilla has her own problems but is delighted to welcome Jake and Ollie to Redemption.

The book introduces each character in a way that you really feel you know them and each one is likable. There are some real emotional twists for all involved but it is a very feel-good book that I very much enjoyed.  A heartwarming story with each character discovering they can actually help each other to heal.

This the first in the Redemption Series by Nicola Marsh where we follow the romantic struggle between the two characters as they try to allow themselves a second chance at happiness. This uplifting story reminds us that we can all heal, love and learn to move on from our heart breaks and tragedies.

I highly recommend this delightful book and author.

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