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Extinction Of All Children

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Extinction of All Children is a fascinating tale of the dystopian future.
Emma Whisperer lives In a world where people are dived into three territories based on economic wealth. Territory L is the poor and children are illegal here. The president see this as a better choice for children that would just die of starvation and neglect. Emma sees it differently; she sees freedom of choice being yanked from people. But this isn't the reason Emma isn't a tough situation; she was the last child that was let to live. Now that she is 18, the President has a  special plan for her but Emma will have none of it.
At first glance, the idea seems dumb. How would the world work in a world where there are no children? But LJ Epps has created a whole world and politics that solves even the biggest issues with the idea. Emma's world and its three territories is just a smaller piece of a larger whole and it will be interested to see how the different levels are and how/if their world affects the world at large. 
Some of the middle of the story seems to contradict the rules set previously. This is the section that is overly saccharine. The guards, with eth exception of one, are all too nice to her. But the book picks up again and a new daring plan is created; a plan I most want to read because the twist is pretty neat.
Overall, the novel is thought provoking. Even though it sags in the middle, this adventure is addicting.

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