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Rescuing Rose

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Rescuing Rose is Nicola Marsh’s the second release of her ‘Redemption’ series and begins where the first, Saving Sara, ended. Don’t worry if you haven’t read Saving Sarah yet as the author warmly introduces each character – but it does help set the bigger scene and you will want to read it after this! 

Rescuing Rose focuses on the story of twenty-six year old Rose Mathieson, single mother to six year old Olly. Rose has been going through a tough time and after a bender the night before she sleeps through the day, forgetting to collect Olly from school. Rose knows something has to change after she snaps at Olly when he tries to make her dinner and she see’s fear in his tiny eyes. This child, her child, the reason she breathes, is scared of her. Rose asks her brother, Jake, to look after Olly whilst she checks herself into rehab to get well.

Jake was happy to take Olly while Rose got herself well but found it difficult as he had no idea what to do with a six year old. Jake calls his aunt Cilla who lives in Redemption, a small town in Connecticut where Jake and Rose grew up. Jake and Olly go out to live with Cilla for a while and are still there when Rose is ready to leave rehab. Aunt Cilla asks Rose to consider coming out to live with them for a while. Rose is not sure about returning to Redemption, as she has some good memories but more bad memories of the sleepy town but she knows it will be good for Olly so she goes…

I was quickly drawn to the town of Redemption by the way the author describes the town and the people living there. The author emotionally brings to life the characters and the chemistry between them. The story flowed page after page. Life, and love, is a roller-coaster excellently portrayed by the author.

MoMo’s Book Diary loves the Redemption series of books from Nicola Marsh and eagerly recommends Rescuing Rose as a 5 star read.

I would like to thank the author, Nicola Marsh, for the opportunity to read and review this book prior to its release date through

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