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The Girls Next Door

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MoMo’s Book Diary loved Mel Sherratt’s thriller "The Girls Next Door" and highly recommends as a 5 star read.This is one of the best crime thriller books I have read this year!

Mel Sherratt's crime thriller "The Girls Next Door” is a thrilling mystery full of suspense which I was lucky enough to read in one day (as a back-seat passenger on a six-hour journey).

I had not read any of this author’s books previously and found myself captivated by her style of writing. The characters, mostly part of the story from the beginning, are introduced perfectly. This meant there were lots of names and relationships to get to grips with but the author leads you through perfectly. 

I especially loved feisty Detective Eden Berrisford and look forward to more of her story in future books.

The author excellently describes the settings and emotions in a way you actually feel you are there in each scene. 

Sincere thanks to author, Mel Sherratt, and publisher, Bookouture, for opportunity to read this fantastic book via Netgalley prior to its release date. I am already recommending it to everyone!

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