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Star Bright Books is an independent publishing company dedicated to producing the highest quality books for children. Deborah Shine established the press in 1994 with the goal of making “Great Books for Great Kids.” To inspire a life-long love of books, it is important for children to begin building that relationship at the earliest possible age. We believe that all children should see themselves in print and we make a concerted effort to include children of all colors, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities in our books. In addition to seeing themselves, children should also hear familiar language in the books they choose, which is why we publish engaging books in 33 languages. We are proud to publish authors from around the globe and many have found a home here at Star Bright. Children of all ages have pored over the artwork of Brian Wildsmith (winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for ABC) for decades. Author Miriam Cohen has always spoken honestly and directly to children. Her “We Love First Grade” books have become a “must” series for educators and parents to share with young students. At Star Bright Books, we believe that only the best is good enough and we will continue to produce books that are not only entertaining, but meaningful and sensitive to the needs of all children.

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