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Founded in 2014 by Jasper Joffe, we at Joffe Books pride ourselves on our history of innovative publishing. Thanks to the unflagging passion and dedication brought by everyone in Team Joffe, we have built a reputation for crafting great books for readers, long-term relationships with authors, and fleet-footed marketing of the books we love. We have achieved industry-wide renown for discovering new talent as well as bringing overlooked books back to life and delivering them to millions of readers – transforming the careers of their authors in the process. In 2019, we acquired the Robert Hale backlist from Crowood Press and extended our core list of crime and mystery to include sagas, historical and romance. In 2020, we acquired the rights to Nicholas Rhea’s Constable Nick series, Murder Squad founder Margaret Murphy’s critically acclaimed backlist of gripping thrillers and the whole of Faith Martin’s romance list, written under the pseudonym Maxine Barry. We also began a partnership with Severn House to bring the likes of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stella Cameron and Judith Cutler to a whole new audience. We are deeply invested in creating and maintaining our authors’ careers as writers. Each new title is edited with passion and each new cover is designed with a keen eye on how the book will reach its readers. We have signed debut novelists, such as Taylor Adams and Victoria Dowd, and well-established authors, such as Faith Martin and Joy Ellis, and launched them into the book-reading world with genuine enthusiasm for seeing them succeed. As a result, our authors have become some of the most read in the UK, consistently topping the Amazon Kindle and Audible charts for weeks at a time with every new release. The wonderful talent of our authors is matched by the conviction and dedication of our readership and the community of vocal, passionate book readers we have created through our active presence on social media.


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