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'David Bowie: Album by Album' by Paolo Hewitt looks at the life of David Bowie through every album that he put out during his life.

The book starts with a great introduction written by English writer Robert Elms that focuses on the phenomenon that was David Bowie.  Each chapter, starting with the album 'David Bowie,' has a quote from David Bowie about the album.  There are photos from that era that are either from concerts or photo shoots.  There is a timeline for the time period showing when singles, albums, movies or art shows occurred.  Then there is a commentary on the album with some light personal information about relationships with friends, family, record companies, and bandmates among others.  The album is briefly discussed song by song.  The book ends with Bowie's last album Black Star.

Bowie was an artist who was constantly remaking his art and reshaping what perceptions about him were.  He was not afraid to ditch the past and move toward the future, which many acts that are of the same era are reluctant to risk.  

Those are things that are known without reading this book, but the discussion of albums and all those photos make this a memorable read about a truly interesting individual.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Insight Editions and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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Growing up with my mother who loved Bowie made me a fan too. This book was a great tale of Bowie's life and his achievements. Bowie was will remembered in the pages of this book. Each chapter covers Bowie's many different albums that shows his history of art, theater and musical talents.
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This is an excellent biography of music icon David Bowie. It details Bowie's life and how he came to be the larger than life star we all know and love. The author was clearly interested in Bowie's life and career, and that comes through in the writing of this book. The book is full of pictures from Bowie's long and colourful career, so if you're also interested in the visuals of his art, you'll love this book. All in all, if you like David Bowie's music and are interested in learning more about him, his life, and his inspirations, this book is for you.
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An extensive, fascinating look at the career of the ever-changing performer that was David Bowie.
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Excellent coffee-table Bowie. Perhaps nothing new for hardcore fans, but a pleasure nonetheless!
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This was a wonderful biography of Bowie.  I like how the book is divided by albums.  I contains wonderful pictures, some of which (from his younger years) I would have never known were him.  The quotes that are added, plus how they are added to go with the topic covered and not necessarily in the timeline when it happened.  Not the best Bowie bio every, but still one worth reading.

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This book comes after the death of the star, David Bowie. He was wildly influential to music, fashion and people over the course of his life throughout the many different personas he projected to the world. I fell in love with his music when I was a child watching the Labyrinth and then a teenager listening to Modern Love, Heroes, Absolute Beginners and every other song of his I could find. But while I was listening to this music and watching every movie he was in I never knew what created these songs and who he was as a person. 

That's why this book is so wonderful. It goes through, in immense detail, the process of his albums and his many personas throughout his life. I was reading this book slowly, part-by-part, for about a month because it was such a large book and there was a lot of text. I love the intimate pictures that I had never seen before but the best part of this book is the look into his mind and process of his work. There is so much information about the way he built his albums, performed the songs and the things that were happening in his life that transferred into that work. It's a great book for any fan wanting to know more about the man behind the music. 

Thank-you to Insight Editions for the book for review.
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Excellent biography of Bowie.  Made me reach for my record collection and play all his albums in chronological order not once, but twice. Genius.
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