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These recipes are really tasty, and my family enjoyed them.  The cookbook gave us lots of new ideas and was a wonderful experience!
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I want to use all the recipes in this book. Unfortunately I don"t have the time. But when having a family feast, I intend to use some of them
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This is a beautiful cookbook with mouth watering pictures of food, people gathered together for meals and gorgeous scenery. 

There were many recipes that I found appealing :  smoked barbecue ribs with crispy potatoes and slaw; pork, plum and kale salad; pulled pork sliders;  skirt steak salad wraps with Korean chili dressing;  roast chicken with pineapple sage couscous; chicken Tikka masala; salt-baked fish with green beans and tartare sauce; and ohhhhh the desserts!

On the other hand, there were ingredients that I wouldn't be able to find and some that I wouldn't be interested in making if I could: beef shins; bone marrow; pork belly and bacon hock to name a few. It would have been nice if the author had offered some substitutions for squeamish  Americans and their picky children.

Overall, the good recipes in this book outweigh the ones I couldn't make. And since I've never made every single recipe in a cookbook, I can honestly say that this is one that I like.
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Unable to review.  Could not get the book to download properly.
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I was so torn by this beautiful cookbook. The quality of the photos and the richness of them was certainly fantastic and made reading this cookbook very enjoyable! I do wish the photos would have focused more on the food and less on the author..  I feel there was an unusual amount of photos of the author.  But they were beautiful none the less.  The premise of this cookbook was fresh, fun meals perfect for a gathering with those you love.  Unfortunately I only found a few recipes that I would actually make for gatherings. I found them a little more intricate than my gatherings can handle.  I did enjoy Tim Read's stories and I thought the book was super cohesive.  I would suggest this cookbook purely for the visual experience.
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