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Gregg Hurwitz has molded a character that is able to live in the shadows but give help to those in need. His clients are selected by word of mouth from others who have been helped by the Orphan. This book is a easy flowing, medium paced, must read. I have read his other works but this is my first Orphan read.
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What a great series. Could hardly wait to read the next. Very involved story line. Keep me on my toes three the whole book.
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I could not put the book down!!  Love the characters, love the plot, really love the action.  Don't know anything about guns, so those details were over my head and I still enjoyed the entire series.  Recommended the books to my husband and sons who DO know about guns...
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The Nowhere Man picks up where Orphan X ends. After helping a young girl out of a human trafficking situation, Evan Smoak finds himself in the same type of dire circumstances he’s spent years rescuing others from. He’s being held captive and there appears to be no way out, nor any hope of rescue. This series is the print/digital version of movies like the Jason Bourne series, the Jack Reacher series or Mission Impossible. There is a hero who’s a warrior and there is nonstop action to keep you flipping the pages to find out how it all ends. I enjoyed the book very much and am ready to begin the next Evan Smoak adventure. 

Thank you NetGalley for the digital copies of this series.
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4 The Table's Turned Stars
* * * * Spoiler Free
After Orphan X, jumping into The Nowhere man was a no brainer. What happened first followed the creed of Orphan X... call if you truly need help.

After he assists and fixes your situation permanently, then the only way to pay him back or thank him is to pay it forward. If you see another person at the end of their rope, give them the same number you had called...give them the life line they need. That is all he asks.

What happens next is the unthinkable, the unexpected... The Nowhere Man seems to be in need of the type of assistance he hands out. He is in a pickle and it keeps getting more and more deadly.

Smart writing and terrific series.
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After reading “Orphan X,” I wondered how author Gregg Hurwitz would be able to top his opening book to this series. “The Nowhere Man” takes us on a journey that, while it doesn’t achieve the same heights as the first book, it strives extremely hard to come close.

You have to credit the author for his ingenious approach concerning the plot. Rather than take us on another journey through Evan Smoak’s helping-others adventures, this story centers around Evan being in trouble and essentially neutralized for the majority of the tale. 

This doesn’t mean that the story is devoid of action. Mr. Hurwitz injects enough pulse-pounding scenes to easily keep you reading until the end and possibly into the next book. While the pacing felt a bit slow in the opening chapters, everything quickly sped up and rocketed through to the climax. I liked most of the elements of this book, from the characters to the storyline to the miracle.

Miracle? When events happened that seemed miraculous, I questioned whether the author had written such a wonderful, incredible book that he had inadvertently painted himself into a corner. While these events offered a path to book three, I found myself wishing Mr. Hurwitz had found another way to bring the book to a close.

“The Nowhere Man” can be read as a standalone, and readers who missed the first book should be able to glean the essential backstory without reading “Orphan X” (although you’d be missing a great intro to the series). Even the miracle can’t stop me from recommending this book to those who like a good plot, great characters, and a series you can really sink your teeth into. Four stars.

My thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur Books for a complimentary ebook.
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Wow. This is one intense thriller ! Each situation for Evan, the Nowhere Man, seems totally impossible for him to escape. Houdini couldn't have done these things!
Evan, hero of Orphan X, finds himself the prey of a deranged thief, determined to steal his money and his life. The calls for help that feed Evan's psyche and give meaning to his life must be postponed until he can help himself, and it all seems impossible. The evil genius who holds him captive has endless resources and delights in seeming omnipotent... a worthy villain for an Iam Fleming Bond thriller. 
The story is so compelling and beautifully written that you must read on while hoping that it doesn't end. What other read can compare?!
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The fun thing about reading novels like this are twofold: One, seeing the hero succeed in helping someone in need because of his special talents, and two, seeing the hero in a dire situation where you genuinely think to yourself—how the heck could he possibly get out of this predicament? 

For the latter, trained assassin Evan Smoak, the Nowhere Man, formerly Orphan X, him being in a seemingly-impossible-to-escape situation lasts for hundreds of pages. Just when you think he might get away . . . bam! His entrapment becomes ten times worse. And then worse. And then even more dreadful. And then more intolerable. 

But you know he’ll somehow succeed because the sequels have already been written. 

So you can’t help but keep turning pages to find out how.

Do the plot lines strain the bounds of credulity? Yes. Do they make you wonder what the heck is wrong with the brain of Gregg Hurwitz? They sure do. Was it a thrill ride anyway? Absolutely. 

Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the opportunity to review this fun novel.
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After finishing Orphan X, I was ready for more action and excitement. I definitely wasn't disappointed. 

In this episode of the series, Evan Smoak becomes abducted and has to not only free himself, but do it with enough time to save the woman who begged the Nowhere Man for help. And then there's finding out more about  the big reveal at the end of the previous book: what the hell happened with Jack?! 

I did worry that there would be less ass kicking because a good chunk of the book was Evan locked up but I shouldn't have. There was plenty of violence and destruction, maybe even more than in the first book. There was also lots more character development, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I feel like I know and understand Evan much better and he's more than just an over-the-top action hero to me now. I found myself wanting him to be happy and wanting him to walk away from the life he's created for himself. But he IS a hero, after all...

I should be moving on to the third installment soon. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a new series to fall in love with!
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(★★★½ rounded up)

**ARC provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley (Jul 2018)**

As with ‘Orphan X’ (the first Evan Smoak book), I read ‘The Nowhere Man’ shortly after its release in 2017. But again, it was a hardcover edition and I had yet to read book #3, so I snapped up the digital ARC from NetGalley.

From the standpoint of the series arc, ‘The Nowhere Man’ essentially picks up from where ‘Orphan X’ left off. So, for that reason (as well as for backstory), I strongly suggest that folks start with the first book.

In retrospect, I found ‘Orphan X’ a smidge stronger, story-wise. But ‘The Nowhere Man’ certainly entertained with non-stop action & dilemmas, especially after Evan suddenly finds himself in an unexpected situation. But it did take some time to hit that top gear. Luckily, as this was a re-read, I had the advantage of vaguely recalling what was to come. **cue Mission Impossible music**

‘The Nowhere Man’ was a fast & intense read―the perfect offset to a sluggish summer day. I’d write more, but that phone call... I need to jump into ‘Hellbent’ ASAP!
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Another five star rating.  Evan Smoak is captured.  The kidnapper wants all of his money and is not afraid to use torture to gain his ends.  Evan never loses sight of escape and how to lower the odds against him.  Prior to his capture, he rescues a young girl from traffickers and learns another girl is being shipped in a container from California to Florida and he is determined to rescue her.  The novel brings in much of his past, particularly his relationship with Jack Johns.  To go into what happens to Evan, his captors and the people from his past will bring up way too many spoilers.  This second novel has tied up most of the loose ends from the first one and did it well.  Once again, great reading and now on to the third chapter.  Thanks to Net Galley and Minotaur Books for an ARC for an honest review.
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#2 as good as #1 but when I tell you he is a prisoner you are going to slow sell and think flash back scenes and all that; NO there is plenty of SMOKE with SMOAK.  Lots of action and the body count requires more than simple math.  I like where we are going here
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Very good read and unique plot. Worth your time. Ready for more. Download at once and turn off the phone.
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I received a free copy of The Nowhere Man from NetGalley.

The second book in the Orphan X series is not as well-defined or exciting as Book #1, Orphan X. Part of the issue is that we have the protagonist, Evan, in an extremely vulnerable position for the majority of the book. He rarely has intersection with positive characters who then would force Evan to question his life's direction and what he has missed. Instead, Evan is a captive constantly evaluating and re-evaluating his method of escape. His numerous attempts only land him in more restrictive circumstances where he is forced to draw on his inner resources. His physical situation becomes more dire as time passes.

This entry still leaves much more of Evan's story to be told and I will stick with this series.
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Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read the first three books in the Orphan X series. I really loved all three books and have recommended them to all of my reading friends.
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A huge thank you to NetGalley, Macmillan and Gregg Hurwitz for the opportunity to read the first three books in the Orphan X series. Loved all three books and have recommended to fellow reading friends.
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A sequel that does not disappoint. Following the Orphan X story with continued action, in this chapter Evan Smoak is beset by problems of his own as opposed  to saving others from their problems.  If there is a criticism it is that he's too good to be real and that his mentor having once died has been resurrected.  Well, these are stories and therefore allowed a degree of license in order to make the plot run.  Still enjoyable, like the first installment.
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The Nowhere Man by Greg Hurwitz has exceeded my expectations!
From the beginning to fast paced middle and emotional ending of this second book in his series you will not be disappointed.
This is a roller coaster of action, emotions and you find yourself totally immersed in Evans character.
Greg Hyrwitz is the man for action sci-fi novels! 
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I’m really enjoying this series! So glad I took a chance and read the first 3 books. There is so much mystery and suspense, and in my opinion inspiration. These books have made me believe that you are stronger than what you believe.
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Second book in this highly charged, action packed series is every bit as good as the first one. The story continues, gets more complex and Nowhere Man's chief nemesis is still out there trying to kill him. Highly recommended for fans of Jack Reacher and The Grey Man.
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