The Princess Diarist

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I had requested this book about the time Carrie and her Mother passed away so was surprised and glad to get it. This is Carrie in her own irreverent, sarcastic and sometimes self deprecating way sharing her memories with us. She shares her experience of being chosen as a young inexperienced girl to play the role of Leia, a role she will be identified with for the rest of her life. 

Carrie definitely didn't take life seriously. She was the product of an unconventional upbringing by a neglectful Father and a Mother who wasn't your typical housewife. Carrie also suffered from undiagnosed mental illness for many years. I think that maybe her sense of humor, sometimes at her own suspense, was a self defense mechanism. She definitely had a great sense of humor which comes thru in this book. This book will put a smile on your face at times, but in view of the tragic nature of her early death, it is also sad. I will miss her voice, in words and her stand up acts.  Thank you to net galley for a copy of this book.
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Fisher (1956-2016) was known for her trademark style of humorous candid monologue and snappy one- liners. In her final entertaining memoir , “The Princess Diarist” recalls her unexpected rise to super stardom as Princess Leia on the 1977 international 20th Century Fox blockbuster Star Wars series-- directed by George Lucas,  starring Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

In 1976, Fisher was 19 years old when she was chosen for the part as Princess Leia while attending Film School in London. Princess Leia's double bun hairstyle took two hours to create and had to remain exactly in place even during battle scenes. Fisher said she wore enough lip gloss to "wax a car" and feared Darth Vader would slip on it and fall into his breathing machine! Fisher was grateful for the role that made her a household name, loved her fans, attended comic-cons and signed autographs for free on several occasions. One of her youngest fans, perhaps a 3 year old tot, was shocked and dismayed to see Princess Leia had aged-- and was not the Princess Leia she expected to see.
Aside from George Lucas 32nd Birthday Bash celebration, Fisher didn’t write much about going out on the town, meeting new people, and have fun taking in the sights as a typical starlet her age might have done.  Indeed, this was an exciting time of her life.
Affairs between already married leading men and ladies have been around since the opening of the first movie/picture cinemas. Despite Fisher's youthful witty banter, her poetry, quotes, and storyline-- there was an impressionable, sensitive, and vulnerable young woman, in love with her much older married co-star. Confused and baffled by Ford's cold silence and retreating indifference, she was made aware he did not love her back. This seemed unbelievably heartless and cruel.  Fisher declined to say if she received any advice from her mother or close friends during this time. If she had been Ford's equal in age and maturity, this affair may not have happened. 
Star Wars fans will not want to miss “The Princess Diarist” enhanced with many great photos throughout the book. Fisher wrote four bestselling novels, “Postcards From the Edge” (1990) was made into a movie. Celebrated for her comedy routines and shows, the acts featured both her previous memoirs: “Wishful Drinking” (2008) and “Shockaholic” (2012). Fisher will always be remembered for her support and advocacy in mental health causes, and greatly missed by family, friends and fans.  ** With thanks and appreciation to Blue Rider Press New York via NetGalley for the direct e-copy for the purpose of review.
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It's great to hear Carrie's voice come through the pages. Funny and poignant all at once.
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Not as interesting as her previous books.  Very disappointed.
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Carrie Fisher is great., Funny, witty, and clever. That being said, this book was not as good as "Wishful Drinking." I would still recommend it to fans of Star Wars, female comediennes, and memoirs.
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On ne présente plus Carrie Fisher. Ici c'est une plongée dans la femme qu'elle était au moment de Star Wars épisode IV et notamment sa relation, officiellement annoncé, avec Harrison Ford. Cette relation a été supposée mais jamais avoué jusqu'à ce jour. Il est intéressant de voir la Carrie Fisher d'aujourd'hui portait un regard sur son ancienne relation au travers notamment des journaux qu'elle écrivait à l'époque. On y découvre des poèmes, des remises en question. le nom d'Harrison Ford n'est jamais cité dans ses anciens journaux mais la façon dont cet homme est décrit ne laisse pas de place au doute. On y trouve aussi son rapport avec ses fans de l'époque. Un livre qu'il faut remettre dans son contexte de l'époque. Carrie Fisher ne voulait pas être actrice. de part ses parents elle a vu les ravages de la célébrité et pourtant elle est plongée dedans. Certaines phrases sur ses fans peuvent choquer mais elle a toujours été proche d'eux. Ce qui l'a plus gêné c'est le marketing. le petit plus est de savoir comment/pourquoi la fameuse coiffure de l'épisode IV est restée. A découvrir quand on est déjà fan sinon vous risquez d'être choqué. le fait que ce livre soit sorti quelque temps après sa mort rajoute une touche mélancolique et triste.

I can read english but it's difficult to write him. I don't have word to say how I love this book. Carrie Fisher always be with us. A book for her fans
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My library purchased a copy of this title on audiobook.  It circulates well and has been enjoyed by students and faculty.
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Carrie's unique voice makes this book, as with all her others, a joy to read.  She lets you in on her stories and never takes herself too seriously.  Her writing is in top form here as well.  Such a loss to both the entertainment and the literary worlds
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Unequivocally Carrie. A great read for fans of her other autobiographies or a great read for any Carrie Fischer fan or Star Wars fan. Told with humor and frankness.
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I have read this in Hungarian :
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It's as if Carrie Fisher came to my house and initiated a conversation right in my living room. The free-falling intimacy-sharing format of her memoir, The Princess Diarist, brings the author to life, despite her fairly recent death. 

This particular book touches on Fisher's experiences as Princess Leia in the first of the Star Wars films. She takes us back to the seventies and relives those days of her teens. At that time she was naive and self conscious, despite growing up in a Show Biz family with mother Debbie Reynolds (and her divorced father Eddie Fisher).

Anyone aware of Carrie's numerous books and talk show appearances knows about her transformation over the years from a shy, reticent girl to a pull-no-punches, shoot-straight-from-the-hip woman who faced life straight on, not dodging any bullets while sharing the truths in her life, including her drug addiction (or self-medicating to control her bi polar disorder). 

But at nineteen, Carrie was fresh and talented and still a bit of a baby. Somehow she allowed herself to over imbibe at a cast party and almost got herself into a real mess with several of the rowdy crew when costar Harrison Ford "rescued" her right into the bedroom. 

Thus began their location liaison lasting for three months until the last day of Ford's filming when he left London to return home to his wife and two children. 

Through the diaries which Carrie kept during that time frame, we hear the thoughts of a young girl who can't believe that this handsome, older, more worldly man would choose her. Terrified she'd do or say the wrong thing, Carrie obsesses about her mostly silent partner as they spend their weekends together. She fantasizes about a future as a couple even while realizing that theirs is only an affair of convenience. 

After thoroughly exploring this relationship, Carrie goes on to discuss the after effects of the Princess Leia role, including her interactions with the fans 

Despite their instant fame, the young cast members had signed off all rights to the Star Wars merchandizing, so to fund her passion for shopping, Fisher found herself in need of ways to fill the coffers, including selling her signature (which she called the celebrity lap dance) at various events including Comic Cons.

While Fisher's writing style is breezy and easy to read, full of anecdotes reflecting her twisted sense of humor and allusions to her youthful insecurities which spilled over into adulthood, too much time is spent on the "Carrington" affair (lots of attention, not too many details). The diary excerpts are difficult to read. I was nineteen once and I personally don't want to read anyone else's rambling reflections and anxieties involving their first love, especially this confusing relationship between Carrie and Harrison - two such disparate personalities. It's just too personal. 

The diary entries, especially the poetry, are often pretentious (although there are a few good lines) and embarrassingly over the top, although the reader gets an understanding of what Carrie was feeling during that interlude. Fisher is nothing if not open and honest, willing to kiss and tell while leaving out the actually sex (beyond a mention of their numerous make out sessions). 

Despite the run on sentences and other flaws, Princess Leia fans will enjoy this trip down memory lane. An added bonus is the photographs interspersed throughout the book. 

I've always been a Carrie Fisher fan (more the person, than the actual parts she portrayed), so this book was difficult to read knowing that she had tragically died of a heart attack at the age of sixty, not even old enough to collect social security. A close family, Carrie's mom had a stroke and died while planning the funeral with her son. Fisher's beautiful twenty five year old daughter is left to carry on the family tradition. Perhaps she'll also have some stories to share so their family legacy lives on. 

Check the internet for a tour of Carrie's home full of amazing collectibles which are slated to be auctioned (along with items her mother/next door neighbor Debbie Reynolds accumulated over the years). 

Three stars.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Blue Rider Press for the opportunity to read and review The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher!  The author opens up about her role as Princess Leia and other aspects of her life during her time on the Star Wars set, her acting career and her relationships. Candid, humorous and personal journal entries and chapters of Carrie's life are discussed and secrets are revealed. It saddens me that Carrie Fisher died soon after writing this memoir and I'm thankful for the glimpse of her life that she gave the world. 4 stars!
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In her most recent (and sadly, final memoir), Carrie Fisher focuses on her experiences while filming Star Wars: A New Hope. The middle section is excerpted directly from the journals she kept at the time, and includes some poetry as well as her musings regarding the affair she had with co-star Harrison Ford. Reading her actual journal entries feels way more personal than the sections of the book that are written more recently, with the perspective of a few decades to color things. I really enjoyed the book and could clearly hear her voice in my head as I read the book.
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Endearing account of Carrie's ups and downs. It was prophetic and downright eerie when she stated that her autograph would be worth more after she died. Gone too soon.
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A wonder look inside the early career of a future screen icon. Told in Fisher's brash, comical style. It's a fascinating look at the challenges facing actresses in a male dominated field. Made even more poignant by the author's sudden passing. A great read for fans of cinema.
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I loved Carrie Fisher. I miss her wit and charisma. I have nothing but utmost praise for The Princess Diarist. I'm glad we were graced with Carrie's evocative words just one last time.
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Carrie Fisher was not only one of my favorite actresses she was also one of my favorite authors, most especially her memoirs.  This book is engaging, funny, serious and unbelievably heartbreaking in light of her untimely death.  I admired her greatly as a person of integrity who embraced her faults and shared them with the world so that we all might learn from her accomplishments and mistakes.  She will be greatly missed.

I am reviewing this book based on an ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.
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I had intended to pick this book up before Christmas but in the usual chaos of the holiday season and then with the sad news of Carrie Fisher's death it was with a very different perspective that I finally sat down with it early in the new year.

I'd seen Carrie live on stage at 2016's Star Wars Celebration and like everybody else in that room, been enthralled by her stories, her personality and her compete lack of celebrity, talking to the room as if we were in her own front room, while fussing with her dog Gary.

I was very much looking forward to reading The Princess Diarist, then, to hear her tales of being on the set of arguably the most influential film of our age (not saying the best, but no other film has permeated and defined popular culture like it, or since) and being again regaled by her unique, humorous perspective on life.

On that front, Fisher delivers in spades, detailing her life up to her fateful casting in Star Wars, via a small role in Shampoo, and then how being forever connected to Princess Leia defined the rest of her life, something she was very happy about and comfortable with, unlike her co-star Harrison Ford.

It is Ford, oddly enough, who is actually the focus of The Princess Diarist, rather than Star Wars, as the diaries alluded to in the title speak more of Fisher's feelings, frustrations and insecurities of her relationship with Ford that has only now, almost four decades later, been thrust into the limelight as a result of this book. Printed verbatim, the diaries themselves are actually the least interesting part of the book, and I found myself wishing for them to be over and done with quickly so that we could get back to Fisher's experienced, witty, incisive voice rather than the love-struck teenager who poured her feelings onto the page way back in 1977.

Thankfully the diaries are a small part of the book and do not detract much from the whole. The Princess Diarist is a quick, entertaining read, and a bittersweet farewell to a unique actress who didn't play by the rules and wasn't afraid to expose her weaknesses to the world.
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Through the years, Carrie Fisher has had plenty to say, and she's found wickedly witty ways to say them. This, however, felt too forced. Like she had nothing original left, so she picked bare the skeletal remains of the Star Wars.
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