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In their teens Hannah and Rachel holiday with Rachel's parents on the beautiful Spanish island of Mojacar.  They totally fall in love with everything about it from the beautiful beaches, the scenery, the laid back way of life, the Indalo Man and of course the locals who worked in the bars.  So as they approach their 18th birthdays they are so excited about their upcoming holiday when Rachel's father becomes ill and the holiday is cancelled.  Somehow the years went by and they hadn't returned.
Hannah and Tom are best friends they met at student union at universities freshers week since then they were almost attached at the hip. 
When Theo who Hannah's boss and who she's hopelessly in love with explains they have a series of documentaries commissioned on the subject of modern folklore and myths she's know Majocar would work and sells it to Theo. He then decides as she knows the place is would be advantageous to have her there along with cameraman and best friend Tom and presented Claudette.
In the five years she had been a researcher at Vivid Productions London England she has never before been asked to go on location. She would be Theo's right hand woman.  After all these years would Majocar still be the romantic place Hannah remembers and will she find love?
When I started reading this book I thought it was a bit like previous book A Year And A Day by Isabelle but as I got into it I realised it was totally different.  It is a beautifully told story with descriptions to die for I want to visit there now. Enjoyed first book but totally loved Then Now Always. Will definitely be looking out for more Isabelle Bloom books.
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Really enjoyed this story. Characters and settings were well developed and felt emersed in the story because of this. Would recommend.
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Set in the beautiful town of Mojacar in Spain, this is an enchanting story, focusing on Hannah, and her half sister Nancy and her crush Theo, which by the time the book had finished left me with goosebumps, as the ending was rather unexpected. 

Having read Then. Now. Always I feel as though I was transported to Mojacar and could probably find my way around the town reasonably well. It is one of those hidden gems of Spain, that isn't overrun with tourists and has a mystical history, which is what Hannah and her colleagues are most interested in. 

Hannah went on holiday to Mojacar for three summers when she was a teenager and has never forgotten the place, so when the company she is working for wants to do a documentary about a place with an interesting history, she puts the town forward and is delighted when she is allowed to accompany the others on the month long production trip. 

Theo is Hannah's boss, and she has had a long term crush on him for years, and is hoping this Spanish trip will be the opportunity to make an impression on him. Tom, the cameraman is also on the trip, and he is Hannah's best friend, although people seem to think there could more to their relationship than meets the eye. Claudette is the French presenter of this documentary, who will be sharing an apartment with Hannah and they really are quite different, so Claudette adds quite a bit of background colour to the book. 

However Hannah isn't too pleased when her half sister Nancy shows up in Mojacar, without any notice or explanation, especially since she has a complicated relationship with her. All of the dynamics of the group change once Nancy arrives and I found it really interesting to see how things unfolded, especially trying to work out the reason she is in Spain. 

Then. Now. Always is a story of relationships and friendship, with a stunning setting, beautiful descriptions and it was a book that kept me engaged from start to finish. I wanted to keep checking in with the characters to see how they were getting on, and to catch more sun! I have a feeling this book could do wonders for tourism in Almeria and it definitely has made me want to catch a fligh!

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Michael Joseph for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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This is the third book i've read by Isabelle Broom and she just gets better every single time!  The way she transports the reader off to faraway places with such evocative descriptions is really quite impressive.  I always finish her books wanting to immediately book a holiday and this novel is no exception.  Hannah is a wonderfully funny and warm character and I found myself rooting for her from the first time we meet her.  This is a brilliant, fun, sparkly, Summer read - everything a girl could want in a novel. I really look forward to seeing what this author comes up with next.  Thank you to Penguin and NetGalley for providing me with a copy.
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Then now always 

As with all of Isabelle's books so far the title is intriguing and unique and really makes me want to read it. The title is usually mentioned in the book too and when I got to that part and understood the meaning of it it sent shivers right through me as it was so emotive. 
The second thing about Isabelle's  books is that the place where the story is set is described so vividly that it almost becomes a character itself. Mojacar sounds like a magical place and I loved reading about the folklore. 

Hannah has had a crush on her boss Theo for years and when he chooses her favourite destination to film a documentary she actually starts to believe there could be something between them. He sounded very handsome and very irresistible and Hannah soon falls under his spell. 
She is having a wonderful time in mojacar with the crew, including cameraman Tom who is her best friend. Soon things start to go wrong when Hannah's half sister Nancy turns up and creates havoc, Hannah becomes jealous when it looks like Nancy is flirting with Tom, she has never liked Nancy and is not very nice to her. 
Hannah meets a local called Elaine who becomes integral to the documentary they are filming. She had moved there from England many years before and she and Hannah soon become firm friends. 
I loved this book so much, I absolutely fell in love with Hannah and her great sense of humour which made me laugh out loud and really felt annoyed for her when Nancy seemed to be out to spoil her fun. 
The most important message I picked up from this book was that Hannah learned so much about those closest to her and eventually managed to blossom and fall in love with herself. 
Thank you to Michael Joseph and Netgalley for the arc.
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What a beautiful book, that realty evokes life in a small sleepy village in Spain. Makes you want to pack your bags and move there. Isabelle Broom has a way with words! She is able to create both sadness and happiness in every situation - crafting a rainbow as she goes (which is a good allegory for the book!). 

This book has a lot more to offer than meets the eye - it's worth a read and is a good mood changer away from all those thrillers!

Enjoyable, inspiring and evocative of sunny days - 4* from me.
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If there's one thing Isabelle Broom does brilliantly in her novels, it is the evocation of place.

In her previous novels the reader has journeyed to Greece and to Prague, but in 'Then. Now. Always'. we are swept off to the province of Almeria located on the South East coast of Spain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Hannah Hodges works in a media production team. Completely infatuated with her Greek boss Theo, Hannah spends her days dreaming of the future they could have. Having never spent any 'real' time in his company, Hannah is beside herself when asked to join Theo and the team on location in Mojacar, a village in Almeria.

It is Hannah who first introduced the idea of doing a feature on Mojacar, as it is a place that she holds very dear to her heart. Having spent many a holiday there with her best friend, Rachel, during their teenage years and in her early twenties, Hannah has very special memories of this glorious region of Spain.

Hannah's home life has not been the best, with her father leaving herself and her mum when she was quite young. Now, with a stepsister Nancy that Hannah appears to despise and a love-life that permanently resides in her head, Hannah is ready for adventure.

On arrival in Mojacar, memories come flooding back. Hannah quickly remembers the fun she used to have and decides that this trip is the perfect time to make a few changes in her life, one of these being her relationship with Theo. Up to this point Hannah always remained in the background. She was always up for a laugh and a few jars down the pub but now she wants Theo to see a more mature Hannah, a person he could easily fall for.

Hannah finds out quite a lot about herself on this trip and really goes on a pilgrimage of self discovery. I have to be honest and say that this was a journey that was more than necessary. Up to this point Hannah's relationships with people was quite childish and immature as she herself alluded to at one point that her grumbling represented that of 'a sulky teenager'

Hannah, at times sweet, at times naive and many times quite childish discovers that she needs to re-evaluate her life and decide what it is she truly wants to be.

One very interesting individual that Hannah meets, who helps her on this journey, is Elaine. Elaine is an artist who has lived in the village for years. Originally from England, Elaine settled in Mojacar after an unsettled upbringing and made a home for herself amidst the scent of lemons and the sound of the cicadas.

'I'll never forget how it felt to look up at the Old Town for the very first time....Mojacar is unique in that the view looking up from the playa towards the village is actually better than the one up here looking back down to sea..'

Hannah and Elaine develop a very strong connection over the few weeks and Hannah soon realises that Elaine's secrets run deep. I think this is the point where Hannah finally grows up

'Mojacar showed me who I was, and who I wanted to be'

Scattered throughout 'Then. Now. Always'. is references to the beauty of Mojacar, and it is within these descriptions that I got totally lost for awhile.

'On the south-east coast of Spain, in the final foothills of Sierra Cabrera, there is a place both hidden and proud. A village that seems to shimmer as you look upon it, the cluster of the white buildings a honeycomb shot through with moonbeams of colour. There is a neat harmony of simplicity here, an exquisite union of nature and creation, and as you take the steep pathway leading into the heart of this architectural utopia, you will feel your spirit begin to sing.'

'Then. Now. Always.' is not just a story of a young woman finding her way. It is much much more than that. Isabelle Broom writes beautifully and very passionately about a place that is obviously so very special to her. I have never been to Mojacar but as a result of this book I have been trawling the Internet looking for holiday deals so that I too can absorb and witness the beauty of a place that sounds like my idea of paradise.
Mojacar is described so exquisitely by Isabelle Broom.....go discover a slice of sunshine yourself by picking up a copy of this enchanting book.
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Having enjoyed Isabelle Broom's previous novel which was set in Prague, I had very high hopes about this offering set in Andalusia. I was not disappointed, Ms Bloom is extremely skilled in evoking the sensual delights of the settings of her novels and here the flavours and scents of Spain provide a wonderfully sensual experience to the reading of the novel.

The relationships explored whilst on a location shoot in the Spain of the holidays of her teenage years are as tangy and complex as the Sangria served in the quaint bars of heroine Hannah's Memory. We have plenty to get involved in here, we have the crush (unrequited ) on the older more sophisticated boss, a glamourous French ingenue, the stalwart best friend who has been around so long that perhaps she is taking him for granted?

Into this mix comes the mysterious British woman who has made the area home for forty years and the step -Sister whose presence in her life has caused Hannah much consternation and resentment at home, so this invasion of her perfect idyll and her interest in best pal Tom are the ultimate betrayals.

This is a glorious story, rather more than a sun, sea aand romance novel. It is nuanced and beautiful whilst still treading familiar waters so that the book can happily grace any lounger next the pool this Summer, but I suspect will brighten a dull day in autumn just as beautifully. I cannot reccomend this any higher than to say I found myself missing Spain the moment I finished and yet I have never myself set foot on it's shores.
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With the back drop of descriptions of a non comedical part of Spain added to my enjoyment.
A story of love, deep friendships and family resentment. The storyline of a TV company researching a location in rural Spain was believable. 
Great characters and good easy read.
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This is the first of Isabelle Broom's books which I have read having somehow not got around to previous books such as My Map of You and A Year and a Day I have heard others raving about. Be warned that if you haven't already booked your summer holiday before your read this book, you will want to go to Spain after you've read it!

One thing I had heard about Isabelle Broom's novels were that she creates an amazing sense of place and that was absolutely true. In fact, last week I read about one blogger who had just returned from a trip to Prague having booked it after reading A Year and a Day.  

The storyline follows Hannah, a tv researcher who has the opportunity to go to Mojacar in Southern Spain with her boss Theo who she has a huge crush on, her best friend Tom and Claudette, the presenter who Hannah doesn't have much time for. She hopes that among the beautiful surroundings and in the heat, some passion may grow between her and Theo as she uses her knowledge of Mojacar to show him around and impress him. While there, she meets artist Elaine and becomes friends with her as she finds out more about the artist's colony which used to be in the town. To her annoyance, her half-sister Nancy turns up unexpectedly. She has never really got along with Nancy, feeling resentful of her relationship with their father, who left Hannah's mother when Hannah was only two.

The setting of this book, Mojacar is a town in Southern Spain which is in the Almeria region, close to the Mediterranean Sea and is stunningly beautiful. The author's descriptions of the town reminded me very much of Mijas, further along the coast not far from Malaga, where I have spent several holidays. Isabelle Broom paints a vivid picture making easy to visualise the white of the houses shimmering in the heat with splashes of pink from the bougainvillea trailing over balconies and the deep blue of the sky and the sea. I could imagine the heat of the sun, the coolness of the sea and almost smell the lemons in the air. The author certainly created a perfect sense of the location of her novel.

I enjoyed following Hannah as she lusted after her gorgeous boss and tried to engineer ways for them to be together. She reminded me a little of the hapless Bridget Jones with her lovelife though was much more together than Bridget in her professional life. The relationship between Hannah and Nancy was really interesting too. Hannah felt abandoned by her father and that he favoured Nancy. I could completely understand her hurt at being let down at some crucial points in her life such as when her dad didn't come to a school show or didn't take her to a friend's party in a country manor. She was clearly hurting and saw Nancy as the source of this rejection. The way the relationship between the sisters developed over the course of the book was a really strong part of the story for me.

Then. Now. Always., a quote from the book about love in case you were wondering, is a very enjoyable read, perfect to get you in the mood for a holiday or to enjoy on a lazy sunny afternoon. It's escapist and romantic and shows that the love you think you want, isn't always the love you really need.
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The evocative feel of Spain shines through in the whole of the novel, making you want to go and visit Mojacar now and never come back.

It's more a novel about love and redemption than romantic love, though there is enough of that to warm the cockles of your heart.
The numerous and myriad  types of love, and jealousy we have for different family members is interwoven beautifully into the story and you're never sure just how the ending will turn out,,,,beautifully I can reassure you. 

Love really is what makes the world go round, well definitely my world and the gorgeous world of this book. Happy contented reading
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Then. Now. Always by Isabelle Broom is a contemporary romance that I really loved and devoured.
Then. Now. Always is a study of love, life and human relationships. We all need love to function. It comes in different forms, all of which are valuable.
The novel encapsulates hope, using the motif of rainbows. "I come here every morning to watch the rainbows." Rainbows offer the promise of something brighter to come after the rain. "The darkness that had enveloped her is pierced now with brightness: the future contains hope."  
Another theme is that of appearances. People may show one face to the world but the person behind the smile may be very different.
Everyone needs friends. Friends who will support you no matter what. The novel has a very beautiful friendship in it which the reader observes.
Family is important. Family relationships can be difficult. Past hurts may influence relationships. Fractured families may project hurt and insecurities but ultimately everyone is looking for love. "Family is everything."
Fantasy and reality collide within the novel. "Fantasies are safe... Reality is very different." With the novel being written in the first person, the reader is privy to the fantasies of Hannah. The reader also witnesses when reality kicks in.
Isabelle Broom has some wonderful vivid descriptions within the novel. The reader experiences a real treat as they travel to the warmth of a Spanish village. The scenery comes alive for the reader who travels without ever leaving the sofa. Isabelle Broom's novels are always set in exotic locations, tantalising the reader's senses and contrasting with the darker British weather.
Isabelle Broom has presented a fabulous study of what is important in life - family, friendship and love in its various guises. Then. Now. Always is a delectable read  and highly recommended.
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.
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I wanted to read this after reading A a Year and a Day last year which I enjoyed. I did not however enjoy this . There was no story at all until the last few chapters. It wasn't even as good as a Mills and Boons book.  I enjoyed the descriptions of Mojacar which were all very atmospheric but the story lacked any punch. All of the characters acted like teenagers and none were very likable. I will not be posting a review on my blog or Amazon as I don't think it would be helpful to the author or help her sell any books. As always this is only my opinion but if this hadn't been for review I would have gave up half way through. The kindle download I had was awful. On every page words ran into one another.
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Having read A Year and A Day by this author I was expecting great things and although the descriptions of Mojocar and Almeria really made me want to visit and see the breathtaking beauty the book portrays, I didn't enjoy the story as much. The characters weren't as well rounded as in her previous book but it is still a nice story to read.
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Mojacar,: ' A village that seems to shimmer as you look upon it. The cluster of white buildings a honeycomb  shot through with moonbeams of colour'. The descriptive writing wafts the reader to a special village where the heat of the sun and the captivating colours become real and the easy story plays out in the imagination. A good, escape from life's tedium.
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This was a fabulous read from Isabelle and the perfect plot to dive into when dreaming of sunnier climes and warmer days. An unpredictable ending and a hint of magic throughout, this was a definite five star read for me!
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I have to say I really enjoy Broom's writing. I read another book by her earlier this year and loved it and nearly finished it in one sitting, and this one was the same. It's difficult to summarise in a line, but the storyline follows Hannah who finds herself filming a project in a little village in Spain. It was fun, romantic and progressed at a very good pace...a pace that makes you want to keep reading until 4am. Although this book also fell into obvious clichés, the end of the romantic storyline did surprise me. I recommend it if you're looking for a nice romantic and family novel. I highly recommend Broom as an author.
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I received an electronic copy of this book for free from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book, just as I have loved all of Isabelle's previous books. I loved that the book took place in Spain. The author is very good at describing the scenery and making you feel like you are there. I enjoyed all of the characters, especially Hannah. I am eagerly looking forward to Isabelle's next book!
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Isabelle has this incredible ability to transport you to far off shires- and this time it was one of my favourite places. A wonderful book with believable characters and a wonderful sense of what it feels like to accept your life and grow up.
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