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An informative and fun read! I am an avid cat lover and have tossed around the idea of having a cat as a hiking/camping companion. "Adventure Cats" is a great novel for figuring out what kind of cat would make a good outdoor companion, how to train them for it, and what you need to have to successfully and safely take them out and about. Also, there were short stories about cats and their owners who are already out and adventuring together! All in all, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone interested in having their own adventure cat!
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Such a unique book! I loved the author’s enthusiasm and how the book offers a different approach to assessing animal behaviour. It certainly made me want to train my youngest cat to be an adventure cat, but my older cat definitely isn’t the right kind of personality! Lovely pictures throughout.
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Love this book for showing how much more can be shared with cats -- literally thinking "out of the box" that is their house!  I read this book so I could tell my students that I'd seen photos of cats walking on leashes, going hiking, etc. in order to tell them to not make assumptions and think about what else is possible in life.  And now, of course, I want to get a cat and go on adventures with it....
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Hawaiian surfers and Montana hikers - all cats!
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Human animals that don't know better (dog people perhaps?) envision felines in one of two ways - either that of a sedentary goddess reclining  on pillows and snacking on kitty treats or ferocious predators decimating bird populations.  This book debunks those stereotypical depictions of our feline friends and companions to exhibit the true nature of these bold adventurers.  Through photographs and verbal testaments, cats show their true nature - that of being creatures of daring and courage willing to travel the world.  Filled with practical advice for the would-be adventurer, this book also appeals to those human caretakers whose feline friends' ambitions swerve to the backyard domain.  While not relevant to the temperament of all felines, it will certainly appeal to their guardians.
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This book inspired me to get a leash for one of my cats. I knew my sister had walked her cat on a leash, but the thought never occurred to me. This book with its stories of owners and the places they've taken their cats has inspired me to do the same. Stay tuned to my social media for photos of Octavia on outdoor adventures!
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Finally a book for folks who love the outdoors and would love to enjoy it with their furry partners. My neighborhood isn't a safe place for unsupervised exploring much to door dashing Gracie's disgust. I now have a system for getting her leash trained and outdoor approved. I don't know if she'll ever take on a surf board or skis, but this summer, Grace is getting out!

Thanks to NetGalley and Workman Publishing for making an advance reading copy available.
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Let's be real. I'm in this for the kitty pics.

And y'all, this book does not disappoint.

Seriously, your heart could potentially explode from reading the stories people tell about going on adventures with their cats. 

Secondary (well, secondary to me, anyway), though, this book tells you how to go adventuring with your cats. And that blows my mind. So many times, we get these amazing books showing animals doing adorable things, but without going into detail on how these people managed to get their cats into the dessert, into the boat, without losing a pint of blood and two fingers. 

This book offers in depth training on how to introduce your cat into the world of walkies and adventure. Including advice on how to clicker train, which is something I never would've thought a cat would pick up on. Cats don't have the need to please that dogs do. 

Silly me, I've forgotten how many times my cats have tried to take me out for one of their favorite treats. Why have I not been trying to see if I could get them to do a trick for me?!?

This book is so lovely. The writer is clearly a lover of cats, and she is as excited to talk about cats going on adventures as I am to read about them. 

And of course, look at loads of pictures.
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•This beautifully photographed book came about after avid hiker, cat-lover and writer, Laura J Moss scoured the internet looking for tips on taking her beloved cat out into the wilds with her. The internet came up empty and thus was born.

•Jam-packed with helpful and informative hints and tips on equipment, training and safety; this book will help you decide (via the fun quiz near the beginning) if your cat is likely to take to the great outdoors; and if so, how best to get them ready for adventure!

•The jaw-dropping photographs throughout are an absolute pleasure to peruse, whether as a means to whet you & your cats’ appetites for adventure; or just to please the eye as you both snuggle on the sofa.

•There are also plenty of inspiring true life stories of real-life adventure cats; such as Vladimir, on course to claim the record for visiting all 59 US national parks; Georgie, the tabby Captain, currently sailing the world; and Jesper, the skiing Norwegian kitty.

•Half how-to guide, half inspiring stories, this wittily written and informative book will appeal to cat-lover and adventurers alike. I rate this beautifully illustrated; uplifting and interesting read, 5 out of 5 stars

•Of course, not all cats are up to a life of you think yours would be?

•Disclosure: A free ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Adventure Cats is one of those blogs that I stumbled across while searching for nutrition information for my own cats. Discovering this upcoming book and a whole community of cat-loving adventurists really intrigued me and has given me a whole new perspective on my feline friends. The book is very informative with its tips, stories and beautiful images of cats and their owners out in the wild.

After taking the quiz at the start of the book, it became apparent to me that neither of my cats fit the description of the adventure cat. However, I did come away with a wealth of information on how to take care of my pets and ways to provide them with some stimulation in the form of an outside “catio,” or a little protected area for them to still enjoy the outdoors without being immersed fully into it. I can’t wait to try this out.

There are also lots of stories about different cats and their owners peppered throughout the guide. It is so inspiring to read about people who camp or even take their cats on boats! I will definitely be exploring these ideas with any new cat that I bring into our home and I look forward to having adventures like these myself! If you have cats or are considering adopting one of your own, I highly suggest this book as a resource and inspirational guide to enjoying your felines to the fullest.
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I loved this book, especially the practical advice and the beautiful color photos of all the adventure kitties.  While I would have liked more information on leash training, overall this book does a great job covering the basics needed to adventure with your cat, both in the great outdoors and in urban areas.  I will admit, it did inspire me to get a couple harnesses for my cats, and they're currently wearing them for short periods every day along with a lot of treats as a reward.  It's a learning process!  Very inspiring, and I'd recommend to any cat owner.
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This book came at a wonderful time for me.  I have 6 cats, but one who could be an adventure cat!  I'm looking forward to using the advice and training methods in this book to leash train him.  I'd at least like to get him to take walks with me, since for this first time in my life I am without a dog to walk.  The methods in Adventure Cats seem easy to learn.  I can't wait to get started!
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I love Adventure Cats. It is thrilling to read the stories of various cat adventurers - you may have read about some of them online and seen pictures already.  Adventure Cats offers far more.  Like it is a resource that provides helpful hints to determine whether your cat has what it takes to become an adventurer, and what type of training you need to do to make sure your cat doesn’t get frightened and is comfortable and safe.  Safety is paramount.  While it is amazing to share experiences with our bosom feline companions, not every cat wants to venture into the unknown.  There are valuable tips on how to leash train your cat.  There are also valuable safety and how-to guides.  

With oodles of pictures, tips, and wonderful stories,  Adventure Cats is a great book.

5 / 5

I received a copy of Adventure Cats from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

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This book opens up new possibilities for cat lovers and their pets to bond and explore together. Plenty of photos, ideas for success, and tips to help determine if yours will be the next adventure cat to roam the trails!
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I am not sure if my cats would be up for any of the wild adventures that the cats in the book but it was interesting!  Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read for a fair review.
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This book hit home, since I have been walking my cat on a leash for about 1 year. Moss captures the adventuresome soul that all cats have. This book serves as a guideline to understanding that soul and shows pet owners a way to connect to and nourish the inner dreams of their own cat.
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Adventures with humans aren’t just for dogs anymore! The author has suggestions for taking felines everywhere, from camping and hiking to rappelling and surfing. Cats, like humans, have many different personalities, and Moss suggests your personality test your animal to see if s/he might be interested in adventuring with you. The inclusion of stories about cats who enjoy the outdoors despite their disabilities and the beautiful photographs are inspiring to anyone considering a feline adventure trip.
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Loved this book! The photography is breath-taking and the tidbits of information are so much fun! Very informative read. I requested this book for my daughter (she has special needs and she LOVES cats) and she really enjoyed reading it also. I highly recommend this book. It's unique and simply wonderful. A great addition to any library.
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This is a wonderful book I highly recommend  for all who love cats. The author has given us a great gift of a extensive guide, training and education into adventure with our cats.
 As one who had a brave fearless  adventure cat for 19 years, I loved the training detail she offers, the photographs of adventure cats and cat personality information. While not all cats are made to be adventure cats, many of us have had cats that are and it adds great fun, exceptional joy  to our  life with these brave cats. My cat loved to walk on a lead ( needed no training) travel, loved the adventure of the outdoors, car rides 
 and hotels, she even knew on instinct what to do at rest stops and endlessly entertained people. So having had such a amazing adventure cat,. I was so delighted to read this book and re experience the unique and joyful times I had with my own cat.  
. This is a guide to having a adventure cat, how to keep them safe, let them fully embrace life to the fullest and have fun. It is also a thoughtful well crafted guide to cat personalities and recognizing cats that are adventure cats. The author features several outdoor loving felines here, boating,  surfing, camping, hiking and traveling.. These cats like mine, are not content to sit on pillows and look pretty, they are bold, true to their instincts and love to have fun with their owners. This is a love story to these type of cats and their absolute joy in living life to the fullest.  It is fun to read, joyful and made me laugh out loud at the antics of these amazing cats. 
 I love this book and highly recommend all cat owners read this book, even if your cat is a Princess on a pillow.  Every cat lover will adore and appreciate the stories, cats and fun experiences here.  It is enjoyable   reading to meet all these brave and exceptional cats featured here.  Well Done. I purchased several copies for gifts .
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I'm going to go ahead and admit that I accepted this review because I wanted to read it. Like the cleaning book, it isn't actually homeschool related. We have four cats staying with us right now, and my world has become about how to keep them entertained. 

This book covers everything from training to safety to all the different outdoor environments. There are stories about cats who camp, surf in the ocean (!), have urban adventures and cats that just like taking nature walks.

You can take a quiz to see how your cat stacks up on the adventure scale and for us 2/4 seem like they'd be leash trainable.

While researching this topic, I found the author has a website: and that at least three of the cats featured have active Instagram pages:

Bolt and Keel

Kuli the surfing cat

I read a DRC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and if you love cats, it is highly recommended.
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