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Theo: *thinks about Jamie 24/7, gets a hard on when Jamie sucks peanut butter off his fingers, goes out of his way to spend time and banter with Jamie, thinks about Jamie while he's entertaining himself in the shower, etc.*
Also Theo: we're the bestest of bros.

I didn't know what to expect going into this but it was actually a lot of fun.
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I...have mixed feelings about this one. This is a really cute story about a misunderstanding between two guys. The relationship between the leads, Theo and Jamie, is adorable, and I loved it. But! There were definitely issues:
1 - it took about 15% of the book for everyone but Theo to see Jamie is totally crushing on him. It took Theo to 50%. I had to stop reading several times to keep my sanity.
2 - I get that Theo hasn't been attracted to a man before, but is there a reason bisexuality isn't ever mentioned?
3 - the characters were fairly underdeveloped, not so badly the story is unreadable, but enough that I never really connected with anyone.

All that said, it is still a cute story, and a quick read, so it's definitely a fun one.
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The chemistry and banter between these characters is SO GOOD. And the slow-burn and eventual payoff is so great. One of the characters is *slightly* "gay for you" but I felt like the way he talked about his past relationships and in the context of the story, it was well-done and fit his character? It didn't feel offensive, at least. If you love roommates-to-lovers, hot tutors, and taking care of each other as a sign of affection, you'll love this.
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There definitely was a frustrating section of this. I like a good slow burn it was just the miscommunication of Theo's obliviousness felt like it went on for so long in this. When the two eventually start a friends with benefits thing it really kicked off for me. Before that, however, I was already in love with the characters. All of them. I love Theo's sister Leone. It was so great seeing the way Anyta Sunday depicted a blind character in this. I loved Theo's friends and Jamie's friend Sean. Al of the family moments we get to see are great as well. The world of this story felt very full in a good way. I really loved where it all ended. It felt right. Enjoyed this a lot. Glad that I finally finished reading it.
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I really liked this book! I've previously read Anyta Sunday's work and this did not disappoint. 

Slowburn romances are my absolute weakness.
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I don't usually enjoy "gay-for-you" stories, they get on my nerves. Not in Leo Loves Aries though, and this was certainly a highlight in my recent romance reading adventures.
The thing about GFY that doesn't work for me is not just because it reeks of bi-erasure (very few openly bi MCs in slash novels, but plenty of of GFYs. That just doesn't sound right.), but also because the sudden leap from moderate romantic attraction to earth-shattering sexual attraction just isn't...believable. The slow burn in this novel, and the careful shift from friends to lovers, made it perfect, realistic even.
I really do think Theo's sexuality could've been more explored, but would it be relevant? Maybe not. This might be GFY (bi-for-you? demisexual-for-you?), but Theo and Jamie's relationship felt so natural that I could feel their chemistry since their first dialogue.
And speaking of dialogue, Leo Loves Aries is filled with witty and funny dialogues, not just between the two MCs (though their dialogues were priceless), but also between the whole cast, which were all amazing.
The plot was great, engaging and adorable: I was hooked from the beginning! (Plus points for an actual nice and adorable woman in a M/M novel; I collect those rare characters, lol.)
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Dropping it at 58/273 pages of the ebook.

Why you might bump this up on your TBR: It's a m/m romance with a diverse cast (obviously sexual orientation, but also race and disability are included). The writing skill of the author is above average. The character's are believable. The romance is a slow burn friend-to-lovers type.

Why you might bump this down on your TBR: I couldn't stay engaged and couldn't finish it.
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Theo Wallace, and his twin sister, Leone, are living together and still dealing with the betrayal of their exes. Theo and Leone thought they'd each found the one they'd spend the rest of their lives with. Unfortunately, Samantha and Derek discovered they belonged with each other instead. Theo and Leone have been - unsuccessfully - trying to get over their last relationships. Theo and Leone have been invited to the wedding and as much as they do not want to go, they also want to show them that they no longer hold power over Theo and Leone. But only if they find dates! And thus starts the mission of Operation Wedding Date. It coincided nicely with Operation Find a Roommate.

This is my first Anyta Sunday book, and to say that I'm blown away is a huge understatement. The writing is effortless and all consuming. You are cocooned in her world, with her characters, the moment you start reading. 

A lot of the early story revolved around how both siblings had tried to move on, but couldn't quite get there, as they were still a bit stuck in the past romantically. Enter their mother, with a horoscope for both of her darling Leos for the coming year. 

I'm not a horoscope reader, and you don't have to be to love this story. Although 've always been quite fascinated in Horoscopes  and the Star Signs. Actually the thing that interested me mostly in this book is the fact that I'm an Aries myself.

What worked for me the most was the amazing build-up between Theo and Jamie. They had a teasing, caring, evolving friendship that moved into something bigger, and I think Anyta Sunday pulled it off effortlessly. It wasn't rushed or forced, and I loved how everything seemed so inevitable. The chemistry was wonderful. 

I adored that Theo didn't angst once he figured out that he was attracted to Jamie. I loved that once he figured out he had fallen for Jamie, he went with it, full speed ahead. Yeah, it took him ages to get there, but that makes victory all the sweeter.

The connection between Theo and Jamie was obvious to everyone but Theo. Theo went from trying to set Jamie up with his sister to pretending they were merely BFFs-with-benefits. 

Theo - the Leo - is still recovering after his 2 year girlfriend dumped him to be with his sister's boyfriend. Theo and Leone are twins, living together and trying to move on. They realized they need another roommate, and so Theo in need for a tutor, went hunting down his ex-tutor to become their new roommate.

Jamie is an Aries. He's sure of himself, smart, patient, always right and very kind. Jamie has been burnt by roommate romances before. Well, once, anyway, and as much as he knows it is probably a bad idea, he can't help but be drawn to the quirky guy who will do anything to get out of cooking and laundry, but seems to find reasons to hang around Jamie. And Jamie definitely wants to spend time with Theo, he just needs to find a way to guard his heart. When Theo admits he is 'curious', but doesn't see himself falling for another man, Jamie says he's not looking for love. 

One of my favourite scenes in the book was where Theo went on a date with his sister's friend, Liz, inviting Jamie and Leone along, in hopes of jump starting their romance, too. Theo really was just that clueless, but the date worked out great -- for Theo and Jamie!

I loved most of these characters and the plot was never boring. Also there was some awesome representation besides the one you would normally except in a MM romance: Leone is blind and I oved how Leona's her disability was included but wasn't shown in a patronizing way, she's such a great and funny character; also the Main Character never gets too caught up in labels when it comes to himself. I know some people want to see clear words like "bisexual" in a book, but for me I really like it when things are seen as more fluid and not set in stone. That's the kind of representation I recognise myself into so I'm always really happy when I see it. 

I also liked that there was no major freak out at the discovery to be attracted to a man, and to top it off perfectly, Theo even acknowledges that he has that kind of privilege since his family is extremely accepting. I don't know, it was a nice touch that the author didn't really need to include but I'm happy she did because it's important.

As for the steam, this book did have some steamy scenes, but the scenes tended to happen fairly quickly, then move on, without lingering over lots of description.
Leo Loves Aries was brilliantly done. Humorous, original, and the banter was nothing short of epic! I loved this story from beginning to end.

It was a pleasure reading Theo and Jamie's story. I found myself late at night with the need of reading more. I was hooked and I really enjoyed the development of the characters. 

I recommend this to anyone who is in mood of reading a light LGBT romance read and a bunch of side characters who you will enjoy reading about as much as you love reading the banter between these two.
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The story is easily followed and the pacing is just wonderful. I read it in one day without wanting to put it down. for those who love a slow burn romance with some sexy time at the end and snippets here and there and some real good heart churning angst this should be your read.
Also I have a hard time picking up and even more hard time loving books nowadays so this is one of those gems that can get you out of your reading slump for sure. 
I loved how even the side characters had enough role in the book and how the love build up. 
I loved their obsessiveness and how they complimented each others flaws and how they picked each other up when it mattered the most.
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I was a nice read. I did like the writing more than the plot as it had a really good flow.
Overall the story was also good. It took me a time to get into the book, but once I did, I was easily able to get through it.
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This is a solid read. What I did like about it was that it was not a coming out story. In fact, this idea of people having different sexualities was a normal concept and was not taboo. I liked the openness between the two main characters and they were both equally likable. I think my biggest issue was that I could not get into the story. I took me nearly four months to complete because I wasn't drawn into the plot. There was not plot. At the same time I did enjoy it because I would only read a little at a time and it seemed like I was with the characters, as if they were my friends. I knew what was going to happen and ended up skim reading the last quarter of the book. Overall, it was an average read, it just bothered me that it took so long to read.
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Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars. I really don't have much to say; this is a cute, but fairly typical romance. 

It would be nice if just one romance novel could use the word "bisexual". Let my soul rest, for the love of god. It's one thing to have characters who haven't identified themselves yet, or characters who don't really use labels. But in romance like this? The lack of even mentioning bisexuality is a trend, and it's a problem. 

I don’t know. It was really cute, but it had this feeling at points of being... you know, written by someone who found the entire concept of writing a romance between two guys really hot. And that’s fine. But it is definitely not comfortable for me. And I can't imagine it being a comfortable read as a queer guy.
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Very quick and cute read.  It's something that I'd pick up when I didn't want think much.
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Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday is a lovely new adult romance. Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived. Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future. When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr. Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient. All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be The One for her, and the friend for him.

Leo Loves Aries might catch readers by surprise, just like it catches one of the main characters. I loved Theo's journey of self discovery, and the cluelessness he has about the world around him. He is just so good hearted and blind to some aspects of those around him that he constantly made me smile. He is not stupid, far from it, but just does not see everything he should. I know so many people like that, which made the character feel even more real to me. I loved that friendship is so important to the story, and that Leone is such a smart, capable, and strong character. She often sees things he cannot, even is she is blind. Meanwhile, Jamie is a nice balance between them, smart and aware. I loved the developing friendship that happens between all the major players, and how the dynamics between them grew and changed through out the book. I just loved the read, and will be looking for more from the author.

Leo Loves Aries is a new adult romance and coming of age story that had me smiling as I read. I just enjoyed the characters and the read that much. While some readers might not enjoy the story simply because it is a same sex romance, I found the characters and the journey to be charming and enjoyable.
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I absolutely love Anyta Sunday’s “Leo Loves Aries”, as it is right up my alley with the snark, humour and full of banter between the two main characters. 
Theo and his twin sister Leone are living together during their final year of undergraduate school and trying to overcome their broken hearts. Theo had thought his relationship with Samantha would be serious and Leone dreamed of marriage with Derek. Both were quite surprised to find out that Samantha and Derek found more interest in each other than in their current partners. 
Amongst all this, the new school year started and the twins are looking for a roommate to help share the bills for their final year, so that they can concentrate on their studies without working on the side. In a conversation with his tutor, Jamie, Theo finds them the perfect roommate. One who unnervingly correct, organized and controlled and driving Theo crazy. 
This book is a very but oh so good slow-burn, with twists and turns where Theo tries to set Jamie with his sister. 
What makes this book fun to read is the banter between Theo and Jamie, riling each other up. They were not friends before moving in together, but this slow getting to know each other is all worth it.  
"You're so organized. No wonder I drove you up the wall."
A few seconds passed before Jamie responded. "That's cute."
"What is?"
"Your use of past tense."
Theo and Leone’s mother is really into horoscopes and the phone conversations with her cause Theo many awkward moments. He never thinks that Jamie might be interested in him, instead he tries to set him up with is sister as her date for the wedding of their exes, to which they swore to go with new partners. Instead, Jamie’s ex shows up and Theo gets totally drunk during the wedding, which is so not how he planned it. 
It is a wonderful fluffy happy feel-good read that I really enjoyed.
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4 Stars

Theo and his sister, Leone, have been looking for a new roommate, but it's not going well. They can't find anyone that they feel they'll be compatible with, until a chance conversation with Theo's former Econ tutor, Jamie. The Stars all seem to align perfectly when Jamie agrees to move in with them.

This was a cute story. Theo is so oblivious to what is happening between him and Jamie, but I loved that naïveté and sort of innocence he had about him. He was very immature, but in a sweetly annoying way. I absolutely adored the banter between Theo and Jamie, they were hilarious together.

The chemistry and sexual tension between Theo and Jamie was off the charts, and while the story is a slow burn and only had a little bit of spice, what was there was sweet and passionate. You could practically see the hearts flying above Theo and Jamie's heads.

This was a sweet and well-written story. I loved both Jamie and Theo and I absolutely adored the care they showed for Theo's sister, Leone, who is legally blind. They made life easier for her while not taking away her independence or making her feel handicapped in any way. This story was loaded with some amazing secondary characters, including Sean, Jamie's best-friend and Leone, as well as both sets of parents, Jamie's and Theo's.

Now, Sam and Derek, Theo and his sister, Leone's exes, like what the ever loving f@@k?! How callous were these two to break-up with them for one another and then keep rubbing their relationship in their faces,  especially Sam!! I wanted to throttle her!! I mean who invites their exes to their wedding?!?! Ugh!!

All in all, this was an enjoyable and great story I'd definitely recommend!!

*copy provided by author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Leo Loves Aries is the first book in the Signs of Love series by Anyta Sunday. This book pulled me in right from the start, and I couldn't put it down until the last word was read. It had a great storyline, interesting characters you can't help but love, lots of humor and hilarious banter, secrets, heartbreak, and surprise twists that made this emotional roller-coaster of a story absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! 

Theo and his twin sister Leone have both had their hearts broken in the worst way. They live together, and although Leone is mostly blind, she's a strong, beautiful, independent woman who just wants someone to love her for who she is. Theo is trying to be strong for his sister, but is finding it difficult when they both keep getting invited to spend time with their ex's, who are now engaged to one another. When they receive their ex's wedding invitation, they decide to find dates for the other, and prove once and for all that they're over them, especially after their mother gives them their latest horoscope.

When their new roommate Jamie Cooper moves in, an old economics tutor of Theo's, he thinks that he's found the perfect date for his sister, and possibly more. Wanting to make sure that they're a match, Theo plans to hang out with Jamie to get to know him, and they end up becoming close friends, which Theo doesn't have a lot of anymore. Thinking that his feelings are because of the close friendship they've formed, he's determined to do whatever it takes not to screw it up since this is the first bf he's ever had, but doesn't understand why he's jealous of Jamie's oldest friend, until Jamie makes it all too clear. 

A fun, lighthearted story with lots of humor, great characters, and was overall fantastic! I absolutely loved this book, and can't wait for the next one. 

I strongly recommend this book, series, and great author. 

I have voluntarily reviewed this complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Leo Love Aries is a title that totally got my attention.  I really love astrology and I studied it quite a bit. Therefore, I was curious to see how it will be included in an m/m  novel.   It was a big gamble.  I am not necessarily a fan of new-adult novels and tackling the astrological subject can bring a lot of surprises (good and bad). I am super excited to tell you that my gamble paid off!  It was an amazing story that I  really, really, really liked.

I feel like the blurb of the book is self-explanatory, so I won't get into a summary of the book, I would rather focus on it s characters (that's what is essentially making the story).

Theo is a straight guy (that's what he thought!) and he has never been attracted to a guy before. We follow Theo's  experiences and see him go through denial and all the other emotions that go with the realization that he is gay. it is radically changing the way he is seeing life.  The evolution was well crafted and it was flowing great throughout the story.  To be perfectly honest, Theo is still immature.  From time to time I just wanted to shout at him to grow up and do the right thing.  But hey, we have to learn through our less than stellar moments I guess.  Overall, it is a character that is lovable and that I cared about.

Leone is the blind sister of Theo. She is a carefully crafted character as well( I just love her!).  She is bringing that uplifting feeling in the story.  To witness everything that she is able to tackle and all the success she has in spite of her blindness is truly a life lesson for each of us.  So many of us are letting our fears holding us down instead of living a truly satisfying life. Here and then we come across a character like Leone that shows us that we are the master of our destiny and that we can do anything we set our mind to.

Jamie is a mature and more serious character.  He has been teaching a class to Theo last year, and this year he is becoming a roommate in Theo and Leone's  house.  He and Theo became fast best friends (well mostly in Theo’s Mind). Jamie is gay and he definitely thought that Theos was flirting with him.  All the signals showing Jamie that Theo was into him,  seemed to be there: alas it was not the case (yet).  Jamie is a really enjoyable character, grounded, focused on his goal and knows what he wants.  He is also very caring and supporting.  It is essentially what was needed into Theo's life.  The author made a really good job at making Jamie embodying the characteristics of an Aries!

The author did a phenomenal job by bringing the astrology into this story. Theo and Leone mom is an astrology addict and is talking to them about it nonstop. Each time she talked to them on the phone she gives some astrological prediction and so one. The author is using astrology very cleverly throughout the story and the character.  I definitely recommend this book and I look forward to the second book in the series!!
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I liked the premise, and the story is decent, but the pace was simply too slow for me, or I would have rated this higher. I didn't feel like anything was pulling me into or through the story, and instead that I had to push myself through it, even though it wasn't boring.
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Overall, I really enjoyed this book more than I expected. I love Sunday's humour and her characters are so likeable. I can't wait to read more from this series.
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