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This book was about three unexpected pregnancies in young women and the road each one took.The first story is about Joni and Blaine. Joni had been with Blaine a while and felt they really loved each other and Blaine was her first love and she decided to give up her virginity to Blaine.  Blaine always told he loved her and he was going to marry Joni. Alos their friends were already having sex so why not  when they loved each other. One time Blaine forgot a condom and the decided to have unprotected sex. Blaine said he would pull out and that would stop the chance of pregnancy. Then Joni found herself pregnant and Joni could not abort her child. Joni was only fifteen. Joni also had a very sick elder  sister Joslyn and . and her parents attention was all on Joslyn. Joni felt the only attention and love she got was from Blaine. When Joni and Blaine told Joni parents  Joni was sent away to a couple who let Joni stay there and take care of Joni until she had the baby and then adopt the baby. Joni’s father threatened to call the cops and Blaine would be facing rape charges. Joni stayed with Mr. Matthew and Ms Lori. They grew to love Jonias a daughter and let Joni call Blaine every day for un hour and even let Blaine visit  and Mr. Matthew went and brought Blaine to his home for the first visit. In the end Joni let Matthew and Lori  adopt her son Gabriel and cut all ties with them. Joslyn died and her parents didn’t even let her know and Jomi never forgave them and she ended up leaving and moving in with Blaine and his parents. Joni graduates college and Joni was thinking of breaking up with Blaine and if they got back together it was God’s will. Then Blaine told Joni she had a certain glow and Joni realized she wasn’t leaving Blaine she Corey wanted to have unprotected sex all the time and Shanna want along with it and ended up pregnant. Corey had took Shanna’s virginity and was Shanna first and only true love.  At first Corey thought him and Shanna could be together and have their baby but then all a sudden Corey changed and he talked Shanna into having an abortion and after she broke up with Coey than Shanna became a floozie and used drugs to get through this time. Then Shanna thought she found a forever love but one of the one night stands lied and said they had sex a lot and that was the end of that relationship. Then Shanna ran into Corey again and he had really changed. And went for help for his sex addiction and got a good job. He wants to see if Shanna ad him can work on a relationship because he did love Shanna and wanted to work back in a loving relationship and doing it right this time. But Shanna also needed professional help and had a lot of healing to do.  The third story was is about Tabetha who was in her first semester of college and was always the good girl. Tabitha was in love with her best friend Lawrence but Lawrence was gay. Between loving a man who couldn’t love her the way she loved him and her father betraying her Tabetha decided to be the bad girl for just one time and  gets drunk and high and picks  a random guy who was just visiting  and had sex with him and ended up pregnant after that one time. Tabitha didn't believe in abortions and felt she couldn;t give up her child  after carrying the child for nine months she could hand the child over for someone else to adopt the child Lawrence wants to marry Tabitha and be her baby’s father they even have sex as Lawrence said he wanted more kids and he did loves Tabitha. A couple weeks before the wedding Tabitha met Jordan and worked with him at his mother’s flower shop, Tabitha didn’t know that they really didn’t need help and Jordan was paying her out of his paycheck. But Jordan had a bad heart and had a device in his chest to jump start his heart when it didn’t beat. Then Tabitha starts having feeling for Jordan and they are different from the love she felt for Lawrence. Three days before the wedding Tabitha called it off as she  loved Jordan and he her. Then his device malfunctions and Tabitha end up saving his life and got an ambulance there and got Jordan to the hospital. 
This was a great book. I didn’t want to put it down. How intense Corey and Shanna were when first together and a toned done but still there intensity when they meet again and I loved how the story ended made me tear up fr all she had been through to at last have a chance to be happy and heal.  Loved how Corey got help and found God and was leading Joni back to God. I loved how Blaine loved Joni and stood by her and her decisions any way he could even when she was so far away. I didn’t care for the fact that after  all that time Shanna was going to break up with Blaine and break his heart especially after living at his parents house all that time just was wrong but was happy how that story ended also. I loved how Tabitha’s best friend Lawrence was reading to marry her and be the father of her baby and even when she broke the engagement he was still her baby’s father even though Jordan wanted to take over that role. I also loved Jordan and Tabitha together and How even then Lawrence stood by Tabitha. Just loved this whole book and all three stories. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.
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by Wendy Stenzel Oleston

Maven Publishing USA

Maven Christian

Romance, Christian

Pub Date 10 May 2016 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Conceptions through the publisher and Netgalley:

Joni Bishop finds herself loosing her virginity to her boyfriend Blaine in the Fall of 1992, unfortunately Blaine does not have his Condom with him, and Joni ends up Pregnant.  Joni's father is furious, and threatens to call the cops and accuse Blaine of Rape.

Joni at only fifteen goes to stay with another family who wants to adopt her child, but she really had no choice in the matter.  Her parents are not only dealing with her pregnancy, but her sister is dying as well.  When her sister dies her parents don't even inform her, her boyfriend is the one who ends up telling you.

In June of 1993 Joni gives birth to a son who she loves enough to give to the family who can better care for him.

Joni decides to go get help after giving up her Son and loosing her sister.

It's the Spring of 2015 Shanna Price, she is the oldest daughter of a well respected family, she attends a Catholic High School.  Her Father is a lawyer her Mom does Charity work, but her life changed when she met Cory.  She quickly learns Cory is all about Sex. They never use protection.

Shanna ends up pregnant with Cory's Child.  Despite her uncertainties Shanna does something she though she'd never do and has an abortion after Cory forces her into it.

Shanna soon finds herself having Casual sex with different men, but Brett helps her to see she is not a whore.  After spending years healing Cory and Shanna become friends once more.

It's the Fall of 2015 Tabitha Johnson is a first year student at the local college.  She only had sex one time, but becomes pregnant.  Lawrence her gay best friend is the baby's Father.

I give Conceptions five out of five stars

Happy Reading!
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