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What a wonderful Cinderella-like story!  The adventures that Henrietta gets into as part of her inquisitive nature and getting ready to join Clive's family are so engaging.  To discover her ancestry that her bitter mother has so stubbornly tried to keep secret is amazing, but will it pull her family out of poverty?  Can't wait to read the next installment to this story!
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I just picked this up and didn't realize it was the second book in a series. I try not to jump in in the middle of a series as I believe the character development is a necessary part of the story, and I don't get the big picture. I would prefer not to give a review as I don't feel that it will do the book justice to read it as a standalone. I will be following up on the books I request in the future from Netgalley, as it isn't stated here if the books are apart of a series. 

I will not be assigning a rating or review as I didn't finish the book. Thank you very much for the approval and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
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I'm sorry to say this one just didn't do it for me.  I found the characters boring, one-dimensional and basically unbelievable.   Although this book is not advertised as "Young Adult", the  protagonist, Henrietta, is portrayed as an old-time Nancy Drew, but without the smarts.  In fact, the more I think about it, Nancy Drew was a lot more mature and certainly sharper than poor Henrietta.  And truly, the Nancy Drew books are based on much more complex plots than what was presented here and are also much better written.  In addition to implausible characters and flat writing,   I was  also disappointed in the lack of authentic detail regarding the setting (Chicago during prohibition).  This book read more like a Harlequin Romance than a mystery, totally not my style.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this book - unfortunately, I really loathed what I managed to get through, and I will not be finishing it. I have not rated or reviewed this book.
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Because this series is called “Henrietta and Inspector Howard”, I’ll admit I was expecting something a bit different. More of a cosy mystery, where the mystery had a central role, if in a ‘cosy’ way. 
Turned out, this is a romance with a mystery side thread, which was disappointing for me – which is entirely me, not a fault of the story.
Even if I’m not at all into romances, this was nonetheless a good one. The characters are well rounded and sympathetic and don’t normally go into the kind of unreasonable angst that I really don’t like in romances. Henrietta and Clive have some very serious matters to consider and overcome and they do it always in a credible way. 
Yes, they are classic romance tropes (she’s young, daring and poor, he’s experienced, brooding and very rich), but they are handled in such a way that they feels real and convincing. I also liked that many threads are interwoven in the story. Henrietta and Clive’s love story is central to the plot, but there are side threads (the mystery one, but also the thread concerning Henrietta’s mother, and the one about her brother, the thread concerning Helen’s past) that are strongly set. Most of these side threads don’t find a resolution at the end (this is, indeed, and ongoing series) but they weave with the central story rather than proceed alongside, so that they feel part of it. I was not disappointed when they remained opened in the end, it actually felt quite natural.
The mystery thread turned out to be quite lame, I’m afraid, which was disappointing for me. But the romance is very strong, so if you are the kind of the romance reader, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this story a lot.
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enjoyed this story very, very much!  Looking forward to reading more of Ms Cox's work.
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This review is from: A Ring of Truth: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel (Kindle Edition)
This is a wonderful read. You can visualize everything because of the great detail provided. There were a few grammatical mistakes but nothing that will take away or distract you from the story.

This is the second book in the series. I didn't read the first one which I'm sure is wonderful. Background details are provided that catch you up. Still reading the first book will undoubtedly be exciting and have you running to the second.

I love the simple and complexity of each character. They are wonderful whether good or bad guy. They are described so well you can feel them. The lead characters Miss Von Harmon and Inspector Howard, better known as Henrietta and Clive, mesh so well together.(Another reason to read the first book to see how they came to be) They are definitely the strong main characters going through what we all do, getting to truthfully know the person you fall in love with...before you marry them. Each of us have our own problems, past and hang ups that we keep deep inside because you are in love and you want them to keep loving you. It is rare to know everything about a person, even after marriage. Trust and truth are what Henrietta and Clive are striving for...between them and from the people around them.

This book is a mystery within a mystery within a mystery. That's what makes it so good. You are kept wondering and trying to solve people puzzles while enjoying a wonderful romance. excellent read. Thank you Michelle Cox for your talent.
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I enjoyed this second book in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series which focuses more on the budding relationship of newly engaged Henrietta and Clive, but does have a little mystery and an interesting family secret. Very good story, and I also love the setting and time period. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Michelle Cox's Ring of Truth lets readers into the loves and life of two very distinct people from very different socio-economic groups. Henrietta Von Harmon, freshly engaged to Inspector Clive Howard, discovers he is from a very wealthy family and it expected to follow his father into the family business. And much to her surprise, she also discovers some secrets about her mother and father. An interesting study in family dynamics.
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Michelle Cox has created an improbable, but interesting set of characters in this Cinderella story.
It is a romantic tale with a plucky heroine and (typically) complicated love interest.

I enjoyed our protagonist, Henrietta's, social education by her less than enthusiastic mother-in-law to be, but found some of her personal choices less than laudable for a young woman who was "honored" by a wealthy and sensible man to be his wife. Her character just didn't ring true to me---the good characteristics were too far-fetched, and the gaffs didn't make sense in that context, BUT it didn't spoil the fun of this charming romance filled with social commentary.

NetGalley provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.
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Henrietta Von Harmon and Clive Howard, detective inspector with the Chicago police, have just become engaged.  They are journeying to visit Clive’s parents who are very wealthy and are known as The Howards of Winnetka.  Henrietta is somewhat younger than Clive and has worked with him investigating some police cases.  Her mother is not happy that she will wed Clive.  The woman’s husband committed suicide leaving her to raise a number of children without any funds.  She has been depending upon the money that Henrietta brings in.  Sadly, she is a very bitter woman.

When Henrietta meets Clive’s parents, the Howards discover that her parents have roots going back to some very wealthy and well-known people.  This is all new to Henrietta.

Clive returns to Chicago to continue with his job leaving Henrietta with his parents as his mother schools and dresses her to be acceptable to high society.  Henrietta is lonely but when she tries to befriend some of the help, she is chastised by Mrs. Howard.

One day, while walking on the grounds, Henrietta happens upon a small cottage where an old woman named Helen lives.   Helen used to work in the kitchen for the Howards who have allowed her to stay in the cottage after she retired.  She has poor eyesight and a confused manner.  She tells Henrietta that someone has stolen a ring that she had received from her grandmother.  She says it is one of the gardeners.  When Clive returns at the week’s end, she tells him about the missing ring and he reluctantly agrees to check into it.  Henrietta also confides that she is not happy with the person his mother wants her to become.  At the same time, Henrietta learns that her brother has been put in jail and she needs to return home to see what she can do to help.  Soon, a misunderstanding between Clive and Henrietta tests them and their love for one another.  Will Henrietta be able to accept Clive’s way of life so both of them can be together?

This is a nice story.  It would help for the reader to read the first of the author’s novels to be able to be up with the relationship between Clive and Henrietta.

Copy provided by the author and publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I love the Henrietta and Clive stories!  Michele Cox does such a great job of putting the reader in 1930's Chicago and her characters are so well drawn.  This is the second book in this series that I"ve read and I think it only got better.
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Problem happened review to follow on correct book soon
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This is a story set in 1935 Chicago and for a book that supposedly has a mystery this unfortunately did fail to deliver. I was really looking forward to reading this but I found one of the main characters totally and utterly annoying. 
I could have been interested in reading about the Inspector and his investigations, as I really like historical mysteries, but Henrietta would have had to be in the background. I haven't read the first in the series so I don't know whether that was a mystery or more of a romance story.
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The second Henrietta and the inspector story, A Ring of Truth finds Henrietta and Clive engaged and learning more about each other's backgrounds. Much of the novel deals with Henrietta adjusting to Clive's considerable wealth, a fact he kept from her in their early courtship. While staying at Clive's family estate, Highbury, Henrietta learns more about her own parents, too. She struggles to fit in as a lady of the house and feels much more at home in the world of the servants, which gets her embroiled in a plot carried over from the first novel. Mystery fans will appreciate the fast pace once the plot twist is revealed, though much of the novel is focused on the developing relationship between Clive and Henrietta. The mystery comes only towards the end of the novel and certainly leaves the door wide open for a third book.
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I would like to first and foremost thank the author for a clean romance. The main characters are very mindful of preserving sex for marriage. Things get a little heated a time or two, but there are no graphic descriptions, and Clive and Henrietta always remind themselves they want to wait until they are married. At one point, Clive even points out once that though they are engaged, he wants to take her to the marriage altar, unsullied even by him. I really appreciate someone willing to write characters this way, even when the book is set in a time period where it was becoming more acceptable to have affairs.

I did not read the first book in the series - although I certainly will now - but I did not feel lost here. I felt like the characters gave enough background to kind of fill in what happened, but not so much that it will spoil it to go back and read book one. Clearly there is also at least one more book to come, and I will absolutely be reading it.

Clive and Henrietta were very well-developed characters. I felt like their emotional struggles were real and not whiny. There love is written in a very deep and heartfelt way - not wishy-washy or superficial as romantic struggles are often wont to be.

I also loved the overall plot - I was blindsided along with the characters when they realized the trap that had been sprung. All along I thought the story was leading one direction, then out of nowhere, you realize why you had the sinking feeling some of these characters were trouble from the start. I loved the period society details, and the dialogue and clothing descriptions were historically accurate.

I had never read Michelle Cox before, but it's a name that will definitely grab my attention from here on.
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I started this book and I liked it so much that I went back and purchased the first book in this series and read it first. Both books were very good. In this book, Clive and Henrietta are newly engaged. Henrietta (who comes from a poor family) has no idea that Clive comes from a very wealthy family. This is the story of how Henrietta learns to make it in Clive's world and become the lady of the house. Along the way, there is a mystery involving a ring as well as some secrets revealed about Henrietta's mother. I hope this series continues because I can't wait to find out what happens next with Henrietta and Inspector Howard!
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Henrietta finds out that her fiance, (Inspector) Clive, has an imposing background that he had not told her about before.  It's important to both that she fit in with Clive's rich society for reasons that become apparent.  Henrietta and Clive's mother have misgivings.  Clive wonders if Henrietta has fallen in love only with the inspector that she knows or can accept a different life.
In the meantime, Henrietta's family does not make things easier  Then she finds out that her mother has a secret that will make things more interesting to both families.
Danger finds Henrietta and Inspector Clive when she becomes involved in friendships with servants.   Decisions and understandings are made between all.
But the ending is open when Henrietta receives a letter from home and must decide what needs done about it.  Apparently, the next book will start where this one left off and I look forward to continuing the series with this teaser from author, Michelle Cox.
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This book was interesting in several ways. The poor girl marrying rich boy story is always very nice and when it all ends happily even better. In this case our rich man never said he was actually filthy rich and heir to an estate. He was just a chief detective and that is how our girl met him, whilst working on a case for him.  Henrietta realised that he was rich only when she visited his home and saw how difficult it would be for her to fit in. On top of that the other twist in the tale, was that Henrietta's mother herself had a colorful past, one she had successfully hidden from her eight children for all these years.  The fact that she was herself a rich heiress who disgraced her family by running away and then forsaking all attempts for reconciliation is now slowly coming to light.

In these circumstances, Henrietta visits the family home with the idea of getting used to their way of life and also to plan the much awaited engagement and wedding. To add another twist to the story a loss of a ring and the twist in the tale in its finding added another layer to this story.

Several different strands - a mystery, a follow up from a previous story plus a romance and a family saga. Very nicely combined.

Goodreads review up on 3/3/2017. Amazon does not permit a review. Review on my blog mid July 2017
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Please read this book it is a great book, loved it can't wait to read more from this author
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