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Buzz Books 2017: Young Adult Spring/Summer

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Wonderful! Great chance to try out some new stories and find new authors. These books full of excerpts are one of the best things about NetGalley!
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Great bind up of excerpts that has given me a few new books to read and a few have already been ordered on amazon.
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I always look forward to seeing what books will be featured in the Buzz Books samplers. This month was a bit of a letdown for my own personal reading preferences, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a huge variety of books to choose from. 
I truly think that this is a great ressource for readers as it provides a good overview of what's coming in the near future. Still a huge fan of Buzz Books, definitely recommend!
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I always enjoy reading these Book Buzz collections. It gives a nice variety of books from a few different genres and gives just enough to make you interested in the book. A few of my favorites from this one included Gem and Dixie, Aftercare Instructions, and How to Be a Supervillain.
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So many great books to add to my TBR! I love these previews. It's a great way to get introduced to the new books that will be coming out soon!
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I would like to thank the publisher for giving me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I always enjoy reading snippets for upcoming books and this was no different. I added lots of titles in my goodreads shelves and I plan to request some titles myself as well! I wish we had more of these kind of books to feature themes perhaps like crime, humor, non fiction, etc. I always keep an eye on your blog and I really enjoy it!
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Good overview of what's coming. Always appreciate these Buzz Book roundups. Not sure what else to say here for the 100 characters :)
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Excellent as always. Love the portions of all the books! It was great to be able to read portions of books before requesting an ARC. I was able to tell right away whether I wanted to send a request or not.
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Buzz Books give a nice overview of what will be published in the next month. That is great to know, it also allows you to directly request the books from Netgalley at the end of each excerpts. I always enjoy going through these books.
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Love Buzz Books!
I've found some of my favorite titles thru these books

Looking forward to:
Future Threat by Elizabeth Briggs
The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr
Roar by Cora Carmack
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Thank you for sharing this sampler. I found several stories that I am interested in. I will definitely be reading several of these novels!
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The Buzz Books publication is always a great way to add titles to my "to-read" pile & get inspired to read more new releases. I didn't know most authors in this edition and some I only knew by name. Kind of refreshing to find all new authors instead of new books by the authors I already know.
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Fantastic as always! Sorry I forgot to rate this earlier, but I am still working off the list and enjoying may of the titles!. Keep them coming! Thanks!
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I'm rather behind the times with my review of this preview of last year's books, but I always appreciate these Buzz Books' roundups by Publishers Lunch, and this one was no exception, with diverse selections from YA contemporary, romance, and fantasy/sci-fi.

There are some books that expected to love because they're in my wheelhouse of YA fantasy (Dividing Eden, Roar), and others that I didn't think I would connect with but I did in spite of myself (Piper Perish, Geekerella, Aftercare Instructions, This is Really Happening). There were also others that I really hoped to like, such as The Black Witch, but I didn't much care for.

I have many more books to read now!
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Such a great collection for 2017! This really helped me narrow down choices for what we should focus on buying and promoting to the library population we serve.
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I like the books that buzz books have to offer each season. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to discover new and interesting titles each year.
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This was a great way to know and learn about the upcoming titles and I already have a few that I'm watching out for
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Flame and Mist - 3 stars
The One Memory of Flora Banks - 4 stars
Dream Me - 3 stars
Future Threat - N/A
Piper Perish - 5 stars
Roar - 4 stars
This Is Really Happening - 5 stars
Dividing Eden - 4 stars
The Legend of Skyco: Spirit Quest - 4 stars
The Black Witch - 3 stars
How To Be A Supervillain - 4 stars
The End of Our Story - 5 stars
Laugh Out Loud - 3 stars
Aftercare Instructions - 4 stars
Geekerella - 5 stars
Revels Like Us - 3 stars
Definitions of Indefinable Things - 4 stars
Gem & Dixie - 3 stars
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This was a nice look at the upcoming spring and summer young adult book release later this year. Can't wait to read them in the future.
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There are plenty of books that I realized were being published after reading these samples. Many of which have made it into my TBR list.
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