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The cover caught my attention. Sexy. The story was ok. I loved the characters. It caught my attention and kept it for the whole book. Great read
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Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

Exactly what I expected - a hot read with a touch of Cinderella. Mia is homeless, but she's got her pride and a plan. Xavier is an entitled rich man, coerced into volunteering at a homeless shelter to do some damage control. When he sees her, he becomes enthralled. What comes next is a cat and mouse game that kept me intrigued. It's just emotional enough towards the end to get your heart involved, but I needed more information about both of them to truly connect.

All in all, a nice break from reality and a quick read to keep things fun.
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Book 1 of the fairytale series is Cinderella, but an orange beanie hat is the slipper.

Mia is homeless and Xavier is doing community service for being an arrogant douche-nozzle party boy. He had a lot of redeeming to do after the first few pages mocking the homeless as he served them in the soup kitchen line. He didn’t. After he takes her home with him he’s more possessive and it’s about his needs and wants than her. It’s unsettling at times and he’s taking advantage of her situation. 

This storyline (and the others in the series) have really been off for me without a redemption the heroes selflessly developed. 

I’ve read 3 & 4 so it’s disappointing to realize there isn’t a real de Santis brother coming together until a vague epilogue in book 4. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.
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Publishers AC received in exchange for honest review. 

The Billionaire's Virgin is the first in a new series by Jackie Ashenden. A very modern day Cinderella story - where Mia istruggling to survive on the streets of NYC meets Xavier a jaded - arrogant billionaire playboy assigned to do community service after a run in with the papiratzi. They come from two very different worlds but the more you learn about their characters realize they have a lot more in common than you would think - hurtful past events having shaped their lives. Mia's daily struggle to survive gives an eye opening look at what it means to be homeless and feel so alone in a city of millions of people. 

I felt as if I was meant to read this book at Christmas & so glad I had the opportunity to do so as the whole premace  of the story is the person you love is your "home". This book has a 5 star knocked out of the galaxy review from me because not only did it pull at my heartstrings but reminded me of what it means to find your "true love" 

Highly recommend anything Jackie  Ashenden writes !!
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ARC received for review

Meh. Instead of a glass slipper it was a beanie. It wasn't dark at all. I really didn't see the chemistry between them. Boy do these brothers really dislike each other. I'm interested in seeing if that's explained in future books.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Yeah, there was smut, yeah, it was kinda ridiculous, but it wasn't something that I got bored reading.

It was a quick book, the characters fall in love pretty quickly, it's a little over the top. But it was so cute that I was able to look past it. Both the plot and the characters were well written and likeable (after the reader gets to know them).
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The last thing Xavier wants to do is waste his time at a shelter feeding the homeless, but after his billionaire father laid down the law, that's exactly what he has to do - that is, if he wants his late mother's ranch. And to be honest, it's the only thing he wants in life. Unlike his father and brothers, he hates living in New York, working for the family business. Hopefully, he'll get this gov't contract that his father wants, get the ranch, and GTFO of the city for good. It would be better for everyone, because all he seems to do is destroy everything, anyway. 

So why can't he stop thinking about the girl whose eyes keep haunting him...? 

Mia is no stranger to hardship. Being dropped off on her abusive grandmother's doorstep at 5 years old, finally running away at 13, and living on the streets ever since, have shown her that the only person she can trust is herself. That is, until the shelter she uses when the weather is too cold closes, leaving her to make a choice - freeze to death on the streets, or trust the rich man who offers her a place to stay. 

But no one warned her that she would be in danger of losing her heart... 

I've got to admit, after reading the first 30 pages of this story I thought I wasn't going to like it. I thought Xavier was going to be a typical billionaire jackass - arrogant & selfish. It was almost as if he were going to treat Mia like some kind of pet, believe it or not. Thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong if I tried. Watching them learn that they weren't so different from each other was absolutely heartwarming, and it definitely gave me ALL the feels. 

I highly recommend this one.
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This one was okay, but lacking a bit for me. I thought that Mia was a good character, but didn't care much for Xavier. The book was short, which made it very quick and easy to read.
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**My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin's Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This was very well written and i could completely feel Mia's emotions and totally felt like she was a true homeless person living behind a dumpster.

Xavier was a character that you can totally not like, but be ok with that as he does eventually come good in the end.  It takes Mia to change him from rich spoiled brat into a man who can think better of others in need.

Looking forward to reading all the other books in the series.
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Oh my gosh, I am in love with Jackie Ashenden books.  She has done it again with Xavier and Mia.  Mia escapes a violent household.  Her grandmother doesn't treat her well and at age 13 she runs away and starts living on the street.  Xavier is a spoiled man who doesn't want anything to do with his father's business.  He's playing nice with Dad so he can have his mother's ranch deeded over to him.  He gets in trouble with the law and has to serve his time doing community service, serving meals to the homeless.  The minute he spots Mia he is so intrigued by her he just can't stop looking for her every time he is there.  A chance encounter has her needing a warm place to sleep and he can finally see why Mia gets under his skin.  
This book is such a page-turner.  I love how Mia is in such a bad situation but holds her head high and refuses to bow to Xavier.  The characters are so well developed and you just can't help but become so invested in them.  Love love love her books. Can't wait to read more.
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I like Jackie Ashenden as an author. I've read a couple of books by her and usually she is very adept at character development. I also liked the synopsis of the book and had high expectations based on the description of this book. The problem that I had with this book happens from time to time when a author takes a popular trope (in this case the Cinderella theme) and just takes it too damn far.

So in this book Mia is homeless. Not like fake homeless or temporarily experiencing hard times, she's homeless homeless. Like she's been on the street for years. Xavier, on the other hand is a uber billionaire. In fact, the only reason Xavier and Mia meet is because Xavier is volunteering at the soup kitchen where Mia eats meals. Because she has no home and no kitchen and no FOOD. And somehow while serving Mia at the soup kitchen Xavier rises above the smell of unwashed bodies and nameless food that can be mass produced, he finds himself like super attracted to Mia. Xavier is some bad boy/playboy type but somehow he sees past the dirt, emaciated body and baggy clothes of a homeless woman and decides she is the one...

As for Mia, she is understandably suspicious of Xavier's intentions. You know why she's suspicious? Because generally when a wealthy man takes interest in a poor woman with whom he absolutely has nothing in common and volunteers to put her up in a real nice play, dress her and feed her good- he's a PIMP trying to turn a hoe out. I'm sorry but hel-loooooo. Cinderella stories are among my favorite sub-genres but come on.  The hero and the heroine need to have something in common before I can relate to the romance.

So anyway, fast forward some pages and Xavier has taken Mia off the streets and into his home. And then all of a sudden Mia is a virgin but she wants to have porn star sex with Xavier. There is some sub-plot going on about Xavier and issues with his Father and brothers but honestly, it was hard to focus on anything besides the ridiculousness of the relationship between Mia and Xavier. I honestly can't tell you a single thing they had in common, the basis for any conversation between them or why they would be attracted to one another.

Ok, I know I've said a lot here but even with all of this being said, I still don't think this is a bad book. The writing is good and the story moves forward at a entertaining pace. All I'm saying is that the premise is ridiculous and the relationship lacks credibility. If you can get past that, you might actually think this book is ok.
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Xavier De Santis has been a very bad boy and is being forced to clean up his act by volunteering in a soup kitchen. All he has to do is shake some hands...serve some food...and all is well until.... in walks Mia

Mia is homeless and living in a shelter after running away from home years ago. Mia notices Xavier noticing her and can't help but want...she can't help but want something...anything...just for her

The real question is can Xavier stop his bad boy ways and give love a chance....can Mia trust Xavier enough to show her a whole new world of exciting places and romance? Read and find out!

I voluntarily read an advanced review copy of this book

Overall this book packs emotional moments that will suck you in and have wanting to get your hands on every other book in the series. The only down side was that there was a couple of questions I wanted the answer to.
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Playboy Billionaire Xavier was trying to do his community work at the homeless shelter and intrigued by homeless girl... He wanted to know her and talk to her but she refuse to look at his eyes and even give him her name.  
Mia knows she needs to protect herself from people like Xavier. She was living in the streets and she needs to protect herself.  She ran away at young age from abusive grandmother and ever since she has been living in the streets.  Grandmother never gave her love, only hatred toward her.  She knew about abuse and she didn’t want to repeat.  So all she wanted in her life was to own a home for herself.  But it is getting difficult when you don’t know your last name.  
One night, Mia went to shelter for food and bed but shelter was closed and she faces Xavier.  He was offering a ride to another shelter or his penthouse suite.  Mia decides to only spend one night but one night becomes more than one.  
Xavier had his own demons. He blames himself for his mother’s death and only thing he wants is to have his mother’s ranch which his father won’t release until he fulfills his promise.  He really doesn’t care for his father’s enterprise and him and he doesn’t get along with any of his brothers.  
Both finally realizes they were attracted to each other and ready to move on.  But it doesn’t happen that way.  Mia is left with more sorrow than when she was homeless.  She feels more lonelier than ever and Xavier is slowly realizing that.. 
Will they have fairy tale ending.???

It was definitely a fairy tale..I enjoyed reading.
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Loved this sweet emotional read. Mia is homeless living in the streets on New York until she meets Xavier. From the moment Xavier meets Mia he was intrigued and want to help and protect her. Xavier makes Mia an offer she couldn't refuse. As they spend time together they realize they have a lot in common. They both learn to let go of the past and embrace their love and future together. Recommended read. The only thing missing from this book is more about Mia's past.
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I'm at a little bit of a loss for this story, readers. On the one hand, I enjoyed Ashenden's writing, and felt she was able to adapt a fairy tale into modern times while also giving a voice to a population we don't get to hear about often, the homeless. On the other hand, as much as I appreciated that Xavier was supportive of Mia, I didn't enjoy the whole "virgin" aspect of the situation. 

In so many stories, especially romance, The Virgin is this almost-holy being that is innocent, untouchable, and therefore still able to be saved. I found this a difficult contrast with what we had been shown already - Mia as a homeless young woman who had made decisions she thought best for herself. That is something to be appreciated, and I felt the introduction of her being a virgin made everything trickle down to that. It seemed that all of a sudden it didn't matter that Mia was a fighter, and a survivor - no, it mattered that she had never been sexually touched and oh, isn't that special. 

I truly commend the author for introducing a new population to her readers. It is definitely the first time I see it in romance fiction. But I want romance authors (all authors, really) to remember is that we are shaped by our experiences, the good and the bad, and I don't mind my heroines having a background. I don't mind them knowing what they like or don't like. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good virgin trope. But when you're already doing something special (and yes, I think introducing the homeless population as ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE with WANTS, NEEDS, ETC. is special) , just go for it.
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I have to admit, this was not a good start for me as things went too rocky and slow for my liking, but I think it's supposed to be that way and it's just my picky preference getting in the way. Regardless, this turned out really well. The growth and journey these characters go through throughout the book was the beauty of it (and of course the sexy times *wink wink*) and that solidified this book overall. Although, my favorite is the second book (which each books are standalones) this one is worth the read.
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I went into this book thinking that there was a possibility that I wasn't going to like it, but I was more than surprised with how well I really did like it. The characters stories and lives suck you in and tug at your heart. I enjoyed every second of it.
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I would like to thank St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing us with a copy of this book so that we could share this review with you.

Well I have to say that so enjoyed the moments that happen between Mia and Xavier at the beginning more than anything. The fact that difference between them is so apparent the fact that something about her bugs Xavier made it even better. I really liked the fact that there was more to Xavier then what we first think. He wants to really live a much simpler life not the kind of life that has been handed to him so far. Also my heart broke for him with his fears of making things worse for Mia. I will say that at one point I so wanted to hurt him. I will say that I would have liked to get to find out more information about Mia. The fact that she didn't have much information about her own history and life was a bit disappointing. I would have liked to know what happened with her grandmother and her mother. Also what was happening now. So the fact that I was left wanting more information is a reason I give this book the kisses that I do. I really did enjoy though Mia and her positive thinking. The fact that she was always hopeful no matter her situation was so wonderful. 

I give this book 4 Hopeful kisses...
Happy Reading... Adri
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Mia lives on the street and trust no one. Xavier is a billionaire is forced to work the homeless shelter by his father so he can get the only thing important to him, his late mothers Wyoming ranch. Part of a fairy tale series this stand alone book truly stands alone. the author has written such a lovely story of a women who has nothing and a man with the world at his feet. What a wonderful book when these two find each other and he offers her so much, a warm bed and the such. What he doesn't realize is she will make him finally find himself and even though he wants the ranch in Wyoming he finds that Mia is what he needs to truly be happy. Fantastic story.
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