Under Pressure

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 01 Feb 2017

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Under Pressure by Lori Foster was included on the February 2017 Librarians' Choice Top 10 list for February 2017
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Tales From The Heart ~ Leanne's blog review from NetGalley

First book in a new series. Some can be hit and miss with world and character building, but this story eased along comfortably like I already knew these people.
Catalina 'Cat' is on the run from her step-father and other unscrupulous men who will stop at nothing to capture her. She has witnessed a conversation with high powered people and reptutations are on the line. Her step-father hires a security team to track her down and protect her. Leese is an ex-MMA fighter and will put his life on the line to save her (also he's sexy as). The chemistry between them sizzled out of my kindle. There is drama, kidnapping, murder and more action inbetween the lust making for one great adventurous love story. I hightly recommend this book and look forward to more in the series.
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Another brilliant read from Lori Foster, although the main character has been introduced in previous novels before, it can be read as a stand alone. Its a highly entertaining, light and funny but also interesting read. Highly recommended!
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Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Netgalley....

This is a spin off series from Lori Fosters fantastic Ultimate Series (which is one of my all time fave MMA fighters series). It is in this series where we first meet our Hero Leese. He did not have a very good introduction, but through the other fighters books, we got glimpses of his changes and what a good guy he could be.

He now works as a bodyguard for a elite security firm called Body Armor. He left the world of MMA, because even though he was good at it, he was never going to win a title belt and with his training he decided to pursue a new career change. 

He is assigned a case to track down and protect a women by the name of Catalina Nicholson. Her step father is looking for her and with the help of Justice, (whom we also meet in the Ulimate Series) who is training under Leese they find her. She is not what Leese expects and she is holding many secrets close to her vest. Problem is can she trust Leese with all her secrets?

The book is action packed from start to finish, with lots of romance and sexy times in between. I loved how Leese's character "redeemed" himself from when we first met him into the Hero we all knew he could be.

A great start to what is going to be another kick ass series by the one and only Lori Foster!!!
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