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Buzz Books 2017: Spring/Summer

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So many great books to add to my TBR! I love these previews. It's a great way to get introduced to the new books that will be coming out soon!
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I would like to thank the publisher for giving me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I always enjoy reading snippets for upcoming books and this was no different. I added lots of titles in my goodreads shelves and I plan to request some titles myself as well! I wish we had more of these kind of books to feature themes perhaps like crime, humor, non fiction, etc. I always keep an eye on your blog and I really enjoy it!
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I had forgotten about this book until I spied it on my book shelf. I've always enjoyed these peeks into new books. Because I discovered this so belatedly, I had already read several of the books--American War and Final Girls-- and really enjoyed them. Final girls, about a time travelling serial killer, was a real trip, well-written and unique. American War was a new take on dystopian fiction, more chilling because of current concerns such as climate change, the tribalization of American politics and biological warfare. I just ordered The Marsh King's Daughter because the excerpt here is too tantalizing not to continue. 

Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with this intriguing sampler in exchange for my review.
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Buzz Books give a nice overview of what will be published in the next month. That is great to know, it also allows you to directly request the books from Netgalley at the end of each excerpts. I always enjoy going through these books.
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Thank you for sharing this sampler. I found several stories that I am interested in. I will definitely be reading several of these novels!
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Still have lots of books from this list to go through. Hard to keep up with all the fabulous recommendations in these editions, but please keep them coming! They are all a great resource for book lovers! Thank you!
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I have just realised that I have a number of Buzz publications that I haven't reviewed. They are holding back my  Feedback Ratio, so I thought I should 'review' them. 
I used to enjoy these regular updates on new authors and publications but I guess times have moved on and we now have the e mail version.
Miss you Buzz Monthly, RIP.
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I always adore these Buzz Books. I got  a late start reading this one, so I had already read three AMAZING books that were featured here. 

Fierce Kingdom - Gin Phillips is incredibly engaging and fast paced considering the fact that the entire book spans less than a day. It also feels very timely with current American life.

Final Girls - Riley Sager  had me on the edge of my seat. It was amazing. This story about women who have survived something horrific was one of my favorite reads of 2017.

See What I Have Done - Sarah Schmidt This was such an interesting look at the Lizzie Borden story. No one knows exactly how things played out, so this historical fiction account is a great look at one version of how things may have gone. 

As usual, Buzz books were a great source to add to my already huge TBR list. 
I can hardly wait to get my hands on Goodbye, Vitamin, by Rachel Khong. For starters, the cover is bright and fun, and I am a sucker for great covers. But, more importantly, the story seems to tackle the difficult topic of aging parents in a way that is still entertaining (His pants were found in trees!!)

The Best of Adam Sharp gave me mixed feelings. I ADORE Graeme Simsion. The Rosie Project is probably one of my top ten favorite books. However, the subject matter of this particular book is one that I don't adore quite as much- affairs. I am willing to give it a chance though, just for the chance to experience more of Simsion's brillance.

Impossible Views of the World by Lacy Ives is just further proof that I am a sucker for a pretty cover. All it took was one glance and I knew I had to read it. Further investigation proved that it is also well written and FUNNY! I am excited to give it a chance!

And last but not least: Mr. Rochester - Sarah Shoemaker. EEEEE!!!! I already own 6 copies of Jane Eyre, all different editions, so this is a natural addition to my collection. Mr. Rochester is a re-telling of Jane Eyre told through the eyes of Rochester. BONUS: The cover is beautiful.
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This book was very helpful in advising me on purchasing recommendations.
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nice teaser of some upcoming books. Added a few to my TBR
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A very helpful resource for determining what looks interesting!
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Thank you for letting us get a sample of future books.  This actually helps us weave through a lot of them so we don't have to request them first!
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Spring/summer is big time for books releases and great vacation reads. This guide is a sneak peak at some of the one that have joined my to-read ranks in 2017. Hopefully getting to many of them will be a reality!
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Love Buzzbooks! It always seems to come up when I have a bookslump and need a new author to read.
Lots of ideas for pushing the reader in directions I wouldn't necessarily go in such as non fiction.
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thank you for the advance review, i got a lot of great ideas for books to read!
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This guide was very useful and informative! Always a good place to start when looking for books to read.
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I enjoyed the chance to read these excerpts. They helped me decide which titles to request in the future. Thank you!
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As well reading the monthly editions of Buzz Books, I  am also sure to read the seasonal samplers like this when they appear. For any lover of books who just adore adding fantastic novels to their TBR pile - do not miss any of these Buzz Books releases!
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This is the first time I have come across Buzz books, I'm a little late the game however my TBR list has just got bigger. Will definitely looking out for more
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Another great edition to the Buzz Books family! 

I loved reading through the titles of the amazing books coming out this spring. 

In the Fiction section I'm interested in: 

Anthony Horowitz -Magpie Murders - I've head so many great things about this book!

The Changling

Sing, Unburied, Sing

Woman no 17

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley

The Book of Joan

Debut Fiction:

American War - Love that the except of this book is available! 

Final Girls

See What I Have Done

Spaceman of Bohemia


The Perfect Stranger

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O

The Blinds


Defying Reality: The Inside Story of Virtual Reality

Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked

DNA is not Destiny

Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins

Looking forward to digging into these great books!
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