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Buzz Books 2017: Spring/Summer

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What a great book of collective stories upcoming in the year. What I really appreciate in this collection is that I find something that I don't normally go for and I can't wait to buy the book and continue reading! Excellent!!
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Not too much for me here, but it's a great idea and I will look for one again.
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Once again Buzz Books has proven itself to be a great source for up and coming novels. I've managed to jot down quite a few names to look out for in the upcoming season. I'll be continuing to look to Buzz books to pad my Tbr shelf.
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This is a great tool for narrowing down options and evaluating upcoming titles in an overwhelming amount of new titles. I like that debuts are divided into their own category. Book covers, summaries, excerpts, and some ARC request links make it easy to make choices.
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Essential reading for anyone interested in upcoming books! Definitely helped me choose some titles to look forward to reading.
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Posted by Anna Patterson. Writer, Journalist, Book Reviewer
Buzz Books 2917: Spring/Summer. Pages 562.  By Publishers Lunch. General Fiction (Adult) and Nonfiction (Adult) Publication January 13, 2017.

I am a blogger and reviewer. I was privileged to read this book as a professional reviewer on NetGalley.

* * *
I am a little late to get back to Spring and Summer reading hobbies, but recently I began to read Buzz Books, thinking what is this, but it sounds like something I could use.
It was filled with excerpts from forty talked about Buzz Books due to soon be published. I felt this a good start to reading planning for the busy times ahead.
The contents were compiled for publisher insiders and passionate readers also, so I found this helpful also.
This catalog of excerpts has works of bestselling authors as well as authors writing the “big discoveries of tomorrow right now”, this is a quote. I like that about the book.
Best of all in my opinion, the Introduction of the book said, “Share the bounty. Your friends and family can download this Free edition of Buzz Books at any major book store or at Buzz Publishers
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Wonderful to have a list of upcoming books, as well as excerpts.  It gives me an idea of books to look forward to for this spring and summer.
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Interesting selection of books. I have several in my to be read list.
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I eagerly await these publications, they are such an amazing source of information!
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Buzz Books has a longstanding reputation of previewing the most anticipated titles of the season. With only the first couple chapters to go on, it’s impossible to give a whole-hearted recommendation, but the following titles have peaked my interest.

The first two titles win “Best in Show” because I’ve received the ARCs and was able to read them in their entirety. Both are brilliantly written and intelligent. Built on a quirky, but just about believable premise, with a smart observant narrator, THE ANSWERS is insightful, funny, and poetic. A historical fiction book ending WWII Germany, THE WOMEN IN THE CASTLE tracks he relationship of three German women as they attempt to survive the fallout of the war with searing humanity and sweeping prose. 

As for the “Promising” and “Might be Worth the Risk” Categories, all of the excerpts left me wanting more.  I definitely want to continue to the next chapters. Book gods, please send them my way!

And taking the award for best Non-Fiction in the group, the “Stranger than Fiction” Award goes to RADIUM GIRLS, a book about real WWI women who dip, lip, and paint with the toxic iridescent substance, which at the time was sold in everything from liquid tonics to beauty creams.

Buzz Books Seasonal Preview provides a fun appetizer-portion of titles you may decide to add to your ever-growing bookshelf!

Best in Show: 
THE ANSWER Catherine Lacey

SINCE WE FELL Dennis Lehane
TOUCH Courtney Maum

Runners up that May be Worth the Risk: 

Stranger than Fiction:

*I received a this title from NetGalley for an unbiased review.
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Thank you for this, found a few books I really want to read!
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As I have said before, I love the concept and I will be reading the upcoming books. But sometimes I find the format a bit confusing but it's probably just me.
And thanks so much for the oyto read the book.
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I love reading these - I always get tons of books to add to my "to-read" list!
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First time I've read one of the Buzz Books and it won't be the last. I found it really is useful.. I thought it was highly insightful and I'm really excited about some of the upcoming books mentioned. The only bad thing is that my tbr list has just increased massively lol. Not that I'm complaining.
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A useful resource for publishing professionals - helping to highlight key titles
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Thank you for the suggestions and the excerpts.  I am looking forward to reading some of your titles showcased.
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Fantastic! I'll be checking out the BookBuzz selections regularly from now on. I found several titles in the selections here that I intend to recommend for order at my library, and a few which I've put on my own "to read" list. I love being able to read the first chapter and get a better sense of whether a book will be up my alley or not. What a great resource!
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Love Buzz Books, great introduction to upcoming titles.
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I was pleased to see this title in my feed this morning.  Found two FICTION and two DEBUT FICTION titles that I plan to read.  Great resource!  Thank you.
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This is an essential for upcoming books.  My list of books i want to read has just got a little longer.
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