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“Did she say that to you?”
“No, of course she didn’t sat that, but it makes sense- only when you move forwards can you then go back,” Aleksander said reasonably.
Maybe it’s my age, but this one didn’t quite work for me. Matias (Matjaž) is over his ex-girlfriend and is going on a series of dates around the city of Ljubljana. In a sense, the reader is on the dates too, privy to the conversations, his thoughts, the morning afters. “And who are you?” he looked at her confusedly, failing to remember who this girl in his bed was, with the tousled hair and smudged lipstick.
Saša laughed. “I’m a mirage.”
Does he act like a dog? Yes. Dissecting him wasn’t much fun though. Men with their ‘maybe she’ll get over it’ about lesbianism ,as if it’s a cold you catch ,was something I had to laugh at and slap my forehead over the ridiculousness of such thinking. But sometimes it felt like Matias was just a collection of the worse in a man shoved into one character. Men and women alike have their games, sexist or not. Throw into the mix women who may be men and I suppose you see the complications of modern dating. A lot of conversations and drinking going on, dancing, complaining, man vs woman which gets a reader wondering how on earth any relationship could last past a year with this lot. It may well be after reading a book gorgeously written about a woman confronting the world and herself this may have come off as less absorbing. It is much lighter than I expected, considering it’s about a  misogynist, he came off more as just childish and hard to take seriously.  I had a hard time finishing the book and wasn’t invested in the characters. It had moments of laughter, some eye rolling from me as well but I just didn’t enjoy it as I had hoped. Again, maybe I am just not the right audience for it.
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Trafalgar Square Publishing
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A little strange and not very interesting. I could not finish it.
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