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Dynamic Communication

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Dynamic Communication by business communication expert Jill Schiefelbein.  Successful communication is not measured by your lack of umms or your style, it is measured by the actions and results that are generated.  
She shares a website for the book that contains full length interviews with different companies.  
“Confidence is your best designer.  You cannot get a better piece of clothing more suiteable than confidence”
Your first words and how you close a conversation.  How did you make them feel when you left.  
Everyone wants fast results but it is actually the micro actions of building a relationship and engagement that leads to trust and to a purchase.  These micro actions can be giving away something. 
“Action plus purpose drives awareness. Awareness leads to engagement.  Engagement leads to results.”    
I recommend this book.  Jill provides actionable steps to help with communication.  The book is easy to read with short chapters and you can skip to specific sections you want to focus on.

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