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Making Bad Choices was really hard to get into at first with the first few chapters being confusing and slow for me. There were some aspects to the book that had me feeling uncomfortable but as time went on I became intrigued and the writing kind of evened out. 

The characters were okay. Cassie’s character wasn’t one I was able to connect with very easily. I loved the blended families aspect of this and felt that part of the story was very real and is what a lot of people in today’s society has gone through. Everyone is dysfunctional in their own way so this book really helps you relate to the characters in that aspect. 

The storyline was good; the romantic aspect was written really well and it’s a typical forbidden love romance. It’s a new adult romance with all the fluffiness and tropes to go a long with it, but overall I did end up enjoying it. Have I had better reads? Sure. But I’ve also had worse reads.
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**3.5 Stars**
Cassie has slowly been watching her mother die of cancer for years when it actually happens over the Christmas holiday and in the middle of her senior year of high school. Her supportive father and loving step-mother step up to help her deal with the situation, but that means she needs to give up her life in Los Angeles and move to small town Colorado- and see her hated step brother Culter who she hasn't seen since they were kids. But Culter is not the same boy she remembers, instead he is this incredibly attractive, sweet and a little bit bossy boy she has no idea how to interact with. Things are about to get messy.

If loving books about inappropriate relationships is wrong, I don't want to right. There is just something taboo relationships that draws me in like a moth to a flame- don't judge! For those who need to know the level of inappropriateness for this book, this was a relationship between step-siblings who were not raised together and had no biological connections (hey share a half sibling though) and they did not actually get into a relationship until they were 18- so on the scale, this was super mild. Oh and the content was pretty pg, maybe a dash of pg13 thrown in for flavor when it came to romance, but there was a TON of drug use in the story, just FYI (so not realistic/relatable to my high school experience but made for more story controversy I guess).

I have read a few other books by this author and this is actually my favorite. I found this to be a really fast read, something you can power through in a day. It was heavy on the emotional angst and tons of drama of all kinds, but I think that made it a more fun read- everyone loves rubbernecking at a hot mess? I found the romance between Cassie and Culter to be really sweet and I am always a sucker for a HEA- which this certainly was.

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This topic is no longer of interest to me and I will not be finishing this book.
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This book had all the feels! It was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it!
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I am sorry I never got a chance to read this. My phone would not download it. I apologize.
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Cutler is Cassie's stepbrother. The hated/disliked each other back when. Things changed. There are several books out of late it seems, with step-siblings falling in love. It makes scene in some respects, they aren't genetically related. On another level, it follows the title. Making bad choices. 

Over all, this is a fluffy read about some messed up families and two young people who fall in love in collage. It's not the best, nor the worst thing I have read. I don't know where the step-sibling attractions are coming from in books of late though. 

My copy came from Net Galley. My thoughts and opinions are my own. This review is left of my own free volition.
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I read this book for what it was:  a salacious "forbidden" romance.

Cassie's characterization felt a little off to me in that her actions seemed hurried or sudden.  Cutler on the other hand was sweet and protective giving validity to the idea that he harbored feelings for Cassie for years.

The high school immaturity was tiresome at points but given the age of the characters that is to be expected.

Having said that, I found it to be an enjoyable read.  Although it sounds odd given the premise is based on the death of one of the characters, this book is a good choice for those looking for a mood lifter.
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This is an great book for the young adult/high school crowd. Do not expect any steamy love scenes. The story is straight from what you would expect in high school. I loved the characters. The author did an amazing job of personalizing each person and getting to know them.
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Quick Summary: Good build up; heart wrenching conflict; typical drama; sweet YL
Rating: 3/4
Recommend: +
Status: M, R
Audience: M
Conflict/Drama: Yes
Chemistry/Intensity: Yes
Source: NetGalley
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I'm sorry, this was a DNF for me. I felt i'd read this book a few times before. Books with similar plot, similar characters There was nothing new for me and I didn't want to keep going. Sorry.
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I'm so confused, because I loved this book so much and despite the uncouth situation, I was rooting for love the whole time. I kind of feel guilty for liking this book so much!

Just a quick overview - This story is about the forbidden love of two young adults; Cassie and her estranged step brother Culter. After the death of her mother, on her 18th birthday, Cassie moves from L.A. to rural Colorado to live with her father, step mother, 8 year old half brother and her 18 year old step brother - the last of whom she's despised and hasn't had any contact with in over 3 years. To make it in time to start school on schedule after winter break, Cassie road trips to Colorado with Culter, putting them home a week before everyone else returns from setting the affairs in L.A. and that's when things start to get interesting and confusing for Cassie. I don't want to spoil it, so I'm going to leave it at that.

From the opening sentence Rita Stadling had me hooked. I read the entire book in one sitting; from 10pm until 6am - then I reread it the next day, because I like to go back and see what foreshadowing I might not have picked up on the first time - yes I read the whole thing in 8 hours. This is actually quite a sweet and romantic story - once you get past the fact that they're step-siblings. It was really focused on the conflicting emotions of the main character Cassie and the rekindling of a relationship that turns out to be more than she ever expected. Although I thought I might be a little uncomfortable with the situation while reading, I found myself looking for reasons to justify Culter and Cassie's warring emotions and thinking - 'they aren't blood related, nor were they raised together so it's okay...right'?

The dynamic between all of the characters, though dysfunctional, flowed really well. There's a lot of high school drama & teen angst. The role of all the characters played a part. I didn't feel like we got to know anyone that didn't affect the outcome of the story. The only thing I felt was lacking was a better physical description of Cassie. 

Though the note in the description said mature readers, I'm going to say that it's due to the nature of the unconventional relationship, not so much explicit descriptions. There weren't any graphic scenes, so if you're looking for a raunchy, smutty story, you won't find it here. 

Definitely a guilty pleasure kind of read that I wasn't expecting to like so much! I would recommend it!
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Making Bad Choices follows the story of Cassie and Culter. Cassie moves to live with her dad, after her mom loses a very long and painful battle with cancer. There, she is reunited with her stepbrother Culter, who she hates. She is very surprised though, when Culter's behavior is nothing like the one she expected. Instead of being mean and bitter towards her, he treats her better than anyone and she starts having doubts about the nature of their relationship. When romantic feelings she tried very hard to suppress arise, she doesn't know how to handle them. Does she forget about Culter and what he makes her feel, or does she give in to the temptation of falling in love with her stepbrother and pursuing a relationship that will more than likely disrupt the peace of their family?

I have to admit that, going into this, I was a bit hesitant about whether I would find the topic it dealt with enjoyable. It has everything to do with forbidden love and the effects it will-undoubtedly- have for everyone involved. What really drew me though, is the fact that, it wasn't written in a depressing manner. Granted, the situation was complicated but in a way that drew you in and made you want to keep reading. 

The writing itself was very impressive and made the book so much easier to read. Everything was carefully and thoroughly explained which I loved because usually, that is my main problem with NA novels. I also appreciated the big role family itself played in this book. The interactions between the characters were very realistic and showed that, every family is dysfunctional in its own way. 

Cassie and Culter, as well as the rest of the characters were very likable and easy to connect to. They all had their struggles which made it even easier to connect with them and relate to everything they went through. Cassie went through so much and had to grow up a lot quicker than others because of her mother's condition. Nevertheless, she was a very positive person and wouldn't let anything or anyone, get her down. She is very mature for her age because of the circumstances, she sincerely cares for those close to her and will do anything in order to make them happy. At the beginning, she is very hesitant to pursue a relationship with her stepbrother, which is something to be expected since, the consequences might vary. It also isn't something that everyone - especially their parents - will accept.

Culter was also a very interesting character. His actions towards Cassie impressed me and I have to admit that, I swooned during some of their moments together. He was very patient, understanding and he didn't hesitate to show her - with words and actions - how much he loved her. His relationship with her father isn't the best but, I feel like he was also a very mature character for his age and knew how to go after what he wanted, without giving up. He wasn't fazed at all by other peoples' opinions and wanted to make his relationship with Cassie official, as soon as he could. 

Overall, Making Bad Choices was a very entertaining and enjoyable read! The relationships between the characters were very refreshing and uncomplicated. There is the unavoidable high school and teenage conflict setting but, there are also some very interesting and unpredictable plot twists that I personally did not see coming.

It was such a swoon worthy and slow burning romance that excited me more than I anticipated. Definitely recommend it, whether you're a fan of NA or not.
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This was a great read. The story was great. I really enjoyed the family dynamic. I also really liked the plot twists. There were some shocking revelations by the family. However, I think the reason why I like this book a lot is the romance between Cassie and Culter. Culter was really supportive of Cassie when her mom died. This book had some great supporting characters such as Tyler and Culter and Cassie's aunt. I can't wait to read more by this author. Overall, an intense family drama read.
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Took a subject that could be seen as taboo and turned it into a great book. I couldn't put it down.
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I received a copy of this story from Net Galley. Yay books!

Spoilers possible  ahead...

This was a good story and I really liked the way it was written. Totally wasn't expecting that bombshell at the end either. Not sure that I completely liked the way it ended, but guess it had to be done that way.
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Ms Stradling has done it again. Slow burning romance is where this lady truly shines! This book tickles at the edges of an almost taboo relationship, yet the entire story is tinged in innocence, compassion and true, wholesome love. Culter did feel a little overbearing at some moments, but this is somewhat explained by Tyler's story weaving its way in. Cassie....oh Cassie. Such sadness, depth and inner beauty shines through her. The characters are so complex and magnificent. The writing is so easy to read and when combined with such a perfectly flowing just fly through the book. I'm dying to get my hands on more of Rita's work!

A more in depth review will be coming later today on my blog!
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4.5 Stars

Sometimes you just need a bit of teen angst, and while there may not be anything different about this storyline, it was well written and paced perfectly. 

These two were sweet, and not puke inducing over the top cavity sweet, it was just the right amount and right type of realistic high school stepbrother fluff.
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This is the story of a girl, named Cassie, ravished with heart ache over her mothers loss to a long battle with cancer. Dealing with a new school, new home, and a new state. Also the re-entrance of her not so friendly step-brother Cultler. 
This book is Wonderful!! The writing is amazing and the characters are very realistic and relate-able. I was so glad to see that the Romance in this story is gradual not the typical insta-love that makes me dislike books like this. I would recommend this to any one looking for an emotional romance story.
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