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Goldie Vance Vol. 1

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Goldie Vance is a perfect mix of Scooby Doo with its mystery story with an art style reminiscent of Archie and Dennis the Menace!

This is such a fast and gripping read that kids would love as they are introduced to Detective Mysteries and a colourful 1960's Florida.

From the first page, Goldie is thrown into the action, letting the reader delve into the story with little background to the world, and watch it be built up as they progress.

The characters are well defined, and by the end of the novel we get a sense of who is who, what they want to be and more.

We have Goldie, our main character- bright and daring, and very much a chaotic good character who loves solving mysteries and wants to be a detective. 

There is also receptionist who wants to be an astronaut. A valet with a crush and a detective who has trouble with the ladies. We gain small fragments of these characters throughout volume one and I really hope that their characters are built upon in future volumes!

As someone who isn't a fan of detective stories, I'm glad I decided to give this one a go as I really enjoyed it!
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Wow, I cannot say how much I loved this book. Where has this lovely book been all my life? The art style is bright and fun and wonderfully done. The storyline was the right side of ridiculous and fun. Goldie Vance is a 16-year-old girl who kicks butt, solves mysteries, and likes to a car race. I love how she coyly falls for an actress named Diane. I love the energy and the spirit of Goldie and her friends. I can't wait to read volume 2.
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I will read anything by Boom Comics, and Goldie Vance doesn't disappoint. A fun and diverse cast of characters, a zippy read, and snark - yes please!
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This was such a fun, feel-good start to the series. The art style is sweet, expressive and slightly reminiscent of some of the cartoons I used to love growing up, which made me enjoy it even more. 16-year-old Goldie Vance works as a valet at a resort hotel, but her main passion is solving mysteries. I really liked Goldie as a character; she's smart and intuituve, and her energy and enthusiasm practically leaped off the page. I also loved that this story had queer representation, with Goldie devleoping a crush on Diane. The solving mysteries/racing cars subplots were great fun and I'll definitely be continuing with this series.
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I keep trying different graphic novels, but I don't think it's the media format for me.  This volume contains the first 4 issues of the series where Goldie Vance is trying to solve a mystery that occurs at the hotel where she works.  The art is fun, and the characters are diverse, but the story just seemed too short for me to really feel invested in the characters or the plot.
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Looking for a fun Graphic Novel for yourself or the tween set? You’re going to love Goldie Vance by Hope Larson with illustrations by Brittney Williams. Here’s why:

Great Characters~ Goldie Vance is the new Nancy Drew with a retro/ Scooby-Doo feel. Goldie is not your typical curious, biracial, queer, 16-year-old valet - working at the hotel her father manages. There’s so much more about her personality that comes across so smoothly and effortlessly in each page spread. I’m thinking I barely got to know her and can’t wait to learn more. We quickly like her engaging friends, co-workers, and family. 

Fun, Entertaining Plot~  The excitement and intrigue doesn’t stop from the first page to the end… which leaves us wanting to hop to the next adventure – aka the next book in the series. 

Creative Graphic Styling~ Fun illustration style, with lots of details that pull the reader into the story.
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This is such a fun comic. Spunky teen detective Goldie, the Florida hotel setting, the adventure, the side characters--it's all great. I've already read the next two volumes, and I hope another one will be written.
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Happy Tuesday!

I feel like time has been flying lately, I am off work for a little while (it's summer break but I still have some meetings and projects here and there) but I am excited to spend a little time focusing on some projects for the blog and around the house. Recently, I was just clicking around on Twitter (avoiding doing some sort of household chore) when I saw a screenshot of someone's middle-grade bookshelf. On that shelf was a picture of the book Goldie Vance (at the time it was coming soon), so of course I looked up the book and ended up ordering a copy. Flash forward a little bit and I am browsing around on Twitter again (anyone noticing a pattern?) and I come across someone talking about how there is a Goldie Vance graphic novel on Netgalley! I was so excited, I hopped right over to Netgalley and requested! At this point I was still waiting for my copy of the middle-grade novel to come so this was the perfect thing to hold me over!


Goldie and her father both work at the local resort in Florida. Currently, Goldie works parking cars but her real dream is to be the hotel detective! She has been taking on cases at the hotel as they come up and someday she hopes to make it her job. Goldie loves all mysteries big or small and loves the challenges that come with them. In her next case at the resort Goldie is trying to help a guest who is missing a precious item. However, this case turns out to be much more than missing property and takes Goldie on a wild adventure!

I adored this graphic novel and I can not wait to read the middle-grade novel. The graphic novel was so fun and I am hoping there will be many more volumes. I have been a life long fan of Nancy Drew and I feel like Goldie's stories are in the same vein as Nancy Drew's adventures. Additionally, I loved the art style, I felt that it was perfect for this story, and the colors really popped. I also, really adored the characters in this graphic novel, even the villains were interesting and dynamic characters that I loved spending time with.  I can not wait to see what Goldie's next adventure is!

Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars

**Thank you so much to the publisher for the E-ARC on Netgalley
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This has been on my tbr for quite a while. Its kind of like Nancy Drew but more diverse which I loved! 
I also really love the art style and the colors
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I had so much reading this. It has been a long time since I read a graphic novel and this volume was perfect to ease me into it. 

Goldie is a 16 year old, who lives at a Florida resort with her dad, who manages the place, and it's her dream to one day be the hotel's in-house detective. So we follow Goldie in a case with the current detective Walter.

List of things I loved: 
* the art style is colourful and I adored it
* Also, the comic looks sort of retro, like it was in the 50s
* Goldie’s character was fun to follow and we meet so many other amazing characters in this journey

I would have loved if they expanded the plot a little bit (especially at the end) but since it was only volume 1 of the series, I expect we have more adventures involving Goldie.

All in all, I really enjoyed this and I will definitely look forward to more.
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This was the cutest graphic novel! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait to see what happens in Vol 2 when I can grab a copy from my local library when they open up again.
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I really enjoyed this graphic novel and thought it was really exciting and fast paced. I loved the characters and thought it was fun read.
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This engaging graphic novel is a fun read for mystery lovers everywhere.  Set in a retro timeline, our heroine Goldie is a spunky, mystery solving teenager.  Goldie works with her father at a Florida resort. In her free time, she loves to help the resort security officer with solving mysteries.  In this story, Goldie is sucked into an international conspiracy when she takes on the task of finding a stolen necklace.

The characters and story reminded me a lot of the Nancy Drew books but with a fresh new take.  Goldie is a biracial fifteen year-old being coparented by her divorced parents.  There are very sublte LGBTQ themes without being in your face. 

The artwork is fresh, bright, and engaging.  The characters are adorable and relatable.  While the overall storyline was a little predictable and had some minor plot holes, the story was thoroughly engaging and interesting. Overall, this is a fun fresh title to read.  I would recommend it for middle grade readers and up.
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I loved how this was like Nancy Drew and Grease mixed together! It was a fun mystery. My only complaint was that race wasn't mentioned at all. If it took place in the past, it would have not been invisible, like it was in this story. In spite of that, I definitely am going to keep reading and not worry about it in any subsequent volumes.
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I have had an absolute blast reading 'Goldie Vance: The Hotel Whodunit' that mixes the wit of Nancy Drew with the charm of Lumberjanes.. Marigold "Goldie" Vance lives and works at the Crossed Palms Resort Hotel in Florida with a whole slew of characters. Goldie Vance has everything I always wanted on comics; colorful art (The art style reminds me of Lumberjanes, unsurprising considering they're both published by Boom! Box), an interesting plot, lovely friendship, sapphic cuteness and a funny, resourceful and confident protagonist. And it also helped me get out of my reading slump!
If you like mystery stories with smart girl detectives, subverted tropes, and beautiful candy colored artwork, then you are in for a real treat. I'm definitely going to continue the series.
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I wanted to read this book for soooo long... And it didn't disapoint me! It was such a fun, fast paced ride. I really enjoyed the characters and the fierceness of these girls!
The illustrations are right up my alley and I can't wait to read more of this author.
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3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

Though I haven't read many comics/graphic novels, I found this one to be very cute and entertaining! It definitely gives off Nancy Drew vibes and you can feel the 50's nostalgia in the art style! The story line was entertaining enough to keep me reading! I would not be opposed to checking out the second volume and I would definitely reccomend to anyone who enjoys reading graphic novels and is looking for a fun, fast read!
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5 out of 5 🌟Escapist Wonderland

Goldie Vance is living and working along with her father at Crossed Palms Resort in St. Pascal, Florida. On paper, she's responsible for valet parking but in the meantime, she works as a detective along with her coworkers solving the cases that arise in the hotel. In volume one they're facing the mystery case of Mr. Ludwig and his missing jewelry.

While this novel is designed for the younger audience, I found it a captivating easy-read that brightened up my mood almost instantly. The storyline is fast-paced and funny with multiple plot twists. And oh, the illustrations! The very first thing that came to my mind after opening 'Goldie Vance' for the first time was 'OMG! This is so cute!' (sic!). The cheerful illustrations created by Brittney Williams and colored by Sarah Stern have a bright and colorful style that reminds me of girlish cartoons.

Recently, a few people have asked me about a 'feel-good book' that would cheer them up during the quarantine time that we live in and 'Goldie Vance' is a perfect title for that! Immersing into that lovely graphic world made me forget all my cares, highly recommended!

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and feelings are my own.
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Cute, middle-grade graphic novel. I adore the art, which is bright, retro, and fun (though I wish I could better tell the ages of the characters -- I would not have known Goldie was 16 if the copy hadn't told me; she looks a lot younger, but she can definitely drive). Love the diversity and queer rep. The mystery plot is kind of whatever -- and gets downright silly at the end -- but the pleasure here is clearly in the setting and, presumably over the course of the series, really getting to settle in with these characters, all of whom are established well here. I feel a little old for it, but would be thrilled to recommend it to kids.
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Goldie Vance is a sweet graphic novel that gives me old school Nancy Drew vibes.

I love a fun graphic novel, especially one with lots of spunk like this one! Goldie lives in her Father's resort, and she's great at getting into shenanigans. She's really good at solving tiny cases, like missing jewelry within the hotel. When a bigger mystery comes about, she decides to help a detective solve it since her curiosity is just too high! 

Goldie is spunky and fun, everything you want in a character like this. She reminds me of Nancy Drew, Cam Jansen, and those other fun books from my childhood! Except this time, it's in graphic novel form! I can easily see middle graders, young adults, new adults and just adults loving this story. There's really no set age group - it's just a fun mystery!

The illustrations were spectacular and super colourful. They drew my attention in and kept it there, alongside the excellent story. Throw in that this book also has a diverse cast and is LGBT friendly, and I'm even more excited.

Overall, this story was super sweet and cute!

Four out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Boom! Studios for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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