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Ghosts dont lie by Katie o'sullivan. 
Jillian Rogers Greene worked hard to close the doors on the psychic abilities that defined her youth. For years she pretended to be normal, ignoring the ghosts who whisper to her. When a car crash sets her on a collision course with the past, ugly secrets about her family and marriage come to light. She's forced to reevaluate what she thought she knew...and exactly what the future holds.
Connor Sanderson might be the key to unlocking that future. The grey-eyed artist knows ghosts aren’t real, but his attraction to the beautiful psychic makes him question those beliefs. With her husband plotting to kill her, can Jillian make Connor see the truth before it’s too late?
Really moving read. I loved the story and the characters.  Had tears in my eyes.  Lovely moving read.  5*. Netgalley and backlit pr.
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Ghosts Don't Lie Kindle Edition
by Katie O'Sullivan 
I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review via NetGalley.
Forgettable chick-lit disguised as paranormal romance.  
Jillian was once a childhood psychic, a ghost whisperer, who thrust that all behind to gain a normal life.  Her life slowly, and I do mean slowly, changes over an eventful Christmas to New Year's week, starting with a beloved aunt's car accident.
Jillian is incredibly self-aware, and must have had years of therapy, as she is the most realized and least stereotypical character in this book.  She takes an enormous amount of personal blows, from a relative who apparently likes to murder other family members to marital problems to the return of her psychic gift and her first love, while rolling with the punches.
Meanwhile, all around her are stereotypes.  Her husband, a typical less than honest high-priced lawyer, famous enough to make it to Page Six.  Her mother, a new agey woman with less than new agey behavior and so on.
The plot plods on.  I read this in a single sitting simply because I have insomnia.  A couple of hundred pages felt like a Stephe King tome without the oomph.  Also, the dialogue is terrible.  Jillian always has the answers, always is calm.  
Quite frankly, the three stars I give it here are too much.  I realize that others like it but I am not a chick-lit fan and I like a little less Sex-in-The-City with my ghostly tales
Three shaky stars out of Five
This book is not Book Nerd Approved
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Loved this book. I do hope it's the start of a series. 

Jillian has been able to see and talk to ghosts since she was four. But growing up as "ghost girl" and getting picked on was not fun. So after middle school she decided she would put that side of herself away and be "normal". 

Now she's married with three children and is unhappy in her marriage, where she lives and with her life, with the exception of her wonderful kids. Her husband, Kyle, is an attorney and because of allegations made against him was fired and the family was put through so much bad press that they moved out of Jersey and up to a farmhouse in Vermont. He's gone from working all the time to sleeping all the time and wearing his pj's as his wardrobe. When Jillian gets an email from a friend that her Aunt Edith has been in a horrendous car/train accident and is in the hospital she needs to return to Jersey at least until her mom gets home from a surprise trip to Bermuda. 

Once at the hospital her life seems to take a drastic turn and she comes face to face with her fears and more. Her gift is back and she cannot shut it off. She runs into an ex and is shocked. And more. 

This book is so good. I couldn't stop once I started it. It's full of love and friendship, mystery and revelations. It's a fantastic read!!! 

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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It was ok wish the author would of given the ghosts more of a story.
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Super book! BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!
While not the norm for me. I must admit, I have been missing out on great reads not having taken the time to read this author before. I requested the book because of the description and the title. I was not disappointed! What a unique book. It was captivating, imaginative and just plain enthralling. I did not stop reading unless I absolutely had to lay the book down to take care of life items, like making husband dinner. This book made me decide to read more from this author. She is creative and imaginative and just plain gifted in the way she writes. Everyday life with paranormal gifts and humor and love and passion and plots. Suspense and reality and romance. What a very heady combination! So while not the norm for me, I will say this is an absolute GREAT READ! 
So buy and enjoy it! I will look forward to more and more and more! I was given this book in return for an honest review. Anna Swedenmom
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So i guess you would file this under, suspenseful Romance? I'm not really used to reading a book that doesn't have a specific plot, This story is just kind of a girl going through her daily life. I didn't say a normal girl going through her life. Jillian is slowly figuring out she took the wrong path in life, So her grandmother decides to step in and kick things up a notch! The ghost angle makes this book fun, having so many different guy characters after her keeps you interested(personally i liked Parker the most), mostly there is a lot of death in this book... who would have thought right!? I mean it does feature ghosts, usually you have to die to become one! Somehow this book keeps things upbeat, it's not terribly depressing. Honestly I'm not too sure what to say about it atm (as you can probably tell)
Overall I liked it but at the same time can't really give you any reasons why i liked it, it was just a decent story to pass the time with.
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When I read the description of this book, it intrigued me.  I have a friend who is an animal communicator and has had some experience with spirits as well, so I'm a huge believer.  I had to read this book.

I loved how Jillian's deceased family protected her.  Jillian is in a bad marriage and gets just the push she needs to get out when she goes home and her gifts come back to her.  Along with her gifts, her best friend from the past also comes back into her life.  She is given the strength and the tools to save herself and her family.  I liked that Jillian was a strong character and even though, she chose to stand by her husband in the past, she was open to hearing the other side of the story and then doing something about it for her and her kids.

I loved the paranormal in this.  To me, it is totally believable and adds a little bit more the story.  I would have loved to see more of the relationship develop between Jillian and Connor, but maybe they will get another story.  This was a good read.
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Title: Ghosts Don't Lie
Author: Katie O'Sullivan
Genre: Romance, SciFi, Fantasy
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc.
Publication Date: 11 Nov 2015

Ghosts Don't Lie is a story where the elements of romance, paranormal, mystery and suspense blend beautifully together. It's a story about second chances, forgiveness, and justice. Fast-paced it is not, nor is it dragging-- just the right pace for a pleasant, enjoyable read. I love that the author balanced the narrative and dialogues well, using words that are not too complicated or heavy, yet providing a clear description of her characters and setting. The story is not scary, it's touching. Although some scenes were predictable, the manner of writing will make you turn the page to find out how each scene develops. The romance in this book is subtle and realistic, which is logical, considering the situation the heroine is in. Her character development and her coming into terms with her own self makes her very relatable. This book is all about having the courage to change for the better and wholeheartedly accept who you are.
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A nice little read held my interest and i did not want to put it down cant wait to try more from this author
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I devoured this book, the first I’ve read from O’Sullivan. I was intrigues at the idea of this woman hearing ghosts and how it affected her life and the book did not disappoint. The author has a charming writing style which brings the characters to life and makes you want to invest your time in their lives. There are plenty of twists to keep you glued and although it’s about ‘ghosts’ this is not a horror book that will keep you up afraid of the dark but may keep you up because you won’t want to put it down. I’ve read a lot of books lately that sorely lacked decent dialogue and character development but thankfully this is not one of them. Your attention will be captivated by their conversations to the point you feel like you’re invested in these people, you’ll love the good guys and want to wring the neck of anyone else! I definitely love a good book that builds women up and shows us that we have the ability to go on and be stronger from the trials we face. You will experience the emotional stream of everything possible through this book and when it’s over you’ll just be wishing it hadn’t ended.
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