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Pepper moved to Everland for a job position that was actually given to somebody else before she even got to the town. Pepper is in a new town without a job, but luck seems to be on her side, when she bumps into a local vet Rhett, who offers her a job. Being a dog walker is not something Pepper would have wanted, especially because she is afraid of dogs, but there's not much of a choice. There's chemistry between Rhett and pepper since they met, but because of Rhett's past, he wants to keep things rather private. Pepper didn't plan on staying in Everland, but after meeting Rhett can she actually leave him and the town?
It was the first book by the author and enjoyed this small town romance. I liked how things progressed between Rhett and pepper and the cute dogs. It offered several lough out loud moments, but it wasn't very believable how easily Pepper got over her fear of dogs. Overall it was a sweet story and I definitely want to read the next book in the series.
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It Happened On Love Street was one of those books that slowly drew me in - however, as I got to know the characters better and the sweet little town of Everland, Georgia, I became one smitten momma. I found myself sneaking away to get more time with Rhett and Pepper.  I loved them.

Here's the deal.  Pepper took every last dime she had and moved to Georgia for an internship. It was one of the last steps in her plan to re-route her life from the sleepy little town in Maine where she was born.  But once she arrives, nothing is as she planned. Her career goals are sidelined and she meets Rhett.  A man who not only charms the pants off her but pushes her boundaries beyond her fears.  He is a man who makes her want more.

This duo left me giddy.  They share an amazing courtship and I absolutely loved experiencing these two falling in love.

The best part was that Rhett was kind of the girl in the relationship. Starting things up with Pepper was the last thing he wanted. Suddenly though, he is in the middle of the town gossip and in Piper's arms - a place he realizes that he desperately want to be.  Love knocks him on his ass.

It's not all sunshine and roses - they have a few hurdles to overcome but it's entertaining and realistic.  Overall, I thought It Happened on Love Street was a sexy and charming romance.  It's one of those books that hooks you and you never want to reach the last page.  So my recommendation is that you pick up a copy as soon as possible.  I promise you'll enjoy your time in Everland.
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I loved this I was hooked from the very first page and I couldn't put my kindle down while reading this because I was engrossed in the story. This is the first book that I have read by Lia Riley and I will be reading more of their work in the future because I loved thr writing style.  I also loved Pepper and Rhett as individuals and as a couple
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For how panicked Pepper was at the beginning of the book by the mere presence of a dog, she certainly recovered quickly. Pepper and Rhett were fun to see grow together, through many obstacles. and lots of slightly loony side characters added humor to an endearing romance.
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If you need an escape, this lighthearted and heartwarming romance is just the thing. This is the first book by Lia Riley that I've read and I'm so a happy I've now found this author. It Happened On Love Street focuses on two people who have suffered their own disappointments and find a kindred spirit in each other.

When Pepper moves from Manhattan to a small town in Georgia, anything that could go wrong does. She immediately finds herself out of work and facing down her biggest fear, dogs. Yes, dogs. She also finds herself in some serious one on one time with a handsome local veterinarian, Rhett. Both Pepper and Rhett are emotionally closed off but can't deny the spark between them. 

Pepper is an endearing character and she has a great sense of adventure, but she's missing the sense of belonging somewhere. While Rhett has lived in Everland all his life, he's un-moored and his sense of belonging is dulled by the lack of emotional connection. The biggest challenge the face is the expiration date that hangs over their entanglement and a great part of the story is watching their connection strengthen into something worth holding onto.

There's a bit drama, but the story is low in angst. Because it's set in a small town, there's a plethora of characters with big personalities, Rhett's sister and his best friend. Peppers world is shaken up by some family drama that showcases how driven she is to rescue her sister and father, a responsibilities she tales on herself. This was a well paced and it was very easy to get into the characters and want to see how Pepper and Rhett would work through the obstacles of big city girl and small town boy. IHoLS is a fun and sweet contemporary romance and 4 star read.
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Pepper moves from New York to Love Street in Everland, Georgia, for the start of a promising legal career. When she arrives she discovers that she relocated for a promise that doesn't come true. She has no income and won't be able to do something else with her legal career in Everland, because it's such a small town. Fortunately Pepper's new neighbor, Rhett, helps her out and finds her a job. Rhett is the local vet and one of the town's most eligible bachelors. Nothing in his life is private and he hates being in the spotlight. With Pepper so close to him he can't shake off the curious inhabitants of Everland any longer. Will he keep his distance because of this or does he take a chance to get to know his new neighbor after all?
Pepper's only option to make some money is temporarily taking over someone's dog walking business. This is the most awful job she can think of, as Pepper is afraid of dogs. Not being able to pay her bills, however, scares her even more. She needs a new life plan and Everland is a nice place to enjoy herself a bit and think about her future. Maybe she will get over her phobia by spending more time with the animals she doesn't like and Rhett can assist her when she needs it. Pepper doesn't count on Rhett being so attractive though, will she be able to resist falling in love with the handsome vet?
It Happened on Love Street is a wonderful story. I immediately loved Everland. The street names are magical, the inhabitants are eccentric and cute and the community spirit is amazing. Reading about this enchanting place put a big smile on my face. Pepper tries to be responsible. She doesn't follow her heart and all of her decisions are rational, which doesn't work at all in Everland. Living next door to Rhett, becoming part of the small town and falling in love with the dogs she used to be so afraid of, slowly changes her and that was fabulous to witness.
Pepper has a good heart and she's perfect for Rhett, who's just as kind, or maybe even kinder. After someone broke his heart he tries to stay out of the public eye, but by doing so he actually achieves the exact opposite. It only makes people more curious and they want him to be happy with someone, so everyone is trying to make him have a love life, which is something I found really funny. Pepper and Rhett have sparkling chemistry and it was fun to read about their relationship. It's clear from the start that they have found true love, but the circumstances are less than ideal. I read It Happened on Love Street in one sitting because I couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them.
Lia Riley writes original romantic stories. I love the way she approaches the genre. She has a delightful outlook on life and her main characters always have fabulous quirks. She made me laugh out loud several times while reading It Happened on Love Street. It's a terrific romantic story with a great charming atmosphere. There are plenty of sexy scenes and in between there are a lot of surprising twists and turns. I especially loved Everland's treasure hunt and the Scrabble matches in the park. It Happened on Love Street is a very special book, it's a great happy story with a gorgeous endearing ending.
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I enjoyed this small town romance overall.  I have been wanting to read Lia Riley for a while and once I read the description for this book, I knew that I wanted to give this one a try.  It was a light-hearted, fun story that went pretty quickly for me.  This is the first book in a new series and I just loved the little town of Everland, Georgia. 

Pepper has just relocated to Everland for a new job.  She shows up for her first day of work and realizes that there is a major problem and she doesn't have the job after all.  So now she is in a new town with few funds and no job.  When she is offered a job as a dog walker by the town vet who happens to be her next door neighbor, she needs to overcome her fear of dogs quickly and take the position. 

Rhett is the local veterinarian.  After a previous romantic mishap, he does his best to stay out of local gossip.  He helps out the new next door neighbor and is instantly attracted but wants to keep things private.  He is very much a part of the local community with his best friend serving as the mayor.  Everyone in the town seems to be waiting for cupid to catch Rhett.

I liked Pepper and Rhett.  Pepper was pretty tough and was able to make the most of the situation she is in.  She does take on more responsibility than she probably should and tries to always make practical decisions.  Rhett was such an all around good guy.  It would be hard not to like him.  Together they had a lot of chemistry and the more they were together the more I liked them as a couple.  They really did seem to get closer as the book progressed and by the end of the story, I could really feel their connection.

The book did have a couple of issues.  Pepper has a huge fear of dogs at the start of the story.  It seemed to take her all of 30 seconds to get over that fear and become a pro dog-walker hanging out at the local dog park.  She even adopts a puppy pretty quickly after shedding her fear of dogs.  To go from can't stand to be near a dog to must adopt this dog in the span of a few pages seemed crazy.  I am sorry it just doesn't work like that. 

I also was pulled out of the story several times by some weird phrasing.  It seemed like maybe the author was trying to be funny but it felt forced.  There were several times that I had to stop and go back over a passage to make sure it really said what I thought it did.  I didn't notice this happening as much towards the end of the book but it seemed to happen a lot at the beginning of the story.

 I would recommend this book to others.  Despite a couple of issues, it was a really fun romantic read.  I look forward to future installments in this series.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley.
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It Happened on Love Street tickles the funny bone, while warming the heart and tempting the senses. Ms. Riley moves to the head of the class with this study in hard life lessons. Pepper's dreams lead her to make a change in her life and setup shop in Everland, Georgia. When her plans fall by the wayside and leave her pride crushed, desperation sets her on a new path. As a frustrated dog walker. Rhett, is the answer to her prayers with his understanding of the canine psyche and his tempting magnetism, that makes her inner bad girl want to break free. Can past hurts and foolish pride, have landed them in the right place, at the right time, for something wonderful?
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This book kicks of the new Everland Georgia series by Ms. Riley and kick it off she does!

Ms. Riley has a thoughtful style to her writing that I really love. It's not always an easy thing for an author to do, but Ms. Riley has some serious skills here (if you've read her, I hope you see my point).

There are several plot lines here but work perfectly together; plus there are PUPPIES! I am such a sucker for that!

It Happened on Love Street is touching and humorous, sometimes even a bit over the top- but I still LOVED it. 

Both Pepper and Rhett (our heroine and hero respectively) are perfectly suited. In fact they are alike in some key ways...but you'll have read to the book to see if you agree or disagree with me!

I will admit though, there were a few times I was yelling at them, but that is half the fun sometimes when I read a book. 

Overall I really enjoyed this book- the town and characters (main and otherwise) are well developed and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
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Pepper Knight is fresh out of law school and ready to conquer the legal world, starting in Everland, GA. After moving moving away from New York and her sister, she learns the good-old boys club has been in action, and the job she'd been offered was no longer hers. In one of her weakest moments, leaving her rescinded job, she run's into the town veterinarian, Rhett Valentine.

When Rhett finds Pepper a job as a dog walker, the two find themselves spending more time together, and having a hard time staying apart. But Rhett has no interest in having a relationship unfold in front of the small town population he grew up in. And Pepper only plans to stay in Everland until her lease is up, then head back to the big city.

Rhett and Pepper had great chemistry, and I found myself rooting for them almost from the first moment they met. Some of their conversations had me laughing out loud, and the supporting cast of characters painted the picture of small town life in vivid colors. Everland is the kind of town where everyone knows each and every person, and no one can keep a secret longer than a minute and a half, but they'll all pull together when they need to. If you like romance, humor and compassionate characters, this is the book for you.
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It Happened on Love Street by Lia Riley is sweet, charming, and the perfect romance to read when you need a little boost of happiness. The story is well-written, the characters were lovable, and I was completely engaged throughout the whole book. What more could I ask for? 

Rhett and Pepper were delicious together and I just want to rave about how much I adore the character’s names; great choices. If you’re a fan of small town romances, you need this book! Highly recommended.
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For the first book in a new series, I thought this was a nice introduction to the people of Everland. There are your town gossips, flirts, family, friends, and of course, I can't forget Hog (the town's meanie). So there is plenty of people to kept this story interesting. Yet, with all of these characters, I was left with only one foot in the story. There was never a strong connection towards Pepper or Rhett. If I were to have met them in Everland, I would have called them casual acquaintances. There was a time of two were I actually did laugh but they were far and few between. I wanted more laughs. At times because I was not fully engaged with the characters or the story, it felt like a lot of stop and go reading this book. Back to Pepper and Rhett. There were sparks, they were just on the sweeter side. Actually, I wished that Rhett could have been more like the famous Rhett from Gone with the Wind. This book was a good read. I would read another from this author.
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I’ve been a huge fan of Lia Riley’s since her debut novel, Upside Down. I love that with each of her new series, you never quite know what to expect. Wherever her books are set and how ever different the characters and plots are, a few things always remain: humour, great characters, swoons, and super hot sexytimes. Those are four things I know I can count on when I pick up a book by Lia Riley, and that remained true with It Happened on Love Street.

Pepper had no intention of staying in Everland. Besides the fact she’s a big city girl and doesn’t think she’s cut out for life in a tiny place like Everland, she also needs to work, and not just at any job - she needs to make enough money so she’ll be able to support her dad and sister someday. She’s always been the steady and dependable one, thinking her family is her responsibility, and making her life choices based around that fact.

Pepper was a hoot. She was such a fun, feisty character, and I found her easy to relate to. My situation isn’t the same as hers, but I’ve felt the weight of responsibility toward family, so I understood her motivations. Rhett had his heart broken in a very public way many years ago and ever since then, he’s tried to live under the radar - something that’s hard to do in a town as small as Everland, especially with nosy neighbours and plenty of town gossips. Pepper and Rhett are a bit misguided because of things they’ve gone through and how they think things should be handled. When they meet each other, their cautious natures are put to the test. I enjoyed the progression of their relationship.

This book was so much fun. It had me laughing from pretty much the first page. Besides Pepper’s hilarious inner dialogue and some of the mishaps she experiences, the quirky secondary characters were highly entertaining.

If you’re looking for a sweet, sexy, laugh-out-loud funny small-town romance with a fun premise and an equally fun cast of characters, be sure to pick up It Happened on Love Street.
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Pepper want nothing more in her life then to belong, belong somewhere to belong to someone. When she leaves New York for a job in a small town in Georgia, she has her eyes and heart set on New York. Can she make it the one year and go back or will she be stuck in Georgia doing thing she didn't expect and taking care of her family? Rhett is sick of being the center of the towns gossip but when he comes head long in contact with his neighbor he comes up with a plan to keep it under wraps and a secret. But he also has the grand plan and he needs to face the last two people he ever wanted to to make it happen. Will he be able to keep things unwrap and keep his life going as he planned or will he loose those closest to him?
I a not sure I was a huge fan of this book. The first part of the book seemed to be filled with sexual innuendos but not much storyline. Then then last portion seems to have a super fun story line that was fun to follow. I loved Tuesday and her spunky personality I also loved all the crazy personalities of all the towns people and the animals. It truly seemed to add the fun in the story. This book does have strong language throughout and adult scenes, may not be ok for all reads.
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It Happened on Love Street is first book in the adult series, called the Everland, Georgia series. I  really loved Lia Riley’s new adult romance, With Every Breath, so I was super excited to pick up this new series by her. It Happened on Love Street is an adult contemporary romance set in a small town. I could very easily see this appealing to both fans of new adult and adult. The main character, Pepper is a recent law school grad who relocates for a clerkship. So I think she bridges the gap between new adult and adult. (But maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. Maybe she is firmly in the adult camp, and I am just wishing myself her to be younger. )

It Happened on Love Street has all the charm of a small town romance…all the busy bodies and quirks that I love. And it has really excellent characters. I love when the author takes some time developing a robust cast of secondary character when the book is in a small town. I think it all adds to the atmosphere. I loved the whole gang…from the nosy sister, to the everyone at the dog park, to all the biddies who love the mystery and aloofness of Rhett. Lia Riley did such a great job making Everland Georgia feel real. I can’t wait to go back and read about more of its’ inhabitants. (especially since I have a strong idea who the next book is going to feature 😉 )

I really like Pepper and Rhett. I loved seeing Rhett fumble all over himself with Pepper. I liked Pepper too, but her stubbornness was annoying at times. I liked Rhett the most. Even though he starts out as a loner, it is so easy to see how caring he is and how emotional he actually is. Pepper refuses to listen to herself, which is frustrating for everyone around her. But nonetheless, Pepper and Rhett are great together. I loved watching them sneak around and I loved watching what crazy situations they got themselves into. I also have to give a shoutout to Rhett’s awesome dogs! Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Steinbeck. ha! I loved them!

I cannot wait to see what is going to come next in the Everland Georgia series. I really hope the next book also focuses on Beau. And I really want to see more Rhett in the next book. I just love him! Actually, I really loved everything about It Happened on Love Street. I fell in love with the characters, with the setting and with the story. Everything about this book worked for me. Lia Riley is a consistently excellent author. I have really enjoyed every single one of the books I have read of hers, and the Everland Georgia series is no exception. It Happened on Love Street is a cute read that you do not want to miss. Happy Release day to this excellent small town romance.
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It Happened on Love Street kicks off Lia Riley's new Everland, Georgia series and what a fine beginning it is. I love small town books and Everland, Georgia is not your average small town which made this book even better. 

When Pepper moved to Everland, it was with a plan - a plan for her future career, a plan to have this pit stop and then move on back to the big City.  But upon arriving for her first day - Pepper discovers that all her plans have turned upside down.  Not wanting to return home and admit defeat, she's willing to do just about anything to avoid her father's 'I told you so' type lecture. 

I loved Pepper - she was feisty and fun, but she also had her vulnerabilities.  She took a lot on her shoulders that she didn't have to and to say it affected her outlook would be honest.  She wasn't your typical heroine and I liked that about her. She was easy to like. 

Rhett's got family issues; namely a sister who is too involved in his life and a father who hardly wants a thing to do with him.  Though he's not looking for love he has an idea of the kind of woman he'd want a relatinship with and even though she's nothing like that vision, there's something about Pepper that calls to him and draws him in. 

Rhett was also easy to fall in love with. I liked that while he stood firm in his decisions, he did admit that his success had a lot to do with his father and he did want to work things out between them.  He was an endearing hero with his love for his dogs and his desire to not have everyone all up in his business. 

The chemistry between Rhett and Pepper was amazing even from the start. Their interactions were rife with humor, comraderie, and a growing romance.  The small town setting, sucked me in, and was exactly what I would expect out of small town life.  Nosey neighbors, townspeople antics, crazy family dyanamics, and a closeness no one in town can avoid since everyone always knows what is going on with everyone.  

I loved this books introduction to the town of Everland, it's inhabitants, and the quirky love story of Pepper and Rhett and look forward to seeing more in future books of the series.
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Favorite Quotes:

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness must have been poor, honey. Never ever forget that.

Hand to chest, this computer upgrade is making me crazier than a one-legged cat in a sandbox.


Sorry, I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. There isn’t a cure.

And it was impossible to take the swaggering deputy sheriff seriously knowing that he had once been kicked offstage for playing “Jingle Bells” with his armpit during the high school talent night.

“Get out of the way, cougar! He’s five years younger than you.” “Who you calling cougar, you horny old saber-tooth!”

My Review:

I was frequently smirking and thoroughly entertaining by this crisp and cleverly written book.  The characters were likable, witty, smart, and endearingly flawed.  This was my first experience reading Lia Riley’s word craft, although I hope to make this extremely pleasurable experience a regular occurrence, as I adore her sense of humor and comical descriptions; reading this book was good fun.  I would happily read a book like this every single day.  The writing was well paced, engaging, and delicious.  The quirkiness, pettiness, and pitfalls of small town living were observantly illuminated and captured in a colorful and highly amusing manner.
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This is the second series I've read of hers. I started reading her when I discovered her Brightwater series which I truly loved. 

If you haven't yet read it, you really should try it. 

But we are here to talk about her new series Everland Georgia. I've got to share this with you, I so badly want to visit this town. I just love the street names. Crazy good! 

It Happened on Love Street is the first in the Everland Georgia series and it starts that series off with a bang. Or, maybe it should be a arrow instead? You know, to go with the theme of the town and the characters name. Ha! 

Okay, enough silliness! 

Like I mentioned this is the first book in the series and I will tell you the series starts off so good! Poor Pepper! She thinks she can control everyone that she loves if she only make herself needed by those around her. If they counted on her, they wouldn't leave her. 

Can you say, mommy issues? Yep, you said it! Because of what her mother did to her she has huge issues with truly trusting people, or really loving them enough to count of them. How sad, right? 

The funny thing is that Rhett has some of the same issues, just differently. These two are made for each other. They just need to figure it out. 

You are going to love Rhett! He's such a nice caring guy who takes care of animals for a living, what's not to love? 

It's not always easy being Pepper or Rhett but I like how the author handed them. Their story is very well done. I liked it and only got mad at the characters a couple of times. What can I say, it's like a parent with a child, you can see the mistakes they are making even when they can't. 

After reading It Happened on Love Street and meeting some of the towns people I can't wait for the next story, The Corner of Forever and Always. Love, love, love, these titles!
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It Happened on Love Street by Lia Riley.......5 Entertaining Stars!! I loved this book it was so cute, fun, entertaining with fantastic characters. This is going to be a great series and I can't wait for the next book. I loved Pepper and Rhett so much and it was fun to see their story play out. Lia Riley is an amazing storyteller and always sucks the readers in and this book is no different. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
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