The Streets

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This book had potential, but I could not get into it. Definitely not for younger readers. Some people may enjoy this book, it just wasn't for me.
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An unsettling and utterly shocking conclusion which will not soon be forgotten.
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With his latest release, THE STREETS, Robert Dunbar takes us into the darkness growing within our society. Dunbar writes like no other. He makes you have to lock in to the story and keeps the pages turning.
THE STREETS is the third book in the series (THE PINES and THE SHORE being the others). 
This one works great as a standalone piece. Fantastically scripted characters who feel real the instant you read them, the settings are dark and gritty, and Dunbar will make you think. Not a lot of horror authors are willing to dig their claws in this deep, but Dunbar does it with ease.
I definitely recommend THE STREETS and anything else the author puts out. 
5 stars!
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THE STREETS,  by Robert Dunbar is the last book in his PINES trilogy, but each book technically stands on its own.  While this book, itself, was complete, I'd recommend reading the first two books in the series in order to get a better understanding of the characters/situations.  

Once again, Dunbar weaves a complex, intricate web of plots and characters that all come together in the end.  His writing style is not your "quick read", but rather more of a masterful prose.  The subject matter--taboo to some--really showcases his gift with the written word.  This world of his--depressive, but all too "possible" mentally--gets into your head almost immediately.  Personally, I didn't find any sympathetic or "likable" characters here, but I believe that was the point of this novel.

Dunbar is a writer that I will be looking forward to reading more from in the future!  Entire series is recommended.
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First of all, I highly recommend reading the 2 previous books in this trilogy, as I do not believe it to really be a stand-alone story. The continuity is important, as are the characters and how their life is devastated. The writing style is also a joy to read, intense and gritty. In a sea of dystopian fiction, this trilogy stands out. A group of young people on a journey of survival find their trust and beliefs of their old world to no longer matter.
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Typically fantastic work from Robert Dunbar. Full review on Unnerving Magazine's website:
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I'm going to have to go back and read the first two books in this series. The author does a great job of creating an atmosphere of suspense and terror. Highly recommended.
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The Streets is a fascinating novel which is richly written by the talented Robert Dunbar.  With prose capturing the beauty and horror weaves within the narrative to spin a yarn that is very unforgettable.

This is the third part of a trilogy and I have to admit that I have not read the previous two but this did not hammer my enjoyment of this.  The characters are rich and are fighting in a world that is not too dissimilar to our own.  Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, the displaced youth within the framework of the story speak to the audience and addresses the ills of modern society. Placing the emphasis of demoralised youth within the framework has given the story an allegory into the disenfranchise kids we see today.  

The adults are shown to be opportunistic and are more than willing to sell innocence for a profit.  They are not to be trusted and within this structure, Dunbar was able to really accomplish a multi-dimensional evil that is often lacking in other books of this ilk.  He has enabled the villains of the piece to breath and although they are not apologetic in their evilness in the world, underneath they too are trying to survive but at a price to others.

The main narrative is rich and wonderfully displayed with the reader fully immersing themselves with The Pines and decayed urban landscape.  Dunbar has a poetic beauty within his narrative that he knows how to use but not distract from the main plot or action within the piece.  He avoids flowering a passage but enhances it with intelligent and mosaic phrasing to accomplish almost a work of art within his chronicled storytelling.

There is a cross genre pollination to the proceedings which is refreshing and vibrant.  This Dark Fiction novel addresses the ills within society and enables the reader to reflect on the modern world for which we all currently reside in.  Real characters inhabiting the page and holding a mirror up to us as we follow them on their horrendous journey of survival.  This novel has the ingredients to become a critical and market success and should find a readership that will cherish this over and over again.

The Streets is a must read for people who love the written word and also for readers who enjoy a great plot.  It has every component to make its mark on the world.  This is a definite piece of artistic intricate with the beautiful sits along the horror.  This an author at the top of their game and anyone who loves to read, should never give a chance up to read ‘The Streets’.
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Firstly - the formatting of the ebook is pretty terrible. Half of sentences are missing, some are cut in half by paragraphs, words are missing and strange gaps appear where they shouldn't be. Hopefully these issues will be rectified soon. 

If you are looking for a cheery, easy bed time read then this is definitely not it! The tone of the book is rather dystopian and gritty. It's certainly not suitable for younger readers!
I wasn't aware that this is the last installment of a trilogy. Although prior knowledge of the other books probably adds more layers to the story and characters it can be read as a stand alone. The first two books do not seem to be available yet on the Kindle. 

It took me a few chapters to 'get' the style of writing. It starts off with a huge bang and then slows down considerably. The way the author writes creates a pretty tense, claustrophobic atmosphere that doesn't let up at all throughout. 

One character is both the centre of the story and absent for the majority of the time. There are various sub plots that all lead to the same ending. The author deals with these well and it's rarely confusing, especially when you get to know the characters a bit so you automatically know which plot line they are in. Unfortunately the formatting issues I brought up at the beginning of the review can cause confusion. That is not the authors fault, though, so my rating is not affected by those issues. 

It is rather disturbing at times and deals with an awful lot of taboo and hard hitting subjects. Some people will probably find it too much but I felt that, although sometimes they are hammered home a little too often, the author deals with them on the right way. 

Some of the characters are pretty much impossible to identify with but I feel that is kind of the point! I can't really say that any of the characters are completely sympathetic because they all have a darkness around them - sometimes due to their overt actions and others just because of their complicity in certain situations and events. Again, though, this seemed to be the authors intention. 

Can I say that I enjoyed this novel? I'm not sure. It is very bleak, extremely uncomfortable at times and I found myself thinking about certain events that happened whilst doing everyday things. So enjoyment isn't the right word but it is very well written, intense and I am planning to try to get copies of the two earlier books. That in itself shows just how much the story got into my head and is proof of the authors talent.
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Excellent book with great characters. Very well written.   I would recommend this book.
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The Streets by Robert Dunbar was received direct from the publisher. Dunbar wraps up The Pines Trilogy with this book that starts in a way no one could imagine.  I have a not so spectacular past with this authors books but I am not a quitter so I finished the trilogy. This book, as previously mentioned, started out strong but toward the middle I started skimming as the dialogue went on and on and while I waited for it to pick up. it eventually did pick up somewhat, however it took a long time.  I am fully aware some people like this "character development," but not me, action not words as Def Leppard sang about. Again, maybe it is just me.

3 stars
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