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A great read with worthy adversaries on each side.  If you can get over the "female legend" stuff but then it is fiction right?  Anyway, I don't know if the series can be this good but it is a great start.  2014 recent and bad guys galore!  Enjoy
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We all know about the despicable deeds of the extremist groups from recent events around Europe. It is now the turn of the U.S. to succumb to their terror. As chaos and death hits Washington, Stanley and Anna Carmichael, both employed by the CIA but in totally different roles, try to track down and eliminate the threat of yet more terror. Anna a legend in the service is quietly happy to be back in the field again however she never expected the hunt for their target to be as dangerous. Expertly written the author has produced a very exciting full action thriller which fully conveys the fear generated by the actions and lack of morality of the terrorists. He has also used the thriller staple of revenge to drive the main story line. Excellent story if not possibly a little close to reality.
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"The Ulterior Motive", appears to be the 1st story by Jack Coleston. Everlasting Media published it 01/15/2017. It struck me as too much like what's been happening with ISIS the last several years. I Hate the holocaust they've been perpetrating in the Middle East, especially to the Christians there. I didn't find the story entertaining, & stopped reading. I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley, & voluntarily chose to review it.
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Loved this book. The author is great at building suspense. The characters are great and the story pulls you in.
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The first book in a series of five comes out hitting the ground running!
The Carmichaels work for the CIA. Stanley just got promoted to Deputy Director, while his wife Anna is a legend in behind the lines ops.
On the other side of the world a crazy terrorist group led by a man bent on revenge  for what happened to his family. Just who is this man?
A very well written story that reads like the headlines you read in any newspaper. Well researched and very engaging. I highly recommend this to anyone who are looking for a thriller that is a real page turner.
I wish to thank the publisher for sending me this book and Jack Coleston for writing this book.  I am looking forward to the next in the series.
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I received an advance reader's copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review and I can honestly say it was an excellent novel. It was edge of your seat action full and I loved it! Especially with the twist!
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Stanley is a great character, put an honest man in a bad situation and see how he does
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thank you.                                                                                                                                                                 
enjoyed it,                                                                                                                                      
will get copies for family and friends.
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The Ulterior Motive follows Stanley Carmichael - newly appointed Deputy Director of the CIA -and his wife Anna - a fierce and well known agent in Counter-Terrorism - as they try to stay one step ahead of the newfound terror group known as IMJIW, and their mysterious leader the Caliph. The groups reign of terror is spreading rapidly throughout Iraq and Syria, and the instability in the region is resulting in a threat to America's National Security. But is that the only threat being posed, or unbeknown, is America becoming the main target of the Caliphs vendetta?

This book was a really enjoyable read. It seemed like the author had done a lot of research before writing it, and so most of the interactions between the different levels of the government seemed authentic and were believable. The descriptions of the places were detailed which made for good world building, while also maintaining a fast pace throughout.

However, what did stop the book from being a four or five star read was the number of different character point of views the story was told from. Every few pages or so the perspective changed to a different character, with their own story and problems. Yet because there was so many characters introduced and so much information being put across about each one, I didn't feel much of a connection to any of them. At times I didn't feel like Stanley and Anna were the main focus, or even the Caliph, they were just a part of a large cast of characters who often merged together. I found myself thinking 'Oh so who's this again' and having to look back in the book to previous chapters to confirm I had the right person in mind.

Despite this though, I would definitely recommend reading the book if you're a fan of political thrillers! There were times where I just couldn't put it down because I just wanted to know what happened next... and the ending was enough of a cliffhanger to keep me interested while still giving closure.

A high 3 star rating.
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