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Some people may say I have too many books on Mariology on my shelves (physical and digital). I have to disagree. This book is a wonderful addition to my Catholic book collection and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a little bit of what Pope Francis says on the Mother of God.
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For all of the Hot Romance Novels that I read, a review for meditations on Mary, Mother of God, perhaps might seem a tad incongruous for me. But I'm a Catholic girl, and I admire our pope tremendously.

I also admire Mary. When I was fourteen, if an angel had appeared and told me I would birth the Messiah, I'm not sure I would have responded as she did. Undoubtedly I would have peppered poor Gabriel with so many questions that he would throw his hands up in dismay and declare me a poor choice.

Mary, though. Mary said, "Be it done unto me according to thy will." Mary said yes. And in this tome, Pope Francis pays her reverence and homage.

This is not a series of prayers but rather guides for meditation about Our Lady. One of the things Pope Francis mentions that struck me is that Mary's last recorded words in the Bible are, "Do what he tells you to do." She says this during the wedding in which Jesus turns water into wine, and then we don't hear from her again. Yet those words are immensely profound and get to the heart of who Mary is: she is the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God.

As the Lenten season winds down, this is a good time to reconnect with Mary. She wants you to come to her son, and she offers guidance, protection, and love. So does Pope Francis, when you think about it.

**** Scheduled for publication on the blog on March 31
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Alicia von Stamwitz has collected Pope Francis’s reflections on on the Blessed Mother in Mother Mary (Franciscan Media, to be released 3/31/2017), in a format ideal for daily prayer prompts and inspiration. Excerpts from the Pope’s homilies, public addresses, and daily Angelus proclamations are divided into six Marian-themed chapters. Even some of the Pope’s tweets are included (surely you’re following @Pontifex).

The collection could be particularly useful in special liturgical seasons, as an aid to periodic prayer throughout the day. This could appear to be a collection for busy people; each quotation takes only a few moments to read. That’s deceptive, though, because under von Stamwitz’s curation, the Pope’s brief reflections draw the reader away from busy-ness. His words inspire contemplation of Mary and her perfect faith in God, inviting the reader to join Our Lady in confident prayer and praise.
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Inspiring quotes from Pope Francis's homilies, specifically relating to Mary.
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