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I literally couldn’t put this book down once I started reading, Amazing steamy read which I absolutely loved!
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4 stars!
This is the 3rd book in the Donovan Dynasty series, and could very well be read alone. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the prior books, and other than the introduction to various characters, I was not lost at all in the storyline.
Nathan Donovan, is very much “the Boss” in many respects of the word. He rules his company, he runs a tight ship while maintaining a solid reputation, and he enjoys bringing that same demeanor intoned his personal life. As a Dom, he rules over his sub, he owns his sub, and controls many aspects of his sub. This is the life he’s accustomed to, and the life he chooses.
Kelsey, grew up with a domineering father, who attempted to control many aspects of her life. She constantly felt that she need3d to set strong boundaries, and her goal was to continue down the oath. As the right-hand to her boss, she runs this company. She is fully aware of the ins and outs, and when her new Boss steps in, there’s a struggle for balance on many levels. 
Nathan has done his homework on Kelsey. He’s aware of her career reputation, what she means to the company that she works for-which he now has acquired. He’s also fully aware of his attraction towards her. Nathan finds out thru his brother, that Kelsey is accompanying her friend to the club that he’s a member at. The thought of Kelsey in a D/s relationship with someone other than him, doesn’t sit well with Nathan. He hatches a plan, to make Kelsey his submissive. Their relationship works in some levels because the attraction is scorching. They also butt heads a bit due to Kelsey’s need for independence.
Like I mentioned earlier, it’s definitely a stand-alone read. I enjoyed their chemistry, but did feel like it was rushed. The vulnerability that Nathan displays towards the end-I wish there was more of that.
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I realized there were other books in the series and did not even begin to read this one. I should have been aware of this when requested this title. However, the description did seem interesting enough for me to request this read.
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Kelsey was shocked to learn Nathan Donovan was her new boss who was known to be ruthless in business. Kelsey knew the company had been battling some legal and financial issues but but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Kelsey didn’t believe Nathan at first as Mr Newman hadn’t said a word to her when she said goodbye to leave work Friday. Chelsey checked he had not emailled her or left a message on her phone. But them Nathan showed her where the company was now named   donovan Logistics and Nathans name was below it where Mr. Newman’s name had been. Kelsey had been Mr. Newman’s executive assistant for years; his  greatest confident, she had privy to all that went on in the company but obviously not the takeover of the company. Kelsey wasn’t looking forward to working with Nathan But there was a hot chemistry between nathan and Kelsey. Kelsey had been raised to be an independent  and strong woman.kelsey doesn’t do romantic relationships but she is a hard worker and an asset to the company. Kelsey only stayed with the company once Nathan became her new boss for the company to help take care of the employees she had worked with since she had been an intern here. Kelsey is unlike any woman Nathan has ever known. Nathan is dominating in both her work life and his personal life. Kelsey’s friend had introduced her to a new BDSM club and she signed up. Nathan occasionally goes to his brother’s new BDSM club to take care of his personal needs as he doesn’t have the time or need a relationship. Then Nathan finds out Kelsey is planning to visit the club and he demands Kelsey let him train her. So Kelsay and Nathan agree to a one week affair where Nathan can introduce Kelsey to his sexual lifestyle. Nathan trains Kelsey before he actually takes her to the club. 
I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would which was great. I liked how this book showed a lot of a true BDSM relationship. I liked the plot and the pace. This was a quick fun informative read.  I loved Nathan and Kelsey together. I feel this was well written. This is part of a series and i think it is easier to keep track of everything if you read the books in the order.  I would have liked more of an ending. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.
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I admit that I haven't read 50 Shades of Gray so reading BOSS was a shocker for me.

This is the first BDSM book that I read and I truly appreciated how Sierra Cartwright introduced me with this kind of genre. You are are genius!

I love how Nathan is bossy and at the same time gentle and caring. If all of DOMs are like him, I want to have one right now. 

Kelsey is a lovely woman who likes every single ladies fantasize someone like Nathan who can make them orgasm for a million times. A very goal-oriented lady who is indeed perfect for the controlling Nathan.

The Bond watch is so adorable!
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The final book in the Donovan Brother's trilogy.  perfect way to wrap up the series!  It was hot, hot, HOT!
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I loved this book. I love the ending. The book itself was worth the waiting and reading. I enjoyed it so much
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I have read other books in this series and this one did not disappoint. You could definitely sense the connection between Nathan and Kelsey grow as their "week" went on. I am looking forward to reading Erin's story.
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Sorry for me this was a DNF.  I rarely do this but do not feel that I can give this a review.  I have read her books before and enjoyed but could not get into this book
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I loved this novel, I am always a sucker for office romances and this was no different. I loved the writing style and the story as well. I did feel a slight disconnect with the characters and their romance, possibly if there was a little more about the romance or their connection with eachother. I still really enjoyed the story and the relationship in the end.
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Very erotic.  BDSM romance.

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Boss was an erotic romance that ignites the senses and takes the reader on a wild ride you don't ever want to get off! 

The chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey burns the pages. The plot could have been better, but Sierra Cartwright completely nails the steamy scenes that contain elements of BDSM. This is a wonderful third instalment in The Donovan Dynasty series, and one that I recommend anyone looking for some heated romance to read.
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Wow, I think my Kindle might have melted a little with this book! This was hands down one of the best BDSM book I have read in a long time!! Alot of books nowadays rush through the story line and mash together a bunh of both scenes in the middle. Not this book! Boss was fantastic!! It had a perfect story line and gave you enough details to be able to truly enjoy the book! I refuse to give anything away because this book is just that good but I will say OMG NATHAN AND KELSEY WERE HOTTER THEN HOTT! Wow wow wow I swear at MULTIPLE points my screen was straight up steaming! I wouldn't change a thing to this book! Sierra Cartwright did an epic job with this one!!
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This book is for you If you like Sierra Cartwright.  It's the 3rd book in the Donovan series.  It is full of suspense and BDSM.  It's pure Sierra Carwright!
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I read Boss as a stand-alone, not having read the first 2 books in the series.  It is for the defcon 3 erotica reader, having plenty of fetish raunch, but nothing too deviant.  Unfortunately, I like a little riddle romance mixed in with my fatal attraction and Cartwright's book is missing the kissing.  I agree with other reviewers that have said the HEA is wrapped up at a MPH that sets a new land speed record.  As the reader, I was disappointed characters developed to be so intelligent in the beginning, were allowed to be squeezed out of the ending like they were nothing more than toothpaste.  There was enough substance that I did not use my safeword though ;)
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Boss is a standard issue BDSM story. Kelsey is the driving force behind the company she works for, Newman Inland Marine. She's strong, determined and fiercely independent. When Nathan Donovan, of Donovan Logistics takes over her company and surprises her in her office, the sparks are flying between the two. Soon, Kelsey's agreeing to explore a D/s relationship with Nathan, and she's learning so much about herself and her desires.

I have to say first, that BDSM, while hot, really isn't my thing. I like dominating men as much as the next person, but the whole of a D/s relationship doesn't do anything for me. And that's perhaps why I really couldn't connect to Boss. To me it felt like just another typically boring BDSM story. But, if D/s, BDSM, etc. is your thing, you'll probably enjoy Boss. I didn't feel much of a connection between Kelsey and Nathan other than the physical, and the ending was REALLY rushed. An epilogue would have been appreciated, too, and perhaps if one had been included, I might have enjoyed Boss more. As it stands, though, Boss didn't stand out to me in any way, but I can still appreciate that Sierra Cartwright is a good writer, so don't let my preferences turn you off if you have different preferences.
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Love, Love, Loved this book. 

I love Sierra Cartwright's writing.  She presents the characters and plot so realistically it's like you are there  in the Dom's arms or over his knee. It's simply an amazing read.  I didn't realize when I started the book it was the 3rd book in a series.  It certainly can be read as a stand alone but I enjoyed the story so much and was intrigued by the glimpses we get of the other 2 brothers and their wives that I one-clicked books 1 & 2, Bind and Brand. Can hardly wait to read them.  I'm also hoping there may be a book in the future featuring their sister.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and chose to leave a review.
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I'm reviewing The Boss, (Book three in The Donovan Dynasty trilogy) by Sierra Cartwright . Here are my thoughts: 

^^ This book features the youngest Donovan brother, Nathan, and the new girl on the scene, Kelsey Lane, an executive assistant and career woman, who knows her own mind. When she decides to go to the Donovan BDSM club, smitten Nathan offers to be her Dom for one week. From here on, sparks ignite, passion flares and their relationship deepens. But not in the usual girl meets boy way. 

^^ Although I've not read the previous books in this series, however, I do feel Sierra Cartwright does a very good job of introducing me to all the characters in the Donovan family without overwhelming or confusing me, which is great. So why did I jump in at book three? I've never been one to miss out on a good series, and I've heard so much about this author's work, I wanted to check them out. Knowing I've not read all of the series, I do allow a little leeway for this, however, I needn't have worried. 

^^ The romance is really believable, as is the sexual chemistry between them as a dominant man with his female submissive. I really enjoyed how they discovered each other, on so many levels; the trust, and their developing bond, blended with the excitement of a new relationship - in a BDSM setting. 

Overall: This is a well written, steamy story, where the passion between Nathan and Kelsey practically burns holes through the pages. (Or threatens to heat up your e-Reader until it explodes!) Right, now I'm off to check out the previous two books, and get some ice cold water to cool me down...
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Our Thoughts:

One thing I love about this novel, and Sierra’s novels in general, is that the heroine is strong, independent, and intelligent. Kayla is not your typical executive assistant, but rather a woman who could be easily be in charge of the business herself. Her submission in the bedroom is completely separated from her professional life. Kayla is my kind of heroine!

I thought Cade, the cowboy, was the Donovan for me, but then I got to know Nathan. Yes he’s a bossy boss, who wants to get his way, but he can also be incredibly thoughtful. The gentleness in which he introduces Kayla to the scene is something every Dom should aspire to.

“Certain things I don’t joke about. And sex? The things I’d enjoy doing to your body? I take that very, very seriously.” ~ Nathan Donovan

Poor Nathan, he got so excited in realizing the amazing woman in front of him that he almost ruined it by steamrolling her. Will Doms ever learn?

Nathan likes Kayla just the way she is, and doesn’t want to change her! How can you not love that about him? Every woman should find a man like that!

“She’d been assertive, focused – everything he’d never realized he wanted in a woman.” ~ Nathan Donovan

Honestly, I never wanted to spend time in Texas before reading this series. It is painted as a truly beautiful and interesting place to visit! Not all hot cowboys and deserts.

Personally, I would’ve like to get more of an ending to the story. It seemed to end somewhat abruptly after the resolution to the conflict. I enjoy seeing couples happy in their H.E.A..

The elusive Julian Bonds makes a fun cameo appearance, and I couldn’t help but notice that Nathan’s sister Erin has her eyes set on the creative genius. Hopefully, these two will get their own story!
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